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Austrian Brides Overview

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Latest update: 2020-11-20

Austria is a nation that prioritizes family values above anything else. The people in the country always hold another person in high esteem and respect. Although Austria is predominantly a German-speaking country, a few languages are interspersed therein and spoken by the minority.

Over the years, there has been an increasing number of men who want to marry girls from this central-European country due to the features and family values of Austrian women.

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Features of Austrian brides

Austrian woman

  • Beauty
    Austrian brides are smartest and beautiful. Their medium-glowing complexion along with their semi-blonde hair make them appear so attractive that any men will take a second look. They are mostly petite and above average in height.
  • Jovial
    Austrian girls are friendly people. You will never see them talk rudely to others neither will they insult you at the slightest provocation. That doesn’t mean they don’t get angry, of course, they do, but won’t blow it out of proportion.
  • Conservative fashion sense
    They dress somewhat conservatively – they are not enthusiastic fans of revealing clothes – but you will be amazed at the way your Austrian bride will turn out when she is fully dressed.

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Austrian women are approachable, polite, and friendly. Don’t be surprised to find out that your Austrian bride is very protective of you, her partner. It is a strong indication that she will be a good mother who will stop at nothing to protect her home. Austrian women also make impressive, pleasant, and loyal partners. What else does a guy want?

The best sites to search for Austrian brides

We have review dozens of dating sites and have chosen the following ones as the best from our perspective.

Why are Austrian brides good for marriage?


Austrian women are independent and will not be a sit-at-home partner or spouse for any reason. They have responsible jobs which they do even after getting married. They would appreciate personal space and freedom and hate depending on others, even if that person was their husbands.

This means that when she becomes your wife, both of you will contribute financially to the progress of the entire family instead of you bearing the whole burden on your shoulders. Austrian women are the typical examples of a “helpmeet” indeed!

Great homekeepers

Austrian women are great at keeping homes. No matter how choked up her schedule is, an Austrian bride’s new home will never be dirty or full of debris in any way. They are excellent at making things by themselves – i.e., knitting or sewing clothes, etc. They love every minute of it, not for savings but pleasure. A typical Austrian home is highly impressive, with massive hand-crafted artifacts which are sometimes presented as gifts to family and friends.

What cultural peculiarities make Austrian girls so interesting?

Austrian bride

First date

When you go out on a date with an Austrian woman for the first time, you should introduce yourself formally like a gentleman. Not all Austrian women will extend their hands for a handshake, so do not force that action out of her. If she gives you a hand, please shake her. Another thing, don’t ever attempt to kiss an Austrian woman on a first date.

Austrian women do not joke with their personal space; so don’t try to force her to tell you stuff she's not comfortable with.

Name calling

For formal reasons, it is considered disrespectful to call an Austrian woman by name. This is because all women who are above 18 years of age and living in Austria are referred to as “Frau,” i.e., Lady. Unless your date gives you the express permission to address her using her first name only, you can only use the word “Frau” and her last name when engaged in discussion throughout a date.

Don’t be late for an occasion

Timeless is taken seriously in Austria. If you're meeting your prospective bride for lunch or going out on a casual date, you should never arrive late at the rendezvous. Of course, she will never be late as well!

The prevailing school of thought that women are always late to a meeting at least five minutes to the time does not apply to Austrian women. The lifestyle of punctuality has been instilled in their lifestyle for centuries.

Arriving late at the meeting point only portrays you as an unserious or rude person, and that is not a palatable position to be if your goal is to woo and win her heart.

They love red roses

You should only present red roses to an Austrian woman if you have strong romantic feelings for her and want to call her attention to it. You should also give flowers with odd numbers only.

Civil and social behaviors

Since you're interested in Austrian brides and would likely marry one, you need to learn some of their norms that guide social life in this country.

For instance, it is not acceptable for you to hold a door open for an Austrian woman to pass through and then you follow her. You're only trying to be a gentleman, but no, it doesn’t work that way in Austria. You have to go ahead through the door first; otherwise, your prospective Austrian bride would be flustered and uncertain what to do next.

Austrian brides have a big range of various interests

Have you ever faced a problem that you and hot Austrian woman you are interested in don’t have lots of topics to discuss? Or she doesn’t have enough hobbies and after some time your conversation becomes passionless?

Luckily, most of the hot Austrian women aren’t like this. They have lots of hobbies that will make your communication as gripping as it’s possible. For example:

  • Downhill skiing.Skiing for hot Austrian ladies is like swimming for those who live near the sea. Moreover, there’s a tradition to spend the weekends in the mountains, so be ready to talk about mountains, skiing, hiking, and active leisure;
  • Reading. Hot ladies from Austria are quite educated. If you ask her if she knows who is Remark, Orwell, Rand or Woolf, she will become a great supporter of the discussion about the main heroes of the book.
  • Traveling. It is a common type of pastime among the Austrians to travel. Mostly they prefer not traditional, cheap ways of moving. So you can always talk about crazy trips and hostels, amazing non-conventional paths and fun traveling stories.

There is no doubt that dating and marrying a bride from Austria will be one of the best decisions you have made in life. Austrian women are great soul mates.

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