Mail-Order Bride and Sugar Baby: Who Is the Right Choice for You?

Latest update: 2019-02-18
Mail-Order Bride and Sugar Baby: Who Is the Right Choice for You?

Do you know what kind of woman you need - a mail-order bride or a sugar baby? Let’s figure out the definitions first.

A mail-order bride is a woman who registers on the specialized websites to find a foreign husband. She wants to create a family with a man she will love.

A sugar baby is a lady who looks for a beneficial relationship and a man who’ll sponsor her.

So, based on this information, we come to the following conclusions.

You need a mail-order bride if:

You want a foreign lady.

The majority of mail-order brides are ladies from Asia. Eastern Europe or Latin America. They are interested in marrying a man from the West. If you have always been charmed with Slavic women, or Asian girls, or Latin beauties, you might want a mail-order bride for a relationship.

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You dream of creating a family.

All of the ladies who get acquainted on the mail-order bride dating sites are there for a reason: they would like to marry a man. They are aimed at it seriously, so they consider real relationships only. As a rule, for mail-order brides creating a family with a foreigner is the top goal of their online romance.


You want to build a serious relationship based on the feelings.

Mail-order marriages are based on love. They are for people who found each other despite the distance and created a perfectly matching couple. If you want to spread the horizons of your search and find a woman to marry, try dating a mail-order bride , at least online. An Internet relationship can lead to a life-long relationship.

You need a sugar baby if:

You want a relationship on your terms.

Usually, sugar dating is about a mutually beneficial relationship. You create the terms you want your relationship to be on and look for a woman who agrees on it. Luckily, now there are special websites which make it very easy to state all that you need from a sugar baby. There is always a woman who can agree on what you propose.

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You are ready to impact in a relationship financially.

As a rule, in a sugar relationship, a man pays, and a woman gives something in return. For example, you give your sugar baby jewelry and expensive gifts, and she follows you on different events. Anyway, you have to be ready to sponsor a girlfriend that you call a sugar baby.


You support a ‘no strings attached’ attitude.

Dating a sugar baby is usually about money. On the contrary with mail-order bride thing, the feelings don’t matter. Actually, you choose yourself a woman by certain parameters and don’t develop the feelings to her. Sugar dating is more like a partnership. And when the partners want to move on, the relationship is over.

As you can see, the main difference between mail-order brides and sugar babies dating is about the final goal. A fair exchange or feelings? It’s up to you to decide what you need!

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