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Finnish Mail Order Brides: Marry A Finnish Woman

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Latest update: 2021-03-05

Fiery love can be mostly found in the cold Northern European Nation of Finland. Once described as the “best place in the world” by Newsweek, you can except the people in that part of the world to be well-cultured. Indeed, Finns are great people to meet; their women are easy on the eye and a different breed altogether (more on that later).

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Features of Finnish brides


Finnish girls don’t have ugly genes. Most of the women in Finland can be rated between 5 -10. This is no means a definitive rating because the old “one man’s treasure is another man’s trash” rule governs personal taste. Even so, beauty is a universal language; at least we have a mainstream definition of beauty thanks to commercials. With that in mind, Finnish girls can be described as blonde, tall women with great skin! The exclamation mark is to emphasize the great skin Finnish girls have.

Finnish women

Women in Finland love spending time in the Sauna. Don’t be surprised when you hear a Finn girl say she’s going to hang out at the Sauna tub. Skin care is a fad in this Scandinavian country. Also, Finland has good water and less heat from the sun. All these factors contribute to the supple and shiny skin you will find on their women. It also makes their hair “fairy-like-silver-white-hair.”

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Finnish brides love good outfits

Now, if you have an idea that Finnish women look like the street models on magazines or even dress that way. Kindly discard that image. While the fashion culture in Finland is forward, the general style is simple and easy to wear clothes. Finnish women love clothes that allows them freedom and performance.

Why western men want to marry Finnish women?

Finnish women are one of the most polite, honest, and easygoing women in the world. This attribute is more of a National character. So you would feel right at home when interacting with a Finnish woman. However, what makes Finn girls ever sought after is their openness to dating and marrying other races.

Although there is a pecking order as regards the races they mingle with, they are generally open, and it is encouraging.

As you should expect, certain races or people from a specific country can be more sought after than others because of the folklore around them. For example, Finnish women are hip about American pop culture. So being an American makes you even more dateable.

Another factor that makes Finnish girls desirable is their independent attitude. Finnish women are not the girly girl type. This means low makeups, and they don’t take forever with preparation for outings. Also, if you ever dreamt of loving a woman who can handle bottles of alcohol, Finnish women are great in this regard. If you are not a boozehead, don’t make the mistake of going against them in a drinking contest. Finnish girls love partying, dancing, and the recreational drinking attached.

Finnish girls

The best sites to search Finnish brides

The recommended platforms to go searching for a Finnish bride are:

Why are Finnish brides good for marriage?

We’ve already discussed the characteristics that make Finnish women desirable to men. Well, it doesn’t really get any better than that. Simply put, the traits that make a girlfriend great are what makes them perfect mail order brides.

In marriage, behavioral modification shouldn’t be too much. If not, the transition may create too much pressure and become unhealthy. Enough on the relationship advice. Let’s go over some of the factors that make Finnish brides great for marriage .

Finnish brides are independent

Few things are more appealing than a woman who can hold her own and that of others. The traditional view is that women are home keepers. Truly, they are lifesavers who maintain the balance of the home. A woman who is independent best performs this role.

Finnish wives

Finnish women are independent by many definitions. For starters, they are career-focused and well-schooled. So they will contribute to any dream you both share.

Finnish women love personal space and freedom. This works both ways. If your Finnish bride loves to have some alone time - she wouldn’t be the “text your location every minute” kind of woman. They would respect you enough to allow you some private time when you ask for it or give a hint.

Finnish brides are great companions

Giving their friendly disposition, Finnish women often turn out to be great friends. In marriage, this characteristic makes the union a bliss, especially if you make a good effort in knowing your bride to her soul’s core.

What cultural peculiarities make Finnish women interesting?

Dating Finnish women

Communication etiquettes

Night time is mingling time. With Finnish women, communication is a little different. The time of the day can determine the type of response you get for making a move on them.

In Finland, it is common knowledge that the best time to hunt a dame is at night. At that time of the day, Finnish girls are more receptive and ready to mingle.

Perhaps the drinking or night cover alters their natural shyness. Whichever way, this is one advice you should keep in mind.

Shy and love their space

Finnish women are known for being shy. By that I mean, they are not as outgoing as American women but not as reserved as Asian women.

Among the shades of Finnish damsels, you will find women who have piercings, tattoos, or fashion forward. The society does not shame or discriminate people for their fashion preferences.

That said, Finnish girls are reserved, and you shouldn’t put them in the witness stand on the first date. Do not expect them to spill their gut to you on the first date. You have to build momentum, and you’d see them open up like a flower in season.

Also, try to give them a healthy space. Nobody –especially Finnish women - loves being suffocated with love or physical presence.

Single Finnish Women

Gender Equality

Finland is a country of great gender equality. A typical Finn girl is very outspoken about gender equality. It is not uncommon to see Finnish men do housework along with their spouse. So if you want to date and hopefully marry a Finnish girl, you should embrace gender equality. More importantly, show gender equality through your actions.

Looks aren’t there everything

As noted earlier, Finnish women are not very much into makeups and other girly stuff. You may find their simple approach to makeup appealing. This means they get ready for an outing in a zip. Make no mistake; it does not take away from their beauty.

Finnish mail-order wife

Despite coming from one of the Northern European countries, hot Finnish women know lots of ways to a man’s heart. So they will make you fall in love with them immediately. Hot Finnish brides are attractive with their blond hair and blue eyes. At times they will remind you of a famous princess from Frozen. But once you get to know them better, you’ll discover their endless inner world, it will stay in your memory. They do not need a man to be their provider or anything.

Women in this culture are looking for someone to be their companion for any life experiences. These beauties tend to be independent. They know how to work hard to achieve their goals by pursuing a good education and career. At the same time, they know how to build a family. They will base it on partnership, mutual trust, love and passion that will keep you together for years to come.

Finnish ladies

They are powerful, independent, and shy at times. But hot Finnish brides are ready to open up to men who are going to become their equals in life. They know how to give love, be caring and honest, you need to get to know them better.

These women may be a challenge. But if you give a bride of your choice enough space and respect, she will become the best thing that has ever happened to you in your life.

To sum up

It cannot be gainsaid that Finnish women are great. When you look at their culture, beauty, and disposition. However, keep in mind that stereotype is not a person. Every woman is unique so are you. You have to put in the effort to know who they are and love them for who they are. Good luck.

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