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Once stigmatized and judged heavily, online dating is now one of the most popular and successful industries. With more than 40 million Americans who have given an online dating a try and over 30 percent of the married American couples who have met online, there are no more doubts that this really works.

As someone who took a plunge and managed to discover my significant other through the online dating site - Victoria Dates, I decided to help others make this important decision and answer a lot of questions related to the online dating issues. In this review, I will go into a deep dive on the process of online dating via Victoria Dates.


Victoria Dates is an international online dating website created by a group of young and passionate professionals who have great experience in working in the online dating field. It works globally with a head office in Alexandria, Virginia. Although the majority of members are mainly from the USA, Europe and Australia, the website has got thousands of female users from Eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Latvia making it the most attractive factor for the American men. These girls are not only beautiful but also are open to the meaningful relationships and marriages. What I loved the most about Victoria Dates is that the team works a lot to contribute to secure environment and meet user needs for finding their match and even creating families.

Taking into account that international marriages become a common practice around the world, Victoria Dates gives its members an opportunity to find Slavic ladies by means of a smart algorithm. They offer an advanced search that helps to find the exact kind of woman for dating, long-term relationships, and even marriage. I have searched through numerous reviews and found out that among all the members of this online dating service, 90% are completely happy with what the Victoria Dates offers and most of them found what they wanted.

Victoria Dates Reviews and Feedbacks

Here I have found several reviews and feedbacks from the men who recently used the service:

“When you are single and haven't got much time to communicate with people outside your office, it's tough. I tried different dating sites but I didn't have a good feeling about any of them until my friend told me about Victoria Dates. I was curious so I found a lot of reviews and feedback. There were positive, as well as negative comments. Anyway, I registered and I have been staying at the site for about 3 months. I found a beautiful woman there my age with a child but for me, it's not a problem. I love kids. We often visit each other and were thinking about a wedding.”

– Pavel A., 33

“I was always interested in meeting a woman from Ukraine”My experience with Victoria Dates was absolutely fine. I liked the site. It is easy to use it no complication and misunderstanding. I’ve got what I wanted for my money. I met a few really nice women who I chat with now. I hope to build a serious relationship with one of them, just need some time. I am chatting with a lovely woman at the moment, we exchange letters and sometimes chat by video. I feel very lucky to find this site. It's definitely the greatest place to meet women. I was always interested in meeting a woman from Ukraine I heard so many nice things about Ukrainians. Victoria Dates is very inexpensive compared with local dating sites here so I think any decent, gainfully employed man who wants to meet a woman from Ukraine can afford it.”

– Grigoriy M., 34

“Maybe you will not find a wife here but you will definitely have fun. I think every single man likes to flirt and get attention, especially at Victoria Dates. There are so many attractive young girls. Who wouldn't like to chat with them, view their photos, and video chat? I don't plan to get married and have kids in the nearest future, so I just enjoy my time online when I am free from work, enjoy chatting with different girls, getting attention. This is what I like to do right now. If you want fun this site is great. It's quite cheap, works well, provides a lot of functions and brings a lot of positive emotions.”

– Tad E., 37

How the Service Works

I bet you are curious to see thousands of stunning women who want to find a great man and get married. To do this you need to go through three basic steps: registration, search and messaging.


  • First, visit and click sign up. You have an opportunity to join the service for free and experience all benefits of using it. Enter your name, email address, and choose a password. Then complete your personal page with the information that you would like other women to see and fill up a questionnaire about your expectations of a life partner.
  • Make sure you choose a high-quality photo, enter your date of birth and age as well as describe your appearance and character in details. In case you want to stay private, you can leave your profile without a photo and exchange photos only with women you trust.
  • Once you completed your profile page, you have to proceed with a questionnaire about your future lady. Here you can select the country and city where your match lives, choose her age and add details about her appearance and social behavior preferences. This will help Victoria Dates customize the search according to your preferences.

After the registration process is complete, you are ready to look for your soul mate. There are hundreds and thousands of stunning ladies who look forward to finding their perfect someone.
  • Use “Find me ladies” option in order to choose the country of origin of ladies who you would like to see. By using “Extend search” you can add more options and features for your future girl.
  • There is an opportunity to enter features, habits, location, to look for a single woman or with kids.
  • Check the fields “marital status” and “children” and find a lady you would be interested in. As mentioned above, on Victoria Dates you will most likely find only smart and responsible ladies, who are looking for decent men to build relationships with.
  • After you click “show matches”, the list of all compatible women will be shown on the right side of the page with all the attractive ladies. If you see the green sign, then go ahead and start communication.


