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Irish Mail Order Brides: Reasons To Marry An Irish Woman

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Latest update: 2020-11-20

When thinking about Irish people, the image that pops up in mind is a country of tall, lean, red-haired, green-/blue-eyed, very white people. Some say this is what the media would have people believe, but the truth is this description is never too far off the mark. People who have been to Ireland would say that saw no particular hair color that stuck out. Among the women, there are blondes, brunettes, red-haired, and everything in-between. Though they have more red-haired people than most other countries, this doesn’t make up the majority of the Irish population.

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Features of Irish women

Typically, an Irish girl is tall, slender, green-/blue-eyed, and pale-skinned. They are almost white!

What about personality traits? What qualities best describe an Irish girl?

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If you want to be at your best game in finding an Irish bride, you need to arm yourself with enough knowledge about the personality of an Irish girl — what to expect from her and what she would likely expect from you.

Irish women have irresistibly great personalities. The trademark qualities of a typical Irish woman are loyalty, fun-loving, adventurous, caring, committed, and strong devotion to family.

Irish brides

It's no surprise that foreign men now consider Irish mail order brides as the best option for dating and marriage. From physical allure to electrifying personality, Irish brides literally have all it takes to attract men, even without conscious efforts.

Large female population

In Ireland, there’s a large female population, with a male/female population ratio of about one to seven. Naturally (and unluckily so), this steep scale leaves most Irish girls outside the matrimonial circle. These women make themselves available to foreign men via online dating platforms.


Irish women are known for their steadfast loyalty and this makes them perfect fit for marriage. Every man wants a woman who'll be respectful and faithful to him. An Irish woman is raised in such a way that she understands her husband’s position as a family-head. It doesn’t matter if she brings home a bigger paycheque or if she’s Anna Kendrick or Nicole Kidman, she'll lay down all her fortunes and let you be her Prince Romeo, as long as there's an emotional investment between you two.

If for any reason you're not physically present, there's no reason for you to feel insecure about your woman’s fidelity status. While infidelity isn't impossible, it's unlikely with an Irish bride.

Stunning appearance

While beauty is only a façade, most men still want a woman whose beauty is enough to melt his heart.

Naturally, a man wants an opportunity to show off his Cinderella, have gorgeous kids, and come back home to a beautiful wife.

An Irish bride is your best pick if you want a stunning young mail order bride.


Irish women are generally very committed to relationships. They typically aren’t much for playing games and are very honest. Given the country’s steep male/female population ratio of 1:7, Irish women know there’s a limited number of men, so they show a great deal of commitment in relationships.

The best websites to find Irish mail order brides

Why are Irish women ideal for marriage?

If you want to commit to something serious by way of marriage, an Irish woman is a way to go. Below are some reasons why Irish women are the best for this.

Irish girls are family-oriented

Most grow up in families where core traditional feminine values are cherished. You want a wife who can cook (something Irish girls are really good at), handle house chores, take care of your children, and keep a home together. An Irish bride places a high value on family.

Irish women have strong religious values

While this may appear as a challenge during the early days of your relationship, it’s actually a HUGE bonus. Why? Because the family foundation will be built on strong moral values — a faithful, virtuous wife, morally sound kids, and a happy fulfilled you.

Irish beauties

They're passionate lovers

This is a country of great culture and passionate people. You would want to come back home to a loving and understanding wife — a woman who loves you unconditionally, makes her peace your peace, your love her love, your burdens her burdens. Such women can be found aplenty in Ireland.

What cultural peculiarities make Irish women so interesting?

If you're considering an Irish online bride, keep in mind the following cultural peculiarities of Irish women.

  1. The Irish are story-loving people. They're known for their keen wit and rollicking good humor. There’s never a dull moment with an Irish bride.
  2. Irish women make excellent cooks. In Irish families, traditional Irish cooking is passed down from generation to generation. If you enjoy great healthy meals, consider getting yourself an Irish bride.
  3. Never flatter an Irish woman or you run the risk of incurring her ire. While a sincere little compliment might do some good, trying all those funky lines from reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet the night before just wouldn’t work.
  4. Ireland is a very rich country in tradition. An Irish bride is a sure way to tap and enjoy a culture so deep and diverse in literature, arts & theatre, folklore, religion, etc.

Intimacy with hot Irish brides

These women live in cold regions but are very warm-hearted. Especially when talking about intimate relationships. There’s a survey that reveals what is the pleasure for the hot Irish brides.

  • Don’t turn on the lights. They love to make love in darkness. By statistics, 60% of the Irish women would prefer to do it in the quiet, not very light space.
  • Don’t miss the foreplay. For 74% of Irish women, it’s considered to be the best part of sex. Yet, lots of men tend to miss it and go directly to the stereotypical actions.
  • Don’t forget about the pleasure of your partner. If you already finished, you need to be sure she also did because sex is a work for two. The satisfaction has to be obtained by both.
  • Don’t talk dirty too much. It may look like a bad joke or something irrelevant. 67% of hot Irish women hate when men start to behave in that way.
  • Don’t comment on her body. Remember that all the hot Irish women are beautiful, and you don’t have a right to disrespect her. That’s her life and her body, and she decides what to be and how to be.
  • Don’t fall asleep just as you finish. It’s essential to understand her intentions and desires also, sex isn't just a physical act, it’s more about the passion and emotions of the two.

To sum up

If you want a beautiful young maiden, an Irish bride is a way to go. The country has a rich female population, so that’s a BONUS for you! Now, go out there and get that Irish beauty to say “Yes, I do.”

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