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Danish Brides - Best Choice For A Foreigner