On the right side of your profile, you can check the statistics on how many messages you have in your inbox, how many new visitors viewed your profile and who favorited you. You have an opportunity to send virtual gifts and messages to the women you like. You can send quick messages, chat, and get the response from women who are online. Moreover, you can arrange a skype call. With an assistance of Victoria Dates customer support team, you can ask for help on any issue especially if you want to arrange video chat.

Girls Profiles on Victoria Dates

The good news is that each woman on Victoria Dates is selected individually. The profiles are unique and Victoria Dates agency chooses both young girls and mature women who want only serious relationships. There is a dating team that helps girls create perfect personal profiles, help with translation issues and offer them a professional photo session.

Pricing on Victoria Dates

You don’t have pay anything to join Victoria Dates. You can register for free and enter your personal parameters. However, you have pay credits in order to start a conversation and send messages to ladies.

It does not have a monthly membership fee that allows you to chat with an unlimited amount of women. Instead, you have to buy credits that can be used to answer messages and to access other advanced options. It is not expensive to start. You can get access to all premium features and 20 credits for $9.99.

But take into account that this is a starting point. You will not be able to exchange hundreds of messages and live-chat with all the girls on the web. This money is enough to answer to few messages and to see if you like the service to continue using it.

Pros and Cons of Victoria Dates

Among the main pros are:

  1. There are a lot of beautiful women to choose from;
  2. The payment system is transparent and does not contain any hidden costs; all you need is to pay for the credits;
  3. Victoria Dates has user-friendly interface and good design;

Among the main cons are:

  1. To get the access to all features available on the website you have to upgrade your account;
  2. Instead of using monthly subscription, they use credit payment system.


No matter how enjoyable the dating site may seem to the most of the people, what matters is how effectively it works. Victoria Dates has covered the area of online dating more than others with its top-notch matching algorithm that makes the searching process as easy as pie.s

Of course, every online dating website has its pitfalls and there is no surefire way to find your perfect woman. Anyone should work upon relationships to make them successful and stable. Therefore it is crucial to carefully fill up all the forms with precise details. The algorithms of Victoria Dates are designed in a way that almost everybody finds an ideal match. Victoria Dates is a really entertaining dating service and it has fully met my expectations. Moreover, it gave me a feeling of trust and security while I was looking for a future wife for myself.


