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One may agree that people find each other compatible and interesting for various reasons. If you are looking for a person who will hate the same stuff as you do – welcome to Hater.
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Last modified: 2020-05-15

This app is very effective, simple, and quite unique – there are no other application or dating platform that revolves around the concept of the hater. However, one may agree that it is a very reasonable thing to find a date who dislikes the things you dislike too!

This overview has shown that with the unique concept as the foundation of the app, Hater has become quite popular within the United States – it has almost 1 million of active members. It offers a simple and quite engaging process of communication with other members, which is why Hater.com is a wonderful application for newcomers.

The good:
  1. Unique and fresh idea
  2. Simple and quick registration
  3. Free services
  4. User-friendly and intuitive interface of the application
The bad:
  1. Lack of unique features and content



The first step you need to take to become a member of this application is to create a profile. Signing up is simple, free, and quick – it will not take a lot of your free time. Furthermore, with the help of this review, it has been found out that one of the advantages of Hater com is that you have to create a profile through Facebook or your phone number. It makes your personal data more secure and protected.

To create a profile, you need to enter some personal data – your name, username, gender, age, location, and other. If you use Facebook, your data will be automatically uploaded from your account.

Make your profile descriptive

The application allows you to make your profile detailed and descriptive. After creating the account, you can add new information to it. You are allowed to upload up to 5 photos. And of course, the major part of one’s profile is the list of things that the person hates. Interestingly, you cannot browse through all profiles but can only see people who match with you, which is why it is important to make profiles descriptive!

Making contact


Communication on Hater is not very simple. First of all, you may send messages to people who are not matched with you. However, there is a limit – only one message within 12 hours. Still, if you swipe right a person you like, and he or she also swipes your profile, you are matched and can communicate as much as you want.

Cards and icebreakers

There are various options for you to start a conversation with your match. Hater offers you different tools to break the ice with your date. For instance, you can play a game that is similar to “Cards Against the Humanity”, in which people fill the blanks of a sentence to make a joke. You can also use cards with pictures about things you hate or love.



As it has been noted, profiles on Hater are not extremely detailed. But it does not mean that they are not informative – instead, they contain all information needed for a person to learn about the potential date. You can see the following data on one’s profile:

  • First name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Photos
  • List of hates and loves

Quantity of profiles

Because Hater.com is a relatively unique and fresh concept, it does not have a substantially large community. Thanks to this overview, it has been found out that the number of members increases every single day – currently, Hater com has almost 1 million active users. The majority of them are from the United States though!



Matchmaking on Hater is simple – you are given a list of members. You can swipe right or left. If you swipe right, a person receives a notification and can swipe you right as well. If he or she does that, you are matched!

Additional services


There are not many things available on Hater. However, since the very idea is behind things that people hate, every single user is provided with an opportunity to submit his or her topic of what he or she hates. If it is a unique and allowed topic, other users will be able to add it to their lists. However, remember that there are topics that are expressly forbidden – everything that is related to racism, ethnic and sexual segregation, and intolerant and biased attitude toward individuals of certain appearance, ethnicity, or sexuality.

Hater.com Costs and Prices

Right now, there is no premium subscription available – all users can enjoy all features for free. The application is available on Google Play and the Apple App store for free. It is also important to note that the majority of members on the app is from the United States and Canada because the app was available only there for a long time. However, currently, the app can be downloaded from any country.

Dani Gartenberg
Dani Gartenberg

Therefore, with the help of this overview, it has been shown that Hater.com is an application that is unique, interesting, and engaging. It unites people through an unexpected element – hatred. If you are looking for a person who will dislike and even hate things that are hateful to you, you will find plenty of them here.

Since Hater.com is a relatively new app, it does not have a lot of features, but it shows great potential and promise. Every single month, thousands of people become members of Hater.

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