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Colombian Mail Order Brides Guide For Beginners

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Latest update: 2022-12-19

Colombian brides are known for their beauty and kind character: those features make them stand out from the other Latin American brides. But what should a man do to make them notice him? How to behave with them, and where to find Colombian women for marriage? Learn all about finding a Colombian wife below, and let the most beautiful

Are Colombian brides only about passion and curves just like Shakira has? Lots of men around the world seeking their hearts prove it's something more than just appearance. What is their secret? And is it within your power to rein Colombian women in? Let's find out more about Colombian mail order brides below.

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What are Colombian brides characteristics?

If you’re searching for a Colombian mail order bride, check whether you like the following features in women:

  • They’re spontaneous. Colombian girls are easy-going and always ready to join any kind of fun you can offer. Moreover, they’re ready to initiate it as well: it’s usual for them to gather the company of friends and take them either to the beach or on a picnic, etc.
  • They’re positive. Colombian women to marry look into their future with the hope and belief that the kind will outweigh the evil. Therefore, they cope with their problems faster and don’t take hardships as a curse.
  • They’re very active and always on the move. Living in the present moment is common for Colombian mail order wives. That’s why they have a lot of energy to change activities and stay fresh throughout the day. An active lifestyle is natural for them and doesn’t require a lot of passive rest.
  • They’re talkative and often loud. Colombian wives are sincere, outspoken, and very open when it comes to emotions—if you’re not ready to deal with a passionate woman, consider choosing Costa Rican women for marriage.
Colombian mail order bride

Why should you choose a Colombian mail order bride?

Below, you can find out the top reasons for getting Colombian brides for marriage:

  • Loyalty. Colombian women are some of the most dedicated girls in Latin America. They commit to their partners for life or at least for quite a long period. Usually, they meet their boyfriends in high school or college, get married in their 20s, have a few kids, and live together until death splits them with their loved ones. However, many girls in their early 20s don’t have boyfriends in Colombia now since they dedicate their time to studying or getting better qualifications to find more paying jobs.
  • Family values. They’re cherished a lot by Colombian society, so relationships between relatives, parents, and kids are some of the most important things for local women.
  • Respectful attitude towards men. Finally, Colombian mail order brides admire men a lot: they take their decisions very seriously and never doubt their opinions or leave them out in relationships. It makes them desirable partners and wives for Western men who are tired of strong emancipated women.
Colombian brides

How much is a Colombian bride?

If you’re reading this section of the review, you probably made up your mind to buy a mail order bride from Colombia. Find out the price below.

Since you’re not buying a person directly, the cost of a mail order bride from Colombia consists of the following expenditures:

  • A dating app membership or fee for communication services. Mostly, country-specific websites and apps for dating aren’t expensive. In case of a monthly membership price, you can expect to pay $30-35; if the website uses the credit system, 20 credits can cost from $3.99 to $19.99.
  • Traveling to Colombia and dating there. The plane ticket price starts from $239 for a route from New York to Bogota. The cost of a round trip will be $415. The cost of living in good Bogota hotels for two weeks can be around $1500. Food is quite cheap in Colombia: one meal will cost you just $5.
  • Wedding with a Colombian bride. While the price for a US wedding is $22,500, in Colombia, you can get married and celebrate for $3,300.
  • Visa to enter the USA. If you want to find a Colombian wife and move with her to the US, you’ll need to spend $800 on a K-1 visa for her. Also, you’ll have to purchase a plane ticket for about $300 and have a few thousand dollars in your bank account to support your wife until she gets a job or starts her business in the US.

The total price for a Colombian wife is around $7,500 if you get married in Colombia or around $27,000 if you decide to celebrate your wedding in the US.

Colombian bride cost

How to find Colombian brides?

This is what you should do to find a Colombian bride:

  1. Search in your social bubble. Starting from your working place or the company of your friends, you can try to meet Colombian girls for marriage. There’s a possibility that your colleagues or college buddies know ladies from Colombia and can introduce you to them.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone and start interacting with the Colombian diaspora in your area. In case no one from your circle knows ladies from Colombia, find out where the representatives of its diaspora live in your city and make a few walks there. Who knows, maybe, you’ll find your Colombian bride there?
  3. Travel to Colombia to meet Colombian ladies for marriage. Taking a trip or two to a country that you’re fascinated with can be a great idea to meet locals and try to find your partner. However, it can be expensive and inconvenient in case you have a tight schedule or a business to run on your own.
  4. Find a proper dating site with a mail order bride from Colombia. This is the best option you can choose: it’s faster, easier, and cheaper than spending time on offline dating. Just find an app that fits your expectations and start communicating with mail order Colombian brides.

