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Chemistry Site Review

Our review is one of the most interesting dating platforms in the world. It uses a thought-out personality test developed by Dr. Helen Fisher - a famous anthropologist with 30 years of experience in the field. The matching algorithm works seamlessly and actually performs great, making Chemistry a good place to start searching for your perfect match in the USA and Canada.

Yet, you should understand that a good matching algorithm cannot satisfy more than 13 million users completely. They should have other reasons to like this platform too. We decided to learn more about this platform, its services, advantages, and negative features. If you want to register on Chemistry, you should know everything about it for not to buy a pig in a poke. We have done everything for you, so you can just take your time and read attentively.


Free and quick registration

You can register on the platform for free, yet it is available only in the US and Canada. So, you can meet there only the citizens of these two countries. The system will ask you about several simple things during the registration, such as:

  • Your country;
  • Zip Code;
  • Name and password;
  • Email.

If you become a registered member of Chemistry, you can kill two birds with one stone: is part of People Media's MarriageMinded Community, which includes As a member of Chemistry, your profile will automatically be shown throughout the MarriageMinded Community at no additional charge.

You will be a member of the two dating platforms, so a lot more people will see your profile. It increases your chances to find a partner!


Personality test

You have to pass this test to become a member. You cannot skip it, because it will help the Chemistry system to offer perfect matches to you.

The test is unique: it contains very interesting questions like “Which one of the following images most closely resembles your right hand?”. You should choose the picture showing the length of your fingers. This is incredible because the site tries to understand you from tip to toe!

The other questions will ask you to answer “strongly agree”, “agree”, “strongly disagree”, “disagree”. The test may take a considerable amount of time, so, please, be prepared to spend around a half an hour to pass it.

Make your profile descriptive

Chemistry allows people to create very descriptive profiles and make them as special as you are. Be open to the virtual society: you will meet there the same people who you meet every day in real life. A good profile will tell everything to anyone, and you need not repeat your life story, reveal your tastes and preferences every time you meet a ner person. Write everything once and enjoy the communication!

You can upload your Facebook photos, what is nice if you register via a mobile phone, tablet or someone’s PC and have no photos available at the moment of registration. Profiles that have photos gain 10x more attention from the other members! And, you can add a special Greeting: there are variants called “Old soul”, “Music head”, “Nerd” - all of them have short humorous self-description provided by the site. It is one of the icebreakers for the visitors of your profile: humor will relax them and inspire to write a joke to you.

Making contact

Communication at

Members of Chemistry com may make a contact via:

  • Sending flirts. It will tell a user that you are interested in him or her and want to have a talk. It is a polite way to try to make contact: you allow a person to choose whether he or she wants to communicate with you or not. If you see that a person is very shy or introverted (it may be indicated in the profile), you can start with a Flirt to show your interest and wait for reply.
  • Instant messages. It is one of the best ways to communicate as you can send and receive messages instantly and save a lot of time.
  • Emails.
  • Comments to photos.
  • Likes.


Profiles allow users to show their personality in all its bloom! There are a lot of features you can add or describe for the Chemistry members to get interested in you. To attract someone’s attention is a bit more comfortable than to spend time searching and sending messages. Yet, you should be active and try to make a lot of contacts, as it is very interesting and will lead you to your love sooner!

You can see such data in the profiles of the other users, as well as to add them to your one:

  • Age;
  • Education;
  • Occupation;
  • Children;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Height;
  • Income;
  • Marital Status;
  • Smoking;
  • Sign;
  • Top interests and the type of person the owner of the profile is looking for;
  • Religion and so on.

You can see the Favorites list, the list of people who liked you, and the ones who liked your photos. Additionally, you can see the comments on your profile, and they can help you to start a communication with people who left them!


Quantity of profiles

The site is available in the United States and Canada only. Yet, you can try to find your love among 13 million people from these two countries. We cannot say that this is the actual number of active users, but there are still millions of them. You will have a great choice and may find love nearby.

Matchmaking algorithms

Matchmaking algorithm works smoothly and very well because it uses the results of your personality test to find people who match you psychologically.

Chemistry's Personality Test and Profile are fun, engaging, and provide an in-depth look at who you are and what you want in a relationship.

No one can guarantee that the matched offered by the site are just ideal people for life together. You may have conflicts with the woman or man you chose to date, but only if one of you will misbehave. The site helps you to meet the people you can potentially have good relationships with. The relationships depend on you, actually.

Mobile application

There is no mobile application for If it is essential for you to have a mobile app for a dating site, you should search for another platform.

Free versus premium membership

What do free users get at

The site allows only several features for free. They include:

  1. Registration;
  2. Passing the test;
  3. Possibility to see the results of the test;
  4. Possibility to see the photos of the other users;
  5. Sending flirts.

You can become a member and see the people on the site, and decide on buying the membership (or not) only after that. Scroll down to see what a Premium membership gives.

What do premium users get at

Premium users get all the features that were mentioned above, and several essential features that are needed at a dating site. So, after purchasing Premium, you will be able to:

  1. Read and reply to your messages;
  2. See members who have sent Flirts to you;
  3. See members who added your profile to Favorites;
  4. Chat with hundreds of members online via LiveChat.

Cost and Prices

Users can purchase one month and continue to buy one by one or to choose packages that are a bit more convenient to get. They cost less if we take the prices per month. Additionally, there is a pretty little chance that you will meet your love within four weeks, so you should consider the packages, if your financial situation allows you to do that and if you agree with the fact that it’s hard to meet destiny within one month.

Below you can see the prices.

  • 6 months - $74.94 ($12.49 per month);
  • 3 months - $64.99 ($21.66 per month);
  • 1 month - $34.99.

Credit cards and Mailing Order are available as paying methods.

Additional services

  • My personality page. The test that you passed after the registration will tell you a lot about your personality. For example, you may be an Explorer (primary type) and Builder (secondary type). You can learn a lot of new information about why do you like something or think the way you get used to. A good full description of what makes you the person you are now is a great gift.

Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced search and match options
  • More than 13 million users
  • Unique personality test
  • Descriptive profiles
  • Free registration and browsing the profiles


  • No mobile application
  • Registration takes more time than on similar platforms

Cons is a popular dating platform with plenty of services. You need to pay to communicate, but you can see what you pay for, as the registration and browsing the profiles are free features. The administration of the site seemingly does not want you to buy a pig in a poke, and it is a good sign. You can trust this site and become a Chemistry member if you want to find a partner among the citizens of the US and Canada, get the possibility to use LiveChat and send flirts. There is no mobile app, but you can enjoy a well-optimized browser version and meet your perfect date within several weeks.


Company:People Media, Inc.
Address:8750 North Central Expressway, Suite 1400Dallas, Texas 75231
Phone:(214) 576-3272
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