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Inside the Family Life of Hugh Hefner
Inside the Family Life of Hugh Hefner
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Inside the Family Life of Hugh Hefner

Latest update: 2019-02-14
Family Life of Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner was a talented writer and illustrator as well the man who created the unique men's adult entertainment magazine 'Playboy,' which played the major role in American sexual revolution in the 60s.

Hugh Hefner has become the symbol of Playboy magazine: the sophisticated hedonist in silk pajama dressing, a custom-made smoking jacket, and pipe in his hand. He is often associated with wealth and pleasure, always surrounded by beautiful and stunning women. Although portrayed as a persona of Playboy, Hugh Hefner was also a good husband and was very close to his four children.

Let’s get an inside look at Hugh Hefner’s family and people who shaped his life.

Women Hugh Hefner Married Through the Years at Playboy

Millie Williams, Hugh Hefner's first wife

Millie Williams was Hugh’s first love and first wife. They married in 1949 and were together for more than ten years. During their marriage, Millie and Hugh had a daughter Christie and son David. The marriage was not typical at all. They were of the same age and lived together before he founded Playboy.

In fact, they loved each other, but when Hugh was in the army, Williams had an affair. Although it happened before they got married, Hefner called it "the single most devastating experience of my life." Their marriage ended up, and they divorced in 1959. In the mid of their marriage, Hefner founded Playboy.

Kimberley Conrad

After the divorce in 1959, the legendary publisher had a string of affairs until 1989 when he married again to playmate Kimberly Conrad. They welcomed two more children while Hugh continued to promote himself as a “Playboy.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The couple had two kids before separating in 1998, at which point Conrad and the two boys moved out of the Playboy mansion and into a house next door. It wasn’t until 20 years later that Hefner and Conrad officially divorced.”

After the divorce, Kimberley continued her social activities and became a member of PETA and other animal rescue organizations in Los Angeles.

Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris became Hugh’s last wife until his death. They met at a Halloween party that was held at the Playboy mansion. They started dating in 2009 and married three years later. With a 60-year age difference, their marriage made headlines. Christal stayed with her husband until his death on September 27, 2017.

Hef as a Family Guy

Through his numerous relationships and not so successfully ended marriages Hugh always supported his children, especially his first daughter Christine, who eventually became chief executive officer of Playboy Enterprises.

In 1982, Christie became president of Playboy Enterprises and later became CEO in 1988. She remained in the position until 2009. She eventually quit the business and created the Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award in honor of the man who raised her.

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