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Beautiful Bosnian Brides

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Bosnian women are among the most devoted, dutiful and morally sound wives in the world. These women have grown up in a patriarchal society — a country where gender role is very distinct, and in which men clearly have control over the women. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, cultural expectations dictate that women assume a more subdued role than the men.

If you're a man who wants a traditional woman as wife, getting a Bosnian girl to become your Bosnian bride will be a BIG bonus to you - a dream come true, indeed!

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Though the male folks unfairly marginalize Bosnian women, this doesn’t mean that hooking up with one as a foreign man will be a pleasure trip down Sequoia National Park. There are still challenges and cultural expectations out there that can make or mare your chances. If you must earn the trust and win the heart of a Bosnian bride, then you must have a handful of knowledge about her.

I have specially prepared this article for you on all you need to know about your Bosnian bride. Enjoy!

Features of Bosnian brides


Bosnian girls are popular for their matchless beauties. Looking at the face of a typical Bosnian girl can make your brain leave your skull. How do we identify a Bosnian girl from her looks? Hard haired, gorgeous dark eyes, shapely slender body, long neck, bronze skin, and fashionable clothes… these paint a general picture of a Bosnian girl.

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Bosnian women are submissive

Close to half of Bosnia’s population is made up of Muslims. The country’s culture sees the women in a position where they are to be submissive to their male partners. This plays itself out in the form of Bosnian women being humble, respectful, faithful and dutiful partners.

They are straightforward

Bosnian girls care enough not to toy with your emotions - something girls seem to enjoy. When she says something, she sticks to it. They can be very direct in speech, yet polite and courteous. At the same time, she expects sincerity from you. This reduces the chances of misunderstanding in relationships.

Bosnian women

In recent years, Bosnia has become a mecca for foreign men seeking to secure genuine romantic relationships. Arabs from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Egypt make up the bulk of foreign men trooping into this country with the hopes of leaving the shores with beautiful Bosnian ladies. A natural chemistry exists between these Arabs and Bosnian women, given Bosnia’s large Islamic population. These Arabs are usually successful businessmen who have businesses in Bosnia. Because they already have wives and kids in their own countries, these men usually choose single Bosnian mothers as second (or even third) wives. This second wife status is not recognized within Bosnia & Herzegovina, though.

Generally, turning a Bosnian lady to wife can be a little difficult, especially Bosnian Muslim girls. That you ever succeeded at this is enough reason to beat your chest like King-Kong. So why do foreign men swoon for Bosnian women?

Bosnian brides

Bosnian women are sociable

Bosnians are very social people. The country doesn’t get many tourists, so the locals tend to value their visitors. The local people can tell at a glance if you’re a foreigner to the country. In public places, expect someone to ask where you are from, jovially of course. At a first date, a modern Bosnian girl will feel so free with you it will seem she’s known you for years.

Bosnian girls

They are hospitable

Bosnians take their hospitality to great heights. People are generally polite and always willing to offer help. Expect to be welcomed to the home of your Bosnian bride and be treated like a king. They would always want to know how you feel and to ensure your visit is a memorable one for you.

Bosnian girls are humble

In Bosnia, the culture expects the women to show respect and humility to their men. The good thing is that these women extend the privilege to the foreigners. While the ice-maid routine is natural with ladies, Bosnian women don’t go overboard with it. They show a great deal of humility and respect to everybody. Expect a Bosnian bride to say sorry when the fault is actually yours; she will freely ask your counsel before she undertakes any project.

They are relaxed

Despite carrying off a serious-looking façade, Bosnians are actually friendly, laidback and optimistic people. Bosnian’s laidback attitude to life is a very pleasant quality that foreign men admire. No matter how bad the situation is, a Bosnian girl will still force a smile, because she’s hopeful and also cares enough not to make her sadness rub off on you.

The best sites to search for Bosnian brides

Find the most stunning and available Bosnian girls for dating and marriage on the following websites.

Why are Bosnian women perfect for marriage?

While it’s unrealistic to talk about a perfect person for marriage, it’s only more practical to talk about the right person. Marrying the right woman can be the most rewarding experience in a man’s life. Certain personality ingredients are necessary to find in such a woman. Bosnian girls reflect these qualities very clearly.

So, what makes them perfect marriage mates?

Bosnian singles

Traditional value

Foremost, Bosnian women are very traditional people. They openly accept their men’s superior status over themselves. While you are chillaxing (my coinage) on the sofa all day doing nothing, she could be juggling a lot - cooking, doing laundry, keeping the house in order, taking care of kids, etc. - and without grudges.


Bosnian women respect their men a lot. She values your words, asks and takes your advice, and follows your instructions. Right from childhood, she has been raised to regard the men in her home.


Most men feel very insecure about the likelihood of their wives’ infidelity. Cheating wives are found everywhere, but this is certainly not common in Bosnia. Many foreign men who marry Bosnian women keep the ladies in the country while they return to their own countries. That could only mean one thing about Bosnian brides - TRUSTWORTHY!

Love and care

Finally, Bosnian women’s defining qualities are loving, caring, understanding, faithful and hardworking. And don’t forget - they love kids!

Bosnian wives

What cultural peculiarities make Bosnian women interesting?

Religious tolerance

In a world afflicted with religious conflicts, there’s an astonishing level of religious tolerance in Bosnia. The country is made up of mostly Muslims, followed by Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Jewish religious sects, yet there’s a great level of peace among these groups. On a Christmas Day, Muslim friends are welcomed to Christian homes; Muslims reciprocate this kind gesture on Ramadan and other Islam celebrations. Regardless of your religious orientation, Bosnian homes will almost always accommodate you.

Growing love for sport

Gender role is very acute in Bosnia. For example, it was recently that women in Bosnia began to play some sports. Don’t be taken aback if your Bosnian bride cannot enjoy or share in your favorite sport.

Bosnians women are great chefs

Bosnians are lovers of great food, and they treat visitors to specially made local meals. If you’re welcomed to a Bosnian home, be assured that food will be a very important part of your entertainment. Never be ashamed to ask for more, because you always will get more if you do ask. Bosnians love it when you show a great appetite for their meals.

Bosnian women for marriage

Interesting facts about the Bosnian women

To understand hot Bosnian women better, it’d be useful to learn some customs, traditions, and facts about their country. It’s important to be into the traditions of the person you want to be with.

  • Coffee. Bosnia and Herzegovina has the tenth place in the worldwide coffee consumption per month rating. They are real coffee lovers, so don’t forget to ask your Bosnian crush on the cup of tea.
  • Heart shaped land.There’s a very romantic second name of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hot Bosnian brides call it “Heart Shaped Land” because of the country’s heart shape. So don’t forget to show your deep knowledge about the local things of their country.
  • Religious diversity.There’s a great diversity in the religion of the population. Bosnians are generally associated with Islam with around 50% of the population Muslim. Serbian Orthodox Christians make up 30% of the population, whilst Chroatian Catholics make up 15% of the population. It’s very important to differentiate each religion because different customs are connected with them. For example, if your hot Bosnian lady is Muslim, she will follow the rules from Koran and always hide her face.
  • Scandal country. You not to discuss politics with her., By statistics in 2014 Bosnia and Herzegovina is considered to be the country with the highest rate of hate adressed toits government.

To sum up

What’s worth doing is worth doing well. To win yourself a Bosnian bride (or any woman, at all), you have to be loving, loyal, trustworthy, direct and honest. Your potential bride has to see you as the right man for her. How does she know that? Trust women; they can penetrate your inner soul and see through you. Make her see you as that man she would want to have children for and grow old with. Just be yourself!

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