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Meet Finnish Mail Order Brides: Cute Keepers Of The Nordic Spirit

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Latest update: 2021-12-20

If you're crazy about blondes, you should look for a Finland girl for marriage. The largest concentration of fair-haired ladies is in Finland. Besides, Finnish brides are characterized by a harsh Nordic appearance. There's no denying that the Finnish features are specific, but this does not prevent them from becoming popular among the male audience, participating in beauty contests, and winning. What do Finnish women have that attracts thousands of single guys from abroad? Let's dive into the world of Finns to find out the truth about these perfect mail order brides!

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3 types of Finland brides you can meet

Before getting to know Finland's beautiful females, you should first discover the most common types of women in Finnish society. Modern Finnish ladies for marriage can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Family women. They go to work, but, as a rule, it's a part-time job. Their income doesn't exceed $2,000. These mail order women can afford to visit a hairdresser and spa procedures once a month. Their primary interests are household chores and attending master classes. Families of this culture usually have from 2 to 4 kids. The mother's main task is to take care of their upbringing and education.
  • Career ladies. In general, such Finnish ladies have 1 or 2 university degrees. They've landed a high-powered job or run their own business. Their profit varies from $8,000 to $12,000 per month. A self-seeker has housing in a quiet neighborhood. She likes sports and beauty treatments.
  • "Hovering" girls. As a rule, these girls don't set goals and have no education (the percentage is tiny). This type hasn't decided what to pick in their lives, so they live freely and are in search of themselves.

What are Finnish mail order brides like in everyday life?

Finnish mail order brides

For the most part, single Finnish women lead a quiet and modest lifestyle. Walking the streets of large cities such as Helsinki, Espoo, or Tampere, you'll notice the female crowds who look like models but don't flaunt themselves.


Finnish beauties prefer comfort in everyday life. They wear practical outfits and footwear. Finns wear skirts, dresses, and high heels only for official and special events. Other times, they're used to wearing comfortable pants, sneakers or loafers. Their everyday clothes also include jeans, T-shirts, shirts, and sweaters. The discreet colors prevail—gray, lilac, purple, white, black, blue and brown. You rarely meet Finnish women wearing clothes of very bright colors.


Finnish girls are almost indifferent to makeup. You may see that many ladies do nude make-up or don't use it at all. However, hair is a vital issue for every self-respecting Finnish. Since childhood, Finns are taught to take care of their hair. It should always be clean, cut, and styled. This is because the hair, according to Finns, is the first thing that catches the eye. Thus, it should always be nice and tidy.

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Girls from Finland carefully choose their diet plan. In cafes and restaurants, you can see the list of dishes and their energy value. Almost every woman in Finland does sports.

Beautiful skin

Sauna is an integral part of Finnish culture. Not surprisingly, Finns like spending long hours in the sauna. They make excellent use of public steam rooms after training or to relax. After the sauna, Finland brides dive into the cold water pool or the nearest lake. It's said that Finnish women owe their beautiful skin to the regular use of saunas.

Personalities of Finland girls for marriage

Finland girl for marriage

If you think that foreigners love Finnish girls for their submissiveness, you're completely wrong! Being obeyed isn't about Finnish. These girls have quite different extraordinary traits that appeal to men. They are passionate, energetic, and mind-stirring.


Finnish girls take their time showing their emotions to the public. If you're dating a Finnish girl, you may find that she's respectful about other people's personal space and will never ask rude questions. The privacy of a family member or friend is a priority for these women, and they expect the same in return.


The Nordic origin gave Finns light skin, blue eyes along with a surprising calmness and self-control. Finnish girls don't feel embarrassed about their looks and don't try to hide any imperfections. They just don't believe that they have any.


Finnish brides know well that other people also have things to do and to care about. Therefore, they aren't late or delay a meeting longer than agreed before. At the same time, they expect the same from others, so disrespectful attitude to time, lateness, and excuses can undermine the lady's trust and respect once and for all.


Women in Finland are true to their word. They don't change their minds suddenly during a conversation. Whether friendly, personal, or professional, impulsiveness in a relationship is a real blow to a girl's reputation. After all, people in Finland try to keep their word.


Finland women looking for American men won't let anyone humiliate, subdue, force, or insult them. Finnish girls know their rights and responsibilities and legally demand their wages on an equal basis with men. Moreover, half of the leadership of Finland are women, so they control the implementation of the laws.

Some pitfalls of marrying a Finnish woman

Finnish woman

Before raising a family with Finnish beauty, you have to consider that your partner may have flaws that you might accept. For example:

Finns have bad habits

While other countries are struggling with obesity or anorexia, Finland is "choking on" tobacco smoke and alcohol fumes. More exactly, many Finnish ladies don't mind smoking a couple of cigarettes after drinking a few pints of beer. It's unbelievable how they manage to combine it with a healthy lifestyle! They also love tattoos, piercings, and motorcycles.

Finns aren't in fear of being divorced

Indeed, any Finnish bride dreams of a peaceful and calm family life. Still, they have cold feet about being without a husband if something goes wrong in their families. Finnish social policy is designed to protect mothers and kids. So, you shouldn't even try to pressure the Finnish and get her to accept your point of view. Finns love marriage based on equality, not on power advantage.

They value their natural appearance

The typical Finnish girl is of medium height, has gray or blue eyes, and light skin. Tall women are rare. Finnish females aren't eager to change, preserving the figure and face given by nature. After all, flaws can always be hidden under clothing. Finns aren't those who will change their looks to please a man. Therefore, if dating Finnish women, you hint at plastic surgery for their sake be ready to get a harsh response.

Initial tips on how to find a Finnish wife

Most Finnish ladies are tired of numerous womanizers and scammers on dating sites. As a result, they seem a little high and mighty. Thus, a lot of men experience more difficulties in the dating process than on resolving issues on how to marry a Finnish girl. Here are a few rules on how to stand out from the crowd and hook a Finish beauty and make her your life partner.

Finnish wife

Compliment her photos

Girls love it when a man comments on photos and leaves nice compliments. At the same time, the praise should be sincere and reflect reality.

Write a proper first message

From the first words, you should intrigue and interest Finland girl for marriage. Let her know that you'll be a pleasure to communicate with.

Don't forget about humor

There are a lot of worries and problems in anyone's life right now, so you shouldn't talk about them in your dialogues. Don't get into languid and sad conversations with a lady.

Show you're well-educated

Your first message can be successful because of your sense of humor and creativity, but after that, you just need your intellectual originality.

Keep it simple

You'll fail if you start praising yourself, but using optimism, unexpected turns of dialogue are great for getting a girl interested.

The Finnish nation can rightly be proud of its beauties. Each of them has its own flair and unique national flavor. Only at first glance, Finnish brides may seem so unapproachable. An independent Finnish woman will make you a happy man once you're willing to give her your love and care. If you still ask are mail order brides real - don't delay meeting Finnish beauties and check their genuineness!

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