7 Things That A Good Husband Of A Mail-Order Bride Does

Latest update: 2019-05-17
7 Things That A Good Husband Of A Mail-Order Bride Does

Despite the fact that many men want to obtain mail-order brides, little they know about how to be good husbands to them. In this blog, we will look at the main features that a good husband for a mail-order bride should possess.

1. He shows respect to his mail-order bride

A good husband for a mail-order bride is the one who treats her as equal but not inferior. He expects her to participate equally in the family life as him, he doesn’t doubt her opinion, takes into account her desires in the marriage and so on.

2. He never makes money the issue

There’s a belief that mail-order brides are gold-diggers, but it isn’t always the case. A good husband shall not be prejudiced against his foreign wife, believing that the only thing that she wants from him is the money.

He discusses the money question before getting married. From the outset, a mail-order bride and her foreign groom agree on how much each of them will invest in the family and how much each of them will spend on personal things. 

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3. He trusts his mail-order bride

A good husband loves his mail-order bride and doesn’t demean her by showing distrust. He doesn’t suspect her of anything without any grounds and listens to whatever she wants to tell him.

4. He doesn’t expect her to be a housewife only

Many men want to get mail-order brides for them to take the care about the house, but mail-order brides are not maids, nor are they housewives — they are who they want to be. A good husband will always ask his mail-order bride about her opinion.

5. He learns about her culture

A good husband doesn’t try to impose his worldview and culture on a mail-order bride only but he learns her language and discovers her culture as well. He is curious about why his loved foreign wife thinks in this or that way. By showing respect to her culture, he also shows respect to her. 

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6. He supports his mail-order bride

It is not easy for a woman from a different country, culture and economic background to enter the new world — the country of her husband. A good husband for a mail-order bride is the one who will help her acclimatize in a new environment, get familiar with local traditions, and of course will support her in red tape issues, financially and morally.

7. He doesn’t expect anything back

Loving someone isn’t about trading and selling, giving and getting back. If a good husband loves his mail-order bride, and if he shows his love by providing for her, helping her to resettle, he shall not expect her to «pay him back» for all the help in any way.

Overall, being a good husband for a mail-order bride means to be a good human, who takes into account the challenges of migration that the bride can face.

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