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Latest update: 2022-01-21

Armenian brides are a mystery for foreign men. Their deep, dark eyes can quickly hypnotize you, and you won't escape falling in love. However, you need to beware of the spicy character of a local lady. Even though she's kind and attentive, her pride will never allow her to accept an inappropriate man's behavior. Besides, winning her heart is a rather complicated task. How to make her yours? Read the information below to know more about these girls and find out how to marry an Armenian woman.

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Features of Armenian brides

Armenian women are so highly sought after for several reasons. From the physique to their inward qualities, Armenian women are distinctively unique, and positively so.

Physical appearance

So, what are Armenian women like on the outside? You used to hear about Armenians all looking the same. Like the Asians, these people have very similar physical trademark features. If you walked into a shopping mall on a busy day, you will most likely find a lot of Kardashian-looking girls. Overall, here’s what to expect from the appearance of these women.

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  • Armenian girls typically have dark/blond hair
  • They have brown/blue eyes
  • They have slim and small stature
  • They are stunningly gorgeous


Okay, now you know what your Armenian bride will most likely be looking like, but what about her personality traits?

  • Armenian brides are expressive
  • They are loyal
  • They are conservative
  • They have Tolerance
  • They are hardworking
Armenian women

Given the positive traits mentioned, it is easy to see why foreign men swoon for Armenian women as great prospects for dating.

Armenian women are family-oriented

Most Armenian women have a strong sense of family. They are always ready to ensure the best for their children and husbands. This is a value that is shifting away from many western countries.

Armenian girls are famous for their beauty

Foreign men behold Armenian women with a positive air of mysticism. Men living overseas see girls from Armenia as stunning beauties and exotic charms, perhaps, due to their strange blend of European and Asian traits. Blessed with big bright brown eyes, long eyelashes, and strong cheekbones, an average Armenian woman is indeed a beauty to behold.

Armenian brides are faithful

Armenian ladies are generally traditional women. They grow up with strong feminine values. It is in their nature to keep themselves to their husbands or partners alone.

Armenian women are respectful

Armenian ladies are very traditional people. However, most of their inner beauty hinges on this fact. As people who have been brought up in a society where gender roles are strongly distinct, these eastern Asian women understand the need to show respect and humility to their men. Every man values a respectful woman, and most western men see Armenia as a place where this trend abounds.

Armenian ladies are perfect wives

brides from Armenia

Hot brides from Armenia were raised to be excellent wives. They know how to keep the house clean and cook tasty meals. Yes, Armenian women are amazing chefs, and they can always surprise you with some new and delicious meals. No doubt, their traditional cuisine is remarkably appetizing, and such meals as dolma, Armenian barbecue, manti, and basturma will absolutely become your favorite food! If you want, your soulmate can teach you how to cook some of these dishes. Cooking together is so sexy, isn’t it?

Armenian girls are very romantic

Gorgeous lady from Armenia will always keep up the fire between you in your romantic affair. She is ready to impress you with small pretty things and take care of you the whole life. You will be surprised by her resourcefulness and creativity. If you are eager to attract hot Armenian woman, suggest her to spend the evening under a starry night and give her a little present. Be certain that she will never forget it!.

The best sites to search for Armenian brides

Armenia does not have strong international marriage agencies. The few available marriage agencies reach their targets through online dating platforms.

Most men looking for foreign brides in Armenia check out these three dating websites that we see as the best ones:

Texting with Armenian mail order brides online

Virtual dating is often an awkward thing, especially if you're a beginner. How to communicate with a girl? Here are some tips to help you start a conversation with single Armenian ladies and keep it going:

  • Study a woman's profile. You can find so much information to use in a message. Instead of just saying "Hi," write something pleasant about her hobby or say that her favorite book is your favorite book too. Armenian mail order brides appreciate it when men show deeper interest and don't limit themselves to "How are you doing?" stuff.
  • Ask questions. Show enthusiasm in trying to get to know her closer. You'll meet many foreign brides striving to find men who would be interested in their personalities. Start with some basic information, like her job or things she likes.
  • Make her smile. Single Armenian women like men with a good sense of humor. Of course, you don't have to be a stand-up comic to tell a good joke. You can simply send a woman a funny meme or gif.

Before starting dating online, probably, you'd like to learn more about mail order bride legality. However, you shouldn't worry about that stuff because international marriages aren't forbidden in most countries.

Why are Armenian brides good for marriage?