Being persistent and positive will help in the search for a girlfriend.

The best sites to search for Colombian brides

How to treat Colombian brides for marriage properly

Colombian brides for marriage

Looking for a mail order bride online, you should understand that Latina dating culture differs from western standards. Therefore, you should be aware of some important points of the local dating traditions trying to attract your Colombian mail order wife:

  • Don't be surprised to be introduced to her mother rather early: mothers are the driving force and an object of respect in Colombian family culture, so many decisions are made based on their advice in particular.
  • Expect her to know you better for at least 2-3 months: ladies try to remain “good girls” for this period and avoid intimate relationships. Mail order brides from Colombia can be great in bed, but you better be patient before it happens.
  • Act like the best machista: Colombian women are raised in a society where males take a dominant role, and some have an example of how it is to be treated like a princess. Let her get lots of attention and care from you too.
  • Get ready for the scenes of jealousy: local girls are possessive and can easily introduce you to the crazy bitch fest if you give reasons for that.

Is it safe to marry a Colombian mail order bride?

marry a Colombian mail order bride

Any girl who makes an account to become a mail order bride has one goal in mind, which is to meet foreign men, find one that she can fall in love with, and if all goes well, move away to start a new life together. Colombian ladies are pure in intention. Before understanding whether you can trust a Colombian mail order wife, you need to look at the reasons why she wants to become a mail order bride:

  • A chance to find a decent man who’ll take care of them so that she can feel she’s valued but not taken for granted.
  • Another interesting motivation is love for foreigners, so Colombian mail brides simply long for having a foreigner as their life partner.
  • Bad attitude and domestic violence of local men force Colombian women for marriage to seek their happiness abroad.
  • Financial stability that’s harder to find in Colombia motivates Columbian mail order brides to look for foreigners.

Mail order Colombian brides are vetted when they make their accounts before being uploaded to the user base. Note that only top and legit platforms ensure that you’ll be communicating with real people, avoiding scams or fraudulent profiles.

Just like you want to find a Colombian bride, they want to meet their dream partners, and they truly believe legit mail order bride websites are the best resort to do so. With that in mind, you can rest easy, knowing these women are here to find that happily ever after everyone chases after. Here’s hoping you find yours as well!

Colombian mail order wife

Find your Colombian soul today!

Now that you know what steps to take to meet a girl, finding a Colombian wife will not be an issue for you. Go ahead and find a decent dating site or app to meet Colombian women to marry, and let your soulmate find you soon.

How to marry a Colombian woman?

To get married to Colombian mail brides in her country, you’ll need to collect your birth certificates and proof that you have a right to get married (means that both of you are single) and take them to the notary. They’re the officials who can register your civil marriage. Once it’s done, you’ll need to obtain the official marriage certificate to provide to the US immigration authorities if you intend to come to the US to live there.

Is it good to marry a Colombian woman?

Yes, it is. Having such a wife will fulfill your life with joy, true passion, love, and support. You’ll know what it’s like to have a cozy home and a woman who stands by your back every time.

How do you compliment a Colombian woman?

Complimenting a Colombian mail order bride isn’t hard: you just need to emphasize her personality is as beautiful as her appearance. Colombian women love when men see their inner world rather than just the outer benefits.

How Successful are marriages with Colombian brides?

It depends on the effort two people put into their relationships. If a man is ready to be a breadwinner for the family, a Colombian bride will happily run a household.

What is it like to marry a Colombian woman?

To be married to a Colombian wife means living a bright life full of emotions and passion. Colombian wives are hot, family-oriented, and caring—a great combination of features that many men dream of having in their partners.

Can I reduce a Colombian mail order bride cost?

Yes, you can. There are several ways to cut your expenditures when getting a Colombian wife. One of them is using a fair-priced dating app that offers acquaintances with native Colombian women. Besides this, you can reduce a mail order bride price by choosing to get married in the country of your bride’s origin rather than in the US.

How long will it take to find a Colombian wife?

It depends on your luck and genuine desire to find a partner among Colombian girls. You can find your soulmate on the first day of using a dating app or in a few weeks, but if you’re determined to meet a woman and start a relationship, sooner or later you’ll get the results.

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