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How To Learn Russian Fast: Steps And Popular Tips
How To Learn Russian Fast: Steps And Popular Tips
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How To Learn Russian Fast: Steps And Popular Tips

Latest update: 2021-05-25
Best ways to learn Russian fast

Unfortunately, not all Russian ladies have a good command of English or any other foreign language. Moreover, it is pleasant for them to read messages or communicate with men who understand them. Therefore, western men who want to meet women from Russia decide to learn their native language. One of the main questions that interest beginner learners is ‘is Russian hard to learn for English speakers?’. Naturally, every language has its peculiarities and requires time and effort to learn it. Slavic languages are possible to master if you know how to do that, so keep on reading and you will understand where to start and which stages to complete on your way to success.

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6 simple steps to learn Russian

Being the seventh most widely spoken language used by over 300 million people Russian must be learned step-by-step. One of the best ways to learn Russian fast is to divide the process into several stages and complete them gradually one-by-one.

Start with alphabet

Every language learning process starts with mastering its alphabet. Russian people use a Cyrillic alphabet that consists of 33 letters. Some of them look like English letters and even have similar sounds. Moreover, words are pronounced the same as they are spelled, so it makes learning quite simple.

Master the most popular words

There are most commonly used words in every language, so the best way to learn Russian fast is to grasp these words first. It is important to be able to say Hello and Goodbye, be able to ask basic questions, agree and disagree, etc. Moreover, try to start with the vocabulary required for personal communication and later extend it with new themes.

Find cognates

It is natural that there are international words that sound similar in many languages, so it is much easier to remember them. Find the list of these words and you can extend your vocabulary greatly from the very beginning.

Turn to grammar rules

Fortunately, the Russian language is rule-based and it is not difficult to understand these rules if you know the gender of every word learned. The main difficulties can be with cases, plural, and tenses, but practice can help you to overcome this obstacle too.

Take advantage of flexible sentences

What is great about learning Russian is no standard structure of the sentence like in English, for example. You can change the places of words in the sentence or even remove some words from the context, but it will be still clear what you want to say. In fact, you can ask one question using 4 or 5 variants of word order and it makes speaking easier.

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Immerse yourself in Russian

You can learn Russian easily if you surround yourself with everything in this language. You should listen to songs, watch films and cartoons, read books and magazines, communicate, use a computer and a mobile device in Russian only. If you create this atmosphere, you will not be ever puzzled with the question ‘how long to learn Russian?’. The result of this effort will be spotted almost immediately.

The easiest way to learn Russian: tips and tricks

When a person only thinks about a necessity to start the process, he wonders ‘how hard is it to learn Russian?’. It goes without saying that persistence is a key to success almost in every job and studying is not an exception.

Tips and tricks from language tutors that can contribute to the quality and speed of learning, so keep them in mind too:

  • Make Russian an important part of your life and practice it on a daily basis;
  • Find a teacher or interlocutor from Russia to correct your mistakes;
  • Make use of modern learning tools: it is very comfortable to use mobile learning apps; anytime and anywhere if you have a free minute;
  • Create flashcards with new words or phrases and spread them around your home;
  • Don’t worry if you make mistakes: it is important to speak no matter how hard it is.

Learning Russian only sounds challenging and unreal, but in fact, it is the same as to learn any other foreign language. It is important to set a goal and pave your way to it no matter how difficult it seems. If your main reason for learning this language is to impress you Russian mail order bride, don’t postpone your true wish for later when you have enough practice. Even if you have just started learning, don’t hesitate to write messages or call a person you like. Most of the Russian women are condescending and will help you to improve your skills with pleasure.

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