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Latest update: 2019-03-16
victoriabrides review

Even though a decade ago online dating had a certain stigma around it and was judged pretty heavily by others, it is now one of the biggest and most successful industries in operation. In The United States alone over 40 million people have given online dating a shot, of which more than 30 percent ended up as married couples. This should remove any doubts as to whether or not it works. Something else worth mentioning is that many people seek to create relationships with people of other nationalities since this makes the relationship a lot more thrilling, dynamic, and exciting. This is where mail-order bride sites like VictoriaBrides come into play.

About VictoriaBrides

VictoriaBrides is a dating site operating on the international scale. It was designed and brought to life by a coalition of young, passionate professionals with considerable experience in the field of online dating. While it operates on a global level, the main office is in Alexandria, Virginia. While the majority of the site's members are mostly from the USA, Australia, and Europe, some of the most desired female users hail from Eastern Europe. These countries include Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, and others. Women from these countries are held in the highest of regards among many western men. Not only are they some of the most beautiful women on the planet, but also they are open to creating families and serious relationships that will work. The process of meeting your future beloved is eased significantly due to the site's team contributing a lot of their attention to the creation of a secure environment for all parties as well as meeting users’ needs in the process of finding a match and, in time, creating beautiful, loving families.


International marriages have become a common occurrence in this day and age, which means that as a member of VictoriaBrides you will have the wonderful opportunity to meet amazing women of Slavic origin with the help of smart and advanced algorithms. With these newly developed algorithms, you will have the opportunity to find the exact kind of woman that you are in the search for. Whether that be for simple dating, long-term relationships, or if you are very serious about it - marriage. As proof of the sites incredible success rate, searching through various reviews of the sites dating service will show you that over 90 percent of its user base is satisfied with what they are offered by VictoriaBrides, the majority actually find what they were looking for, and they are happy to have made the right choice.

How it works

Without a doubt you are interested in seeing the thousands of women’s profiles that are there in search of a man to build something with. There are certain steps you will have to go through in order to go from being single to happily married. This process can be divided up into three basic steps for simplicity: registration, the search process, and the initiation of back and forth messaging.



You begin your journey by visiting the VictoriaBrides site itself and clicking on the sign up button. The site does offer you the opportunity to register for free and use and experience the many benefits and options that are available with this subscription plan. The rest is something you should be familiar with. Fill out all the necessary forms. Your name, email address, and of course, the password. After this, you are to complete and fill your personal page with all the information you consider relevant for the women you are interested in to see. In addition, you have to fill up a questionnaire concerning what you are expecting from your future bride and your general expectations from your life's companion.

Do try your best to choose a high quality picture of yourself that will attract some female attention. Fill out your date of birth and age in addition to describing your physical appearance as well as your personality in as much detail as you deem necessary. In the event that you wish to keep your profile privatized and anonymous for the most part, you can stay that way and upload your profile without any photographic evidence, meaning you will only exchange pictures with the women that you have developed a liking and a trust for.

Once the profile page has been completed, you can move forward to the questionnaire related to your wife-to-be. This is where you can select which country you want her to be from, how old she is, as well as choose certain details about her appearance and her social behavior preferences. This is all worked into the VictoriaBrides algorithm that is customized to your preferences and according to your needs.


Once you are done with the process of registration, you are ready to begin your search for that special woman. There are thousands of stunning ladies of all kinds who are waiting for that special someone to appear in their life. Perhaps it will be you. You start by clicking on the "Find me ladies" link and from there you choose the country you want your future wife to originate from. You can also use the "extended search" in order to add more options and criteria to your search. There is even an opportunity to add search criteria such as certain features, locations, habits, and whether or not the woman is single or with kids. This will lower the number of female profiles that fit you considerably, but they will be a lot more suited for you than others. Make sure to check out the "marital status" and "kids" fields when conducting your search. Have no fear, on VictoriaBrides you will only find responsible and intelligent women, who are there to find a man they can build a new life with and experience the world together. Once all that is done, you can click on the "show matches" button. This will show you a list of all the women deemed compatible based on your criteria on the right side of the page. Once you find a woman you are interested in and feel like the green sign is on, go ahead and initiate the messaging process.



If you look at the right side of your profile, you will see the current statistics of your profile. How many inbox messages you have that are unread, how many women visited your profile page as well as how many of them favorited you. On VictoriaBrides, you have the opportunity to not only send back and forth messages, but to send virtual gifts to the women that you are interested in. Moreover, you can arrange for a Skype call to take place if you are highly interested in someone particular. If you have any issues or want to arrange a video chat, you can always rely on the VictoriaBrides customer support team, as they will help you with any site related issue you come upon.

The profiles

Luckily for you, all of the women who are represented by VictoriaBrides are selected individually, meaning every woman you encounter there can be considered unique and highly desired. You will find that the agency chooses women of all age, so whether you are seeking to build a relationship with a young woman or a more mature and experienced one, you will find plenty of both.



In order to join VictoriaBrides you do not have to pay anything if you choose to register for free. However, if you wish to get things moving and start initiating conversations and sending messages to women you like, you will have to pay some credits. Keep in mind, that the site does not work on a membership basis where you can chat with an unlimited amount of women for a monthly fee. Instead, you are to purchase credits which are used up when answering and sending various messages and gifts as well as accessing other advanced features available only to "premium" members. It is not that expensive to begin. For only $9.99 you can get 20 credits and access to all of the premium features. This is, however, only a starting point, and a recommended one at that. Do not count on being able to exchange hundreds of messages with many different women. It is enough to answer a few messages and get a taste of what the service is like and how the site operates. If you consider it worth the money and are set on meeting an amazing woman via VictoriaBrides, then feel free to dive in head first.



Among some of the pros worth mentioning is the fact that there are a lot of amazing and beautiful women to make your choice from. Whether you want someone younger or more mature, blondes or brunettes, Ukrainians or Russians, you will find the woman of your dreams on VictoriaBrides if you give it enough time. That is for sure. In addition, the payment system is easy to understand and transparent, meaning there are not any hidden costs or money scams involved. You pay for the credits and you use them. Last point worth mentioning is that the site has a very user-friendly interface that is easy to use and pleasing to look at, since it has a nice design.

When it comes to cons, there are not that many that are worth being mentioned. Perhaps the only thing that may put off some people is that you have to upgrade your account in order to get access to all of the website's features, the ones that are actually worth something. If you think about it, all this does is eliminate all of the men that are not serious about it and will waste the women's time attempting to chat with them, leaving so much less for you. Another thing to watch out for is that, as mentioned above, this is not a monthly subscription payment plan, but a credit based one, so you better watch out for your balance and make sure they do not run out when needed the most.

How enjoyable the site is for most of the people is not what matters. How effectively it works is what matters. How fast can two people come together and create something out of nothing. This is where VictoriaBrides excels at. The site has successfully covered the area of online dating in a better fashion, with its top of the line matching algorithm, than anyone else, making the process of finding a match easier than ever. Obviously, as with most things in life, the site has a few pitfalls, since finding your ideal partner in life is no easy task. Finding the perfect partner is no easy task, so expect to commit some of your time to the task. It is up to you and the woman you exchange your messages with to build your relationship up to something meaningful. In order to do so with as much ease as possible, it is of vital importance that you fill out all the necessary forms with the correct details. Whether you are just entering the realm of online dating and mail order brides or are completely new to the industry, VictoriaDates has you covered and is a great option to stick with. You can count on it meeting all of your expectations, should you have any. Moreover, you may come to the realization that it even provides you with a sense of security and trust while looking for that special someone, which is a rare phenomenon.

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