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How We Choose and Review Dating Sites

We pay a lot of attention to such criteria of girls and their profiles:

  1. Interest to communication with foreigners/desire to marry a foreigner. You can be sure that all the ladies on our site are willing to do everything to be with their beloved ones.
  2. Attractiveness. We believe that beauty is diverse, and all the women are attractive. Yet, we will give priority to those girls who understand their advantages and can show them in all the bloom, as it is an indicator of self-confidence. It is exciting and inspiring to communicate with a girl who knows who she is and how does she look.
  3. Adaptability. Almost all the women who register on dating sites understand that they will likely to move to the motherlands of their beloved men. They are flexible and are ready to adapt to the new rules, customs, and other vitally important things in other society.
  4. Activity. It is nice to talk with an initiative girl who can write to you first. We would like you to have such a possibility, so here we post the profiles of exactly such ladies.
  5. Detailed profile. All our featured brides have detailed profiles for the men to understand them better and decide whether or not it is worth making contact with them. Additionally, an informative personal page is the indicator of the desire to find partner much quickly.
  6. High quality photos. It is essential to have a possibility to see all the beauty of a girl just like in real life. Only high-quality photos with the clearly visible face can show it.
  7. Verification of profile. Since some dating sites allow people to verify their profiles, it would be a plus to have such an ID proof. If there is no, we may contact a woman to ask her to provide any identification documents, if she wants to be featured on our site.

We add new profiles every month. You can pick the brides you want to communicate with and return to our service to see the new ladies every four weeks. We are working for you while you are building your relationships, saving your time and protecting you from scams and lies.

Hundreds of ladies send us their profiles

Every single day, hundreds of ladies are creating accounts on dating platforms. A lot of them send their profiles to us, hoping to increase their chances to meet a reliable and strong man sooner. But, our team still may reject some of the profiles.

What are the reasons for rejecting?

  1. No photos. If there is no proof that the girl is the person who owns the profile, we will not consider such account at all.
  2. Any mismatch between data in profile. We are very attentive. If a woman is lying telling anything in her profile (her date of birth obviously does not match her photos, for example), we will see that and will never add such an account to our site.
  3. No desire to adapt to changes. Some ladies do not want to leave their countries or do not want to learn another language, and it may be a serious reason for some men. Such profiles will be unlikely to appear in our Featured section. Yet, women can contact us and note that they will reconsider their thoughts about it. If they meet the other criteria, we will include their accounts to our list.
  4. Only basic information in profile. We would like to see the complete images of women we are working with and present on Mail-Order-Bride.com.

How We Review Dating Sites

The team of Mail-Order-Bride.com picks the most detailed profiles of the attractive and interesting girls for the men who want to meet their future wife sooner. But, before analyzing the profiles of ladies, the deep analysis of the dating site is needed.

If you are an owner or a representative of a dating site and you want to partner with us, you should know our reviewing system. We will consider your website/website you represent in details before working with you. We are looking forward to partner with reliable dating services whose aim is helping people to communicate and meet.

Below you will find all the information of how we review the sites before working with them.

General analysis of a site: criteria

There are too many dating sites to analyze all their features in details. Our experts start with the general services and details to understand whether or not this dating platform is worth deeper consideration.

So, our team starts to consider the following criteria:

  1. The database - number, countries, ethnicities, and so on;
  2. Affordability - shows the average income of the site’s users, so that the level of women we may pick to feature at our site;
  3. The interface - a site that cares about its users will make an intuitive and well-structured design;
  4. Ways to communicate - the more options, the better the site;
  5. Response rate and activity level - the higher this level, the more active women are on the platform, and it’s a plus;
  6. Security measures and scam prevention;
  7. Quality of customer support’s work and the speed of their replies;
  8. Paid services and so on.

After the overall review we can go to the deeper consideration of a dating site features.

Registration process

As far as the registration is the very first process that a user meets on a dating site, we will start with its analysis. Usually, we create accounts and explore the site from the inside, paying attention to how it will look to the real potential user.

Our team concentrates on:

  1. How many times a user may spend to the registration;
  2. How simple is the registration process by itself;
  3. What personal info is required to become a member;
  4. Is there any ID verification.

Some dating sites ask users to pass long personality tests. We pass them too, to check whether or not it is useful.


It is the next part of our analysis. We focus on the following features and services deeply:

  1. Search tool (how many filters it has, what they are, are there basic and extended search for non-paying and Premium members accordingly, etc.);
  2. Deep consideration of communication tools;
  3. Are there any translation services available (we consider this topic, as far as language is essential to communicate with a woman of another nationality);
  4. Additional services that help to make contact (organization of dates, gifts, and flowers to send, and so on);
  5. How good is the work of Support Team (the time to reply and solve issues, how polite they are, etc.);
  6. Are there any special services the other dating platforms do not have (forums, blogs, dating tips, psychologist help, etc.).

Preparing review

Once our experts finish the analysis, our experts compare the collected data of the dating site to the most popular and top-rated websites. The sites that are close to the top-notch dating platforms or even overrate them (the young sites often perform even better than the old and popular ones) will get our review and recommendations to our readers.

Mail-Order-Bride will be glad to partner with such sites and will start choosing the brides to feature them on our site. We are proud to popularize the reliable and easy-to-use platforms and its profiles here. If you represent such a site, please, read our Partnership terms and contact us! We will review your dating service, and if you meet our criteria and you are satisfied with our requirements, we will help singles to find happiness together.

To sum up

Communicating with a featured bride, whose profile was analyzed and checked, can greatly help you in your online dating experience. We highly advise you to take a look at featured brides, as it will help you find your true love and happiness.

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