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Hot Or Not Site Review

Our review

Hot Or Not belongs to Badoo Trading Limited company that has made everything to make this platform popular all around the globe. was launched in 2000, and it inspired Mark Zuckerberg to create his famous Facemash - a precursor of Facebook.

This site is a virtual place to meet interesting people and communicate with them. You can find a partner for life together, traveling, just for an evening or for a philosophical talk. You can meet people nearby or travel to your soul mates to another continent. Millions of people have chosen this site as their constant dating platform or just social network.

Hot Or Not offers its services to all the mature people who want to find love, friendship, and happiness. If you want to find the same, give a chance to this website! But, let’s see what this site can actually give to you.


Free and quick registration

Anyone can join the community of this site for free. You can use your account on Facebook, VKontakte, Google, Yandex, and several other platforms to register. If you are afraid of stealing your data, please, relax: the system will take only the information that you note on your accounts. No passwords, personal correspondence or credit cards information, only public data that you usually make visible to anyone.

There is another way to register too. You should enter the following data about you:

  • Name;
  • Birthday;
  • City;
  • Gender;
  • Why you came to Hot Or Not.

The registration takes a few minutes so you can immediately start using the site or the app - depending on what is the best for you.


How does the site work?

So, after the registration, you can get a possibility to play a simple game. To start, you should go to the page named Encounters. You will see the photos of random people or of people of the selected category. To view the next photo, you need to rate the one you see now - you can either like it or pass it. If the person you like thinks that you are “Hot” too, you can start communication and exchange messages. If you do not get “Hot” from the person you like, his/her profile will disappear from your Encounters. Even if you memorized the name and location of that person, the photos of his/her account will be pixelated.

New users of Hot or Not, being fascinated by the gaming process, often make the same mistake - they flip through photos (if they use mobile app) or make their choice between “like” or “pass” too quickly. Having the desire to see "what's next", as soon as possible users can miss an interesting person. Hot or Not does not forgive mistakes - you can not go back to change your choice, remember it! This feature of the dating site distresses a lot of users. But there is a way to catch up!

After a few dozens or hundreds of photos, the program may give you a message telling that, unfortunately, there are no more new users matching your criteria. It does not mean that you have seen all the millions of the site’s profiles. The thing is, matching algorithm does not wait until you press “Hot” or “Not” to every single person on the site. It simply puts aside the people you may not like too.

But, after some time, the photos of these people will again be in the game, as well as the photos of people you said “No” to. And, you will be able to pay more attention to those who get “No” from you for the first time. Do not get depressed if you accidentally made a wrong choice: just give the platform some time to update the lists of people you can meet in future.

About your profile

As far as this platform is aimed at saving time by simplifying search, filling out profiles, and viewing those profiles, you have not so many options to fill out your personal page. But, there are some text boxes you can add some info to: make your section About me short and descriptive. Tell members what do you want to do in life, what kind of person you want to date or meet, and so on. Your profile is your virtual personality, and your photo is your virtual face. Describe yourself well and choose your best picture, and you will see how fast the list of your friends will be growing!

Making contact

Communication at

You can communicate with the other members only if you have “Hots” from each other. Only then you can send them messages. But, there is a simple limitation touching messaging: you cannot talk with anyone without your profile being verified. To verify your profile, you can either connect one of your social networks accounts or upload special photos. Usually, the administration asks users to send a photo with the same pose that is depicted on an example they show.

You can send people virtual gifts and stickers too, to attract their attention or to cheer them up.


When you enter someone’s profile, you can see there such data about the person:

  • Online status;
  • Age;
  • Work and education;
  • Score. It is the rating of any person on Hot Or Not: you will see the number of people who said “Hot” to a user. For example, 100 out of 210 rated him/her “Hot”. The higher the rating is, the more the user will get attention, as his/her profile will appear in Encounters more often;
  • Location;
  • Virtual gifts;
  • ”I’m here to…” section;
  • Interests. You will see if a particular interest is a song, movie, hobby, and so on without Googling it: each of them has an icon showing what it is.
  • Personal info (appearance, smoking, drinking);
  • Languages;
  • Verifications (photo, phone number).
  • Gallery with photos (the number of photos is unlimited).

Members of Hot Or Not can upload not only photos but videos too, so if a person you like has some videos - watch them to see him/her “in action”!


Quantity of profiles

There are more than 384 million members from different countries. You can find on this site people of all the existing races, ethnicities, genders, and so on. If your destiny is somewhere online now, he/she must be registered on If you live in the US, you have a bigger chance to meet your love nearby, as there are more than 165 million American members.

Matchmaking algorithms

On this site you are presented with profiles based on location, age, interests, and so on. You can select the other filters if you want to get more matches or just the other ones.

Free versus premium membership

What do free users get at

A lot of users enjoy the free basic account as it allows us to do almost everything for free:

  1. To fill out a profile;
  2. To upload unlimited number of photos;
  3. To send messages and read the incoming ones;
  4. To see matches;
  5. Browse through profiles;
  6. View the photos of the other users.

Yet, some people feel that it is not enough for them, especially when coming to an understanding that there is an upgraded membership with plenty of advantageous features.

What do premium users get at

The Premium membership features include the possibility to:

  1. Undo your "No" once - in other words, you cannot return to several previous profiles you have seen and rejected;
  2. Make the profile to appear in top lines in Search;
  3. Appear more often in Encounters;
  4. Send gifts to the other users;
  5. Send stickers;
  6. View other profiles anonymously.

Mobile application

Hot Or Not has a mobile app, and it is available for download on iOS and Android devices. The application looks similar to Badoo’s one. The only difference you can see between the site and mobile version is that the latter does not allow you to see the score of a member.


Cost and Prices

You can buy one week, one month, and 3 and 6 months packages. Moreover, you can buy a 1-day package that costs $0.79, and the Lifetime package that costs $79.99.

  • 1 Week – $3.99;
  • 1 Month – $12.99;
  • 3 Month – $31.99 ($10.66 per month);
  • 6 Month – $47.99 ($8.00 per month);

And, you can buy credits that can be used to purchase additional services like boosting your profile, buying stickers or gifts, and so on.

  • For 100 credits you will pay $1.99 ($0.02 per one credit);
  • For 500 credits – $9.99 ($0.02 per one credit);
  • For 1250 credits – $19.99 ($0.02 per one credit);
  • For 2750 credits – $39.99 ($0.01 per one credit).

Members of the site can make the purchases via credit cards, PayPal, and via mobile phones.

Additional services

  • 3-day Premium trial for women. Girls automatically get three free days, while men have to invite some friends to the site to get that. Yet, the site may offer men a free 3-day trial too - if they try to leave the site by deleting their accounts.

Pros and Cons


  • 3 days of Premium for women for free
  • Very big database
  • People from all the world
  • Quick registration
  • Simple to use site
  • Unlimited number of photos the users can upload
  • Free trial for women


  • Free membership does not allow to undo “No”


Company:Or Not Limited
Address:The Broadgate Tower, Third Floor, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2RS, United Kingdom
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