Armenian bride

What really sets them apart as great lifelong partners and ideal marriage mates? It stills boils down to strong traditional female values. Ask any man, and he would tell you he wants a wife who is faithful, caring, loyal, respectful, and hardworking; loves kids and can keep a home. These traditional values are so lacking in western women these days as they are more career oriented and take their gender equality campaigns too seriously. Most men are authoritative by nature; as such, they do not want an equal but a woman who can submit humbly to him (sorry ladies, that is not to sound sexist).

Besides, hot Armenian women are serious in their intentions. They tend to be modest and chaste; that’s why, one-night relationships are not for them. These ladies are incredibly good in bed, but they are focused on serious relationships and family life. The latter goes with their family's opinion: their fathers will never be satisfied with the fact that their daughters were acting as light-minded girls.

Thus, despite Armenian hot character, these ladies are not ready for open connections. They have a will to build a healthy and reliable family where all the participants can trust each other. Don’t you think it is strange if you want to create a strong family and begin your relationship in a casual way. Females from this country are loyal and devoted to her man— and it runs counter to “open” relationships. In case you don’t cheat on her, she doesn’t cheat on you — it will be the only way to date with hot Armenian girls.

How to marry an Armenian mail order bride?

Armenian mail order bride

International mail-order marriage statistics shows that a relationship with a woman from abroad is a popular thing. So, if you want to have an Armenian wife, follow the tips below:

  • Respect the girl's family. Bonds with parents and relatives are extremely valued in this country. Sometimes, the first date here even takes place at a lady's house when her father and mother are present. Since Armenian women looking for marriage take these ties so seriously, you'll need to accept this and demonstrate tolerance and good manners.
  • Avoid talking about your ex. Of course, you can tell something general about her in case Armenian mail order bride asks. But mentioning your previous girlfriend randomly in a conversation is always a dangerous zone.
  • Compliment her a lot. Armenian ladies searching for marriage just need to hear how wonderful they are. You can praise everything about your woman, from her beauty to her cooking skills. You'll be the man who makes her feel special, which is important for Armenian mail brides.

By the way, if you're searching for the most beautiful potential wife, you can also consider Russian mail order brides. They're as stunning and communicative as an Armenian girl looking for marriage.

What Cultural Peculiarities Make Armenian Women So Interesting?

Armenia has a rich cultural heritage. This also adds spice to their women’s positive traits. What cultural qualities do Armenian wives have that contributes to their positive eccentricity?

Armenian girl

Armenian food

Armenian cuisine are now popular far beyond the country’s borders. Armenian women like to prepare mouth-watering dishes. Some visitors to the country have been known to stay longer than they intended just to have more of these local delicacies. The main features of Armenian cuisine include the use of vegetables, fruits, spices, and various creative cooking techniques. Ingredients usually include lavash (Armenian flatbread), meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Armenians use natural-taste spices a lot and balance this out with the freshness of the food.

Popular Armenian dishes include:

  • Harissa (thick porridge made of chicken and wheat rich with fiber)
  • Ghapama (stuffed pumpkin)
  • Spas (yoghurt soup)
  • Vegetable cutlets, etc.

These delicacies can only be enjoyed in their original forms with a local bride at the controls.

Armenian dance

This is an important part of Armenian culture. Armenian women love to dance, and are known by the following dance styles:

  • Kochari
  • Shalakho
  • Berd

Way of life

Armenia’s unique ways of life distinguish them from other nations of the world. It permeates every level and corner of their lives. Visit an Armenian wedding, for example, and get fascinated by events there. It is usually very crowded and noisy. Armenian weddings are always expensive for both families. This explains why there’s always so much mirth and merriment going forward on such occasions.

Armenians are very hospitable and courteous people. They instantly make you feel at home, regardless of cultural disparities.

To sum up

As a foreign man looking for a foreign bride, Armenia is one of the best places to look. However, a brief overview of the most salient points will aid you what to mind when dating Armenian ladies.

  • If you are much into beautiful women, then set your compass pointing Armenian-wards.
  • Armenian women are very traditional people and exhibit the following wifely qualities: love, care, loyalty, faithfulness, tolerance, forgiveness, thrift, etc.
  • Armenian women make good wives.
  • Armenian women are family-oriented.
  • Armenians are culturally expressive people, and this reflects in their unique foods and dances.
  • The ladies love to cook.
  • They love to dance.
  • And they love kids too!

So, register on a dating site to meet Armenian brides online! It's one of the best ways to find a wonderful wife.

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