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The website is free to register. It has a variety of tools to connect with others. Besides, it is affordable. We explored the Dating4Disabled.com backward and forward to figure out pros and cons, check out its features, and decide how useful it is for the users. Find out the result in the full Dating4Disabled review
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Last modified: 2020-05-07

The site creates a community with a friendly environment, where disabled singles can either find a spouse, a friend, share their experiences on the forum or read up useful facts in blog.

Dating4Disabled is a regular dating site at first glance. It is done in a slightly distracting blue and orange colors, but, nonetheless, the right headings on the main page don’t mislead you. On the contrary, you are sure that you got to the right place, where you can match with partners, who understand you.

Dating4Disabled.com has a simple navigation. You can see a login on the top, main headings in the heading, registration/searching on the right, and a brief description of the service on the left.

D4D became the most excellent dating site for disabled singles in 2005, the website states. And even though it seems that the design of the venue hasn’t developed much since then, there is a mobile app and a cellphone site available. With free registration, there is not much left to do, except to sign up.

The good:
  1. You get to match with people who get you
  2. Mobile app and mobile version of the service
  3. Simple and extended searching
The bad:
  1. Long registration
  2. Limited communication features


Dating for disabled registration

Free and quick registration

The registration and searching seem the same thing on the website for the newcomers at first, but it is misleading. To become a member, you have to click on the “Registration” button. Otherwise, you can select your gender and the gender of the partner you are seeking, and be redirected to the matching page.

Registration on Dating4Disabled is free. Even though it seems that you can manage without it, it’s better to sign up. If you don’t register, the extended features will be unavailable for you.

The registration has two steps. During the first one, you should provide the following information:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Username
  • Gender
  • Sexual preference
  • Date of birth
  • Country
  • City
  • Country of origin

Make your profile descriptive

The second step is about completing the profile page. Here you will be asked to enter your full name, marital status, children, ethnicity, religion, education, occupation, income, language. Also, you will have to add details about your physical appearance, interests, and write a description of yourself. All these fields are obligatory to complete.

Besides, state what kind of person you are seeking and for what kind of relationships. At last, add your hobbies and characteristics as well as life challenge and the level of the mobility.

The last step in the registration would be for you to add the profile picture, which you can upload from the computer. The profile with a photo get 20 times more views on the dating site.

After the registration, you will get an email with a link. Click on it to complete the registration and join the online community. Afterward, the account will undergo approval. You can finally start using the venue only after 24 hours.

The registration of D4D.com is long and detailed, but it ensures security for everyone. You can’t skip the majority of questions. Thus, in the end, you form a complete profile with helpful details for the partners, with whom you will match.

Making contact


The dating website provides a limited range of chatting tools. At your disposal, there are emails, public and private chatting. Also, all members can lead blogs and take part in forum discussions.

The communication tools on D4D.com aim to connect members through chatting mostly. Blogs, in turn, allow you to express yourself, share feelings and experiences as well as also get to know others better. And a forum is an opportunity to join the community of like-minded people.



The majority of users on the website are from the USA and UK. Men and women seem to be equally represented on the venue, but the database of users leaves much to be desired. The average age range on the venue is 25-40.

The website welcomes everyone at the venue. It doesn’t matter what your sexual preferences are, where you are from, or what is your religion. However, it’s mandatory to provide these details for the service, which is inconvenient and to some extent even disappointing.

Profiles quality on Dating4Disabled

The profiles on the dating site for disabled are precise and informative. The registration form requires all users to fill in all kinds of facts. Whether for some it may seem too strict (such as entering the info about your ethnicity and sexual orientation), for others it’s a blessing, because you don’t waste your time on senseless dating.

Most of the profiles on D4D are with photos and with brief descriptions about themselves or their expectations towards the dating. The service has a verification process of its own, and so you are unlikely to come across face members online.



Searching on the dating site has two options. You can use the Quick search box and seek partners, selecting one of the four characteristics. And for the more accurate searching, there is an advanced option.

Advanced searching provides customers with lots of characteristics, such as gender, education, occupation, marital status, appearance, etc. You can also search by the state once you selected your country.

Mobile App


You can’t use the website’s features unless you become a member. Once you are let in, you are exposed to the basic features and regular design. Generally speaking, the service has all it needs for online dating, but its design is definitely not a strong suit.

However, the strength of the D4D.com is that it has a mobile app both for Android and iOS. Besides, the site will perfectly work on any gadget due to the mobile version there is. Such benefits allow users to stay in touch wherever they are.



Dating4Disabled take the privacy of its customers above everything. It is a top priority to provide users with a safe venue, where everyone can feel relaxed and secure. The website doesn’t disclose your private information to the third parties without your permission. The technical experts on the venue work hard to ensure the secure use of the services.

Dating4Disabled Costs and Prices

Free services
  • Creating a Profile
  • Search for matches
  • Send messages
  • Post to blogs and forums
Fee based services
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Read texts from others

All the basic features on the website are available for free, which is a sufficient advantage. Once you complete a verification process and become a member, you can search for the matches, send messages and post to blogs and forums.

However, a premium account gives you access to unlimited messaging, but most importantly – you can read texts from others. Free users, in turn, get one gift point each month. They can spend it to read one message per month.

The pricing policy of the service is the following:

1 Month
$14.95 per month
3 Months
$13.30 per month
6 Months
$11.65 per month
1 year
$10.00 per month

The pricing policy of D4D.com is above average. However, the longer you use the service, the more beneficial it gets. So if you sign up for a year membership, one month will cost you only $10.00, which is an affordable average price among dating services.

To subscribe for a premium account, you can use PayPal account, debit or credit card. Dating4Disabled doesn’t request the credit card information.

Additional services

Blogs are one of the most exciting parts on D4D.com. Here members share their fiction, practice in writing, share their emotions. Sometimes it’s even more effective to find a match through the blog than searching because it is through writing that you can see the real personality of a partner.

Lauren Welch
Lauren Welch
Relationship Columnist

Dating4Disabled is an online community for people with disabilities to communicate, make friends, and fall in love. The website aims to connect singles locally in meaningful relationships. It offers a detailed registration and strict verification process. It ensures safety on the venue.

Dating4Disabled has a powerful idea, but a weak realization. Unfortunately, the website lacks communication features, and its design leaves much to be desired. But D4D has some particular things to brag about. Firstly, it is available on mobile devices via app and cellphone version. Secondly, it provides members with extra features such as blogs and forums.

D4D.com is not only a dating site, but it’s a place for networking, sharing ideas, feelings, and experiences. Here members can find support from those who understand them. And it is here that they surely have high chances to match.

To sum up, Dating4Disabled is an average venue on the market of online dating. Still, it provides customers with several valuable features, so why not give it a try?

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Contact Information

E-Mail: Office@Dating4Disabled.com

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