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Comments (26)
posted 23Jan, 2018
I met my future wife in 2016. She is a Ukrainian girl and used to live in a beautiful Lviv. Unfortunately, because of my job, I had to travel a lot, and we could not meet almost for two months. But due to victoriadates we could easily communicate and see each other until we actually met and engaged. Now I am happily married almost for one year, totally recommend this service
posted 5Feb, 2018
My biggest regret is that I have not registered on this site earlier. I have met such a beautiful and smart girl I could not imagine ever meeting in my town. Thank you!
posted 13Feb, 2018
The site is good - no better or worse than Anastasia Dates or Veronica Love. I met my soulmate on Victoria Dates. Although we weren't perfect matches according to our profiles, we had common interests, and she had a good sense of humor. It also proves that there isn't an exact "science" to dating and it is always a good idea to meet face to face.
posted 26Feb, 2018
I managed to find several people on Victoriadates. Unfortunately, I have not met a girl of my dreams yet, but I keep looking for her. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants to meet a girl.
posted 4Mar, 2018
I was so tired of the bar scenes and had trouble finding someone there. It never worked out, so I decided to try to find my match. It was a pleasant experience, I'm now in a serious relationship and it's been going well for 3 months. I would never be in this amazing relationship if it wasn't for Victoria dates
posted 20Mar, 2018
Unlike most of the free sites, Victoria dates organically keeps out looky-loos from those who are serious about meeting a potential partner. The nominal fee that they charge separates the tire kickers from those who are serious. With respect to their matching algorithm, I can say with certainty that the majority of the matches that they presented to me were accurate. Ultimately, I became engaged 1 year after dating a woman I met on Victoria dates and we have been together for 2 years.
posted 28Mar, 2018
Victoria Dates became my solution to dating women. Being quite shy by nature, it was hard for me to meet ladies in pubs or cafes. But with Victoria Dates, everything changed. Thanks to this service, I met a gentle and kind woman from Ukraine. I have already visited her, and now we are planning a trip to Europe. Victoria Dates gives an excellent opportunity to meet your soulmate from overseas, and precisely, from Ukraine.
posted 23Apr, 2018
I always wanted to meet a girl from Russia but didn’t know how. Then my friend told me about mail-order bride sites. I was skeptical at first but eventually decided to give it a try. Victoria Dates impressed me. It has convenient navigation, easy registration, offers different ways to communicate with ladies. You get everything you need for the money you pay. For me, it is the best dating platform.
posted 7May, 2018
I am not new to dating platforms, so I have something to compare Victoria Dates with. What I love most about this service is its searching page. You can choose among so many categories that you will definitely find a girl of your dreams. And I must highlight, that ladies are lovely there. So I would say, long live Victoria Dates!
posted 28May, 2018
You know, I’ve never really been into these dating sites. For what reason??? when there’s Facebook and other networks. But I realized that with other social media stuff it won’t work out because you never know whether the girl is ready to date or not, you will just waste your time, guys. BTW, I tried Victoria Dates, it’s OK but not as impressive as Love Swans, but it’s up to you.
posted 11Jun, 2018
Woooow Victoria Dates! What gives me chills when I visit this site is the database of their women. I’m terrified with Ukrainian and Russian girls!!! They’re so hot, yet so simple! Recommend this site greatly!
posted 18Jun, 2018
I am so grateful for Victoria Dates! This service has helped me to find my wife Maryna. I could have never thought of visiting Odessa because it is kind of exotic for a man like me. But if not for Victoria Dates, I would have never encountered such a brilliant and charming spouse, my soulmate, my everything, my wife Maryna from Odessa!
posted 2Jul, 2018
I’m not against this online dating stuff. it’s just weird. but I’m here ‘cause my pal told me victoriadates is nice and there’re really cool girls signed up. I’ll see anyway. but first impression is good.
posted 9Jul, 2018
I’ve never believed it’d be possible to find someone online. I spent years surfing online and registering on different sites and then I found out about Victoria Dates. I can’t say that’s it’s a first-class one, but it’s pretty attractive and quite efficient.
posted 23Jul, 2018
I wouldn’t advise you to register anywhere else apart from VictoriaDates if you are into Slavic girls, you know, like Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian, and so on. This platform has, and most of them are of high quality. You’ll see that lots of them have professional photos, perfect descriptions, etc.
posted 6Aug, 2018
I don’t know any other site which has so many positive features at a time! I registered on VictoriaDates I guess three months ago, and I’ve had only positive experience there. I have three favorite ladies on this site: one from Ukraine and two from Moldova (unfortunately, haven’t encountered any compatible Russian beauty yet but I’m not giving up), and VictoriaDates is just making our communication so exciting! Highly appreciate all the job done by the site’s crew.
posted 27Aug, 2018
I like VictoriaDates, their girls are the best!!!!
posted 10Sep, 2018
Have you ever thought it would be possible for you to find a lady somewhere in the Russian city of Novgorod who would make a perfect wife for you? I personally didn’t use to think so, but wow! Now I have one – and it started from searching on VictoriaDates. I just set the parameters for my potential wife and got dozens of great profiles.
posted 1Oct, 2018
I don’t mind dating ladies with children, they are so adorable. However, some men prefer building a relationship with women who aren’t single moms. Therefore, they have a right to know what kind of a mail-order bride that is, so I’m glad VictoriaDates treats everyone fairly and allows men to tick the marriage status of a searched woman and whether she has offspring or not.
posted 22Oct, 2018
To start dating is always kind of a physiological challenge, at least it was for me. But with VictoriaDates everything will go smoothly and you will enjoy every bit of it.
posted 5Nov, 2018
It’s great to see how VictoriaDates is developing and offering its customers the best service every day. I don’t see the reasons to look for another dating platform.
posted 19Nov, 2018
VictoriaDates is one of the most popular dating platforms in the world and there is definitely a reason for that. The website works perfectly, offering you matches only with the perfect partners.
posted 3Dec, 2018
I didn’t think I will say it, but VictoriaDates changed my life. The dating service is a great spot for lonely men looking for Slavic girls, trust me.
posted 8Jan, 2019
There are so many things that can go wrong on a dating site, but not if you are using VictoriaDates. Here you can be sure that you will get the best service of all.
posted 22Jan, 2019
I’ve been trying to find a girlfriend for 3 years and nothing seemed to work. Unless I found VictoriaDates and understood, how girls should be approached. Now I am a happy man in a relationship status.
posted 27Feb, 2019
The main reason why I choose VictoriaDates is security. I can be sure here that my card details won’t be stolen.