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Hi5 Site Review

Our review

Hi5 has started its path in 2003 as a social network providing people with communication, status changing, photo sharing, and the other entertaining services. In 2009, this platform had changed its focus and transformed into a place for social interactions of another level - more personal one. A new dating platform was born then, and now it is one of the most respectful, attractive, and active dating sites in the world.

Hi5 is very popular in Latin America. If you would like to meet a Latin person or live there, you should register on this platform. It offers a great variety of services, good support by the side of Hi5 team, and thought-out structure.

But, before making a final decision about this international dating platform, you should learn a bit more about its pros and cons, evaluate them and only then register or not.


Free and quick registration

Hi5 allows registering for free. If you want to become a member of this site, you need to enter such information in the corresponding boxes:

  • Name;
  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Zip code;
  • Birthdate;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Gender.

These are the basic data that are needed to create your profile. Then you can make it a bit more personalized and expressive - by filling out special boxes for your creative self-descriptions.

And, you can enter your email for the site’s system to add your friends on Google or Facebook to your profile - if they are among the members, of course.


Make your profile descriptive

If you would like to register on this platform, you should know that there are plenty of users. Millions of people willing to meet their partners online are waiting for you - or for someone else. Only think about this incredible database! You will unlikely see one person the second time if you do not add her to the list of your Favorites.

Keeping in mind that there are a lot of active users, you should understand that they have seen a lot of profiles too, and it is hard to impress them. You will experience that, too, within several days or weeks online. So, you need to make your profile descriptive and catchy for the Mingle2 members to want to make contact with you. Your personal page is your face and the image of your personality. If you leave the page without any self-description or data, you make it completely unattractive.

Making contact

Communication at

People who have seen the Hi5 communication services the first time may get puzzled: there are a lot of them. They include:

  1. Flirts. It is a hint that you can send to anyone to attract the attention of that person. A lot of Hi5 members use this very service as a way to make contact, but it gives people the possibility to choose whether to answer it or not what is very polite.
  2. Messaging. Ordinary short messages to anyone you like. The number of messages you can send in unlimited. But, you cannot send messages to the most popular users if you did not purchase Premium membership.
  3. Status changing. This is a feature similar to Facebook one. It allows you to change a phrase on the top of your profile that shows your current mood or thoughts to the visitors of your profile. If you want to make contact with a person, pay attention to the status on his/her profile: it may be a good icebreaker and
  4. Groups. Groups are like-minded chats where you can find people with the interests, preferences, and hobbies similar to your ones.
  5. MeetMe game. We will discuss it later, in Special features part.


Besides basic data like main photo, name, location, and birthdate, any profile contains such information about its owner:

  • AboutMe section. It will tell everything about your tastes and hobbies to the visitors of your profile.
  • Pets section. It is a game where you can “buy” or “sell” people on the site. By making these purchases and sales, you increase and decrease the “value” of the members. Hi5 offers its users to play this game only for entertaining reasons and only to show how “precious” people are.
  • What’s new. Here you can write your current mood status or anything you want to say to Hi5 community.
  • Right/Left wall. Here you can add any photos, videos, texts - anything you want for the other Hi 5 members to see!
  • Comments. Here you will see the comments by other users.
  • Lists “My connections”, “My admirers”, “My favorites”.

To make your profile more comfortable for you personally, you can change the position of the sections mentioned above with your mouse. Customize your personal virtual space!

Quantity of profiles

As far as Hi5 is an international platform, it has a lot of users from all over the world. There are more than 10 million profiles now on this site. No one can guarantee that all those profiles are active; yet, millions actually are.

You should remember that the majority of those profiles were created for reasons that are far from dating. For example, someone may want to meet new people of Europe or Asia to travel to the new friends; someone may need virtual communication; someone may try to find flirt or a companion for an evening. Hi5 is rather a social network than a dating site - still. So, you may experience some difficulties while searching for love there. But, almost all the members try to clarify their reasons to be there. We have talked about the aim of communication: anyone can choose among friendship, long-term relationship, marriage, flirting, and so on. So, please, pay attention to the information that is indicated on the profiles of the other users to avoid misunderstandings. And, make your profile descriptive, for the other people to avoid any misunderstandings too.


Matchmaking algorithms

The site does not provide members with their perfect matches. You have to use the Search tool to find the man or woman of your dreams. Yet, the Search has a lot of filters, so you will be able to customize the full image of your ideal date.

Free versus premium membership

What do free users get at

You should know that you can do nothing without the main photo. You need to upload your face for the other users to see you and for the site to consider you as an active user. Then you will be able to:

  1. Browse the profiles and view them;
  2. Use Search tool with all its filters;
  3. Play the game MeetMe
  4. Communicate with the other members without any limits;
  5. Change Privacy settings.

Everything mentioned above is enough to start searching for your soulmate. Yet, if you want a bit more, Hi 5 com can offer you more with VIP-status.

What do premium users get at

Premium users get a lot of new features, such as:

  1. "Likes You" list (you will be able to see who gave you the like in Meet Me game);
  2. List of profile viewers (you will see who looks at your profile right now or did it when you were offline);
  3. Access to popular people (members with basic membership cannot contact the hottest users on, but you will do this with Premium!);
  4. See when your interlocutors read your messages (an important feature for those who can see whether a person wants to talk or not instantly);
  5. Possibility to make contact with new users;
  6. Prioritized email support (the Support Team will read your messages first).

The site has a pretty good mobile app. It has thought-out design and structure, and the users of the mobile hi5 version assure that it is even better than the browser one. It will grant you the ability to instantly access your friends and lovers anytime you want and get the notifications about new messages, likes, and friends.

Cost and Prices

To get a lot more freedom and additional possibilities, you can purchase VIP status. You can buy different packages:

  • 1 month - $9.99/month;
  • 3 months - $20.97. You pay $6.99 per one month if purchasing this package, and save $9;
  • 6 months - $29.94. You pay $4.99 per month and save $30.

The more you buy, the less you pay per month. Please, feel free to choose what you want but remember that one month is usually not enough to find even good friends, not even talking about love.

Additional services

  • Hi5 Browser Toolbar. It should be called an add-on, not a service. Well, it really eases using of Hi5 platform as it shows a special toolbar on your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari are available to install that toolbar). You will see there the notifications of messages, new friends, or flirts. It is an incredible possibility to save time, as you can see who has got interested in you when you were inactive.
  • Privacy settings. You can customize who can see your status changing, new and old photos, send messages to you, and so on. The administration has thought about your privacy and personal virtual space - you can make it as comfortable as it is possible with all those settings.
  • MeetMe game. To play this game, you need only to enter your sexual orientation. The site will show you random users with the same orientation, but they may not be your perfect matches; they can have different tastes and preferences. You can give like to people you want to talk with or say “No” to them and never see them again. Besides, you will see not only the photo but the age and name of a member too: it is very useful.

Pros and Cons


  • Free registration
  • Popular platform with plenty of users
  • A lot of ways to make a contact
  • Meet Me game
  • Big variety of ways to make your profile descriptive


  • This is rather a social network than a dating platform, so there may be needed a bit more time to find your partner


Address:55 Second Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States
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