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Bride of the Month: Olga
Bride of the Month: Olga
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Bride of the Month: Olga

Latest update: 2019-02-14
Bride of the Month

Meet our bride of the month and talented music teacher: Olga.

This stunning lady has immediately driven our attention. She is as wonderful as she is intelligent. When she’s not teaching her kids or swimming, Olga may be found traveling around the world!

“I like music. I like playing it and I like listening to it. A lot. Both occupations make me feel good. There are lots of deeper psychological, social, intellectual and cultural reasons for that, but they needn’t worry us over-much. I am a purposeful and punctual girl. 5 years professionally engaged in swimming."

About Olga

Although Olga may appear conservative and modest at first sight, she loves adventures and travels a lot. As mentioned in her profile, she is a big fan of camping, animals, and especially she loves cats. According to Olga,

“I like to travel and see new countries. When I go abroad I always try to learn a couple of words in their national language to show respect to the country.”

Besides being a teacher, Olga has different hobbies such as dancing and taking pictures.

”I love music - positive, rhythmic, different styles. I am a creative person as I work as a designer of computer games. I feel happy when spending time with people I love. I'm really into visiting some exhibitions and learn new cultures. I like to try something new and surprising. My passion is football. I enjoy going to stadium to watch games.”

Olga is a young and talented lady who does not have children yet. However, as she grew up in a large family, her dream is to have a minimum of 2-3 children. She loves them a lot.

What Olga is Looking for

When it comes to finding her soulmate Olga is quite positive about her future husband,

“I'm looking for a man whom I'll adore and who will adore me ;) I need your strong hands to hug me! I need your warm body to cuddle with me at the daytime and to be with me at night! Come to me, let's be happy together! I'm looking for a responsible adult man who wants to create a strong relationship. I am looking for a loving and beloved husband. Respect and understanding in the family are critical.”

As any woman Olga is not looking for someone perfect, she is looking for someone special. She needs a man who loves simple things to do together like having walks, picnics, and cooking together.

”If you are not afraid of long-term relationships, message me.”

Olga joined Victoria Dates to find true love and describes her perfect match as someone loving, responsible, mature, and family-oriented.

If you think that you and this amazing teacher would fit together, send Olga a message now!

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