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FemDommeSociety.com is a website for people who are looking for a kinkier sexual relationship. Here, one can enjoy the diversity of female domination content – communication, news, videos, photos, stories, contests, and many more!
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Last modified: 2019-09-06

This is not a mere online dating website – it is much more. This website offers people who are interested in femdom movement education through numerous articles and so-called university.

The website has a very detailed and informative description of the purpose of the platform and its history. It is very useful to check out how a small community of women turned out into a successful and effective website for men and women to enjoy their time.

FemDommeSociety allows people with different desires and needs to satisfy them here. There are many categories of femdom movement, which allows one to find the most appropriate partners, content, and interlocutors. However, it is essential to mention that the major benefit of this website is that it is tailored both for men and women.

The good:
  1. Diverse communication tools
  2. Quick sign up
  3. Wide range of premium packages
  4. Plenty of photo and video content
The bad:
  1. Poor design of the website


FemDommeSociety sign up

To create a profile on FemDommeSociety, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The website will ask you to enter your username, age, location, email, and preferences. And that is it.

Creating a profile does not require you to pay for anything, so you can easily check out all features that are provided on the website. Furthermore, you can browse the profiles of active users, read certain content, and develop your own understanding of whether Fem Domme Society is a suitable platform for you or not!

Make your profile descriptive

One can agree that a profile on an online dating website should be descriptive and detailed. Fortunately, Fem Domme Society allows you to make your profile very informative. Many fields can be filled out that will allow other people to find you. We highly recommend you to spend some time and write down as many things about yourself as possible.

Making contact


There are many forms of communication on FemDommeSociety.com. First of all, it is essential to understand that the majority of features on Fem DommeSociety are fee-based. However, there are some communication tools that come free for all users. For example, you have a common chat that is called “Lobby Chat Room”.

You can also check out many chat rooms that are available for premium users such as “Dungeon Chat Room” or “Throne Chat Room”.

Forums and message boards

You can also communicate with other members through forums and message boards. Leave comments, create your own threads and stories, and enjoy communication surrounded by people who share your interests and hobbies!



As it has been mentioned above, profiles are quite descriptive and informative. You may not even need to communicate with a person to learn almost everything about her and him, which is incredibly important for dating. You can find the following data on one’s profile page:

  • General information
  • Sexual orientation
  • Lifestyle Interests
  • Friends
  • Photos
  • Profile statistics
  • Rating
  • and other personal data.

Quantity of profiles

FemDommeSociety com is an incredibly popular website, there is no point in denying that. Although there is no exact number of active users, it is possible to say that there are thousands of members on this platform. There are more dominant women here, however, there are also many male members.

Mobile App


This overview has shown that FemDommeSociety.com does not have a mobile application. However, you can use the web version of the site on your phone. All features are available on your smartphone!

Additional services

  • Videos. FemDommeSociety has a diverse database of adult content video. Moreover, you can enjoy live cam shows with members of the website.
  • Diaries. Read blog entries of the most experienced members of the website!
  • Stories. Read stories of other people, leave comments, and share your experiences with other members of Fem Domme Society!

FemDomme Society Costs and Prices

As you may already understand, there are a few fee-based features offered on the website. However, you can use the basic chat room for free, although most of the time you will not find a lot of members there.

Purchasing a premium subscription will improve your experiences on FemDommeSociety.com. Here, you can compare what features you can get by doing so:

Free services
  • Create, fill out, and edit profile
  • Browse profiles of other members
  • Rate profiles of other members
  • Search for other members
  • Read articles
  • Browse through photos
Fee based services
  • Use all communication features
  • View videos and live cam shows
  • Read personal diaries
  • Get rid of all advertisements
  • Incognito mode

FemDommeSociety.com is an average website regarding the prices. You can select different premium packages, which is incredibly suitable for newcomers. Below, you can see the offered prices:

1 Month
$28.95 per month
3 Months
$26.05 per month
6 Months
$20.95 per month
$150 once and forever

Moreover, with the help of this overview, we have found a special feature! Fem Domme Society offers you a Platinum Membership – you only need to pay once. This membership grants you a lifetime access. It costs $150 and provides you with unique and supreme features that premium membership does not have!

Dani Gartenberg
Dani Gartenberg

So, one can see that FemDommeSociety is a website tailored specifically for a certain audience. The platform has been around for many years, which is why it has developed the respect and trust of thousands of users. This website is perfect for dominant women and submissive men – here, they can find each other easily and quickly.

FemDommeSociety is not just an ordinary online dating platform – it is a place of communication, learning, and entertainment!

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Contact Information

Company: Solmos Media Group
Address: Avda. Valencia, 145, 12520, Spain
E-mail: fdssupport@gmail.com

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