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Four Ways to Make Valentine's Day Wonderful for Your Bride
Four Ways to Make Valentine's Day Wonderful for Your Bride
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Four Ways to Make Valentine's Day Wonderful for Your Bride

Latest update: 2019-02-18
Valentine’s Day with Mail-order Bride

Almost every girl on earth dreams of being treated like a princess, especially on Valentine’s Day. Rose petals, big white teddy bear, and chocolates in bed with sweet music playing in the background and lit candles – have not we all heard of this before? Sure enough, this is not a bad scenario for the most romantic day in human’s history. But let’s be frank: you need to try something new.

What if your beloved woman is a desperate romantic and won’t stand trivial gifts? How to surprise your girlfriend so much that she will say “yes” on the same day? And what about the mail order bride, who has communicated with you only through online dating site – how to conquer her heart offline and make her your wife? Well, that is why you are here. Try out any (or all) of the tips, listed below, and make this year Valentine’s Day the best day ever in the life of your girlfriend!

Tip#1. Enquire her friends about what your girlfriend likes

If two of you have not been dating for long, use the old but confident approach – “surveying” her best friends. Usually, women tell their soul-mates about their preferences.

Valentine’s Day is not a celebration without fulfilling your partner’s dreams, so do not be shy, call or text your beloved one’s best friends and ask them for clues. Maybe, they will open your eyes and help you to blow your future wife’s mind with all the romance she has dreamt about.


Tip#2. Forget about gifts. Consider emotions and impressions

Buying another pair of earrings may seem boring both to you and your girlfriend. This year, try buying impressions for her instead. For example, you may book a skydiving session for her or purchase a ticket to the concert of her favorite pop singer. Do something that will make her scream out of admiration!

In case you cannot afford such luxury, don’t worry, there's still something you can do. Unexpectedly, catch her on Valentine’s

Day before she goes to work, give her a single flower that she adores. That could be a tulip, daisy, or an orchid. Tell her something like: “Sorry, honey, flowers are too costly this season, so I brought you just one.”

By the way, if she replies to you saying: “No worries, dear, it’s adorable!” – Believe us, she does love you. Anyway, then make an arrangement with a flower service to deliver six dozen tulips or whatever she likes right into her office. Your beloved won’t be anticipating all that so you will make her day.

The same trick may work for your woman even if you practice online dating. Lots of mail order bride sites offer various services, so you may book a romantic tour with your future wife.

Just make sure you arrange everything beforehand.

Tip#3. Take care about food

Your beloved might tell you that she’s on a diet, but why not to seduce her with delicious seafood, gourmet pastry with almonds or exotic fruits? For Valentine’s Day, reserve a table for two at her favorite restaurant (if you don’t know it – look at Tip#1).

Once again, no problems if you want to surprise your mail order brides . Turn to the online dating agency that you have been working with. They will come up with the best suggestions for you – you will either be able to send her a tasty gift or arrange a meeting with her. In the last case, you won’t only attend the best restaurant in her hometown, but you will also go out on a date-sightseeing tour!

Tip#4. Pretend as though you forgot about Valentine’s Day

If your girlfriend is touching, better do not practice this trick. But if your bride has a great sense of humor, go ahead! When she asks you: “Darling, what are we going to do tomorrow?”– Behave, as if nothing special is going to happen. Thus, your beloved will spend time in sweet suspense, until out of the blue you pop up at her place with long-stemmed roses at midnight saying: “Will you marry me?” Her heart will melt.

By the way, if your date is a mail order bride and she lives in a different country, this plot may still work perfectly. But instead of coming to her, you could use the service of flower delivery, sending her a beautiful bouquet with a romantic card attached to it.

Hopefully, all these tips will save you Valentine’s Day, and she will soon become your wife!

Happy Valentine's Day

Lauren Welch
Lauren Welch
Relationship Columnist

Lauren Welch is a leading dating advice expert for men and women. She has coached hundreds of couples around the world and consulted singles to help them get the love lives of their dreams.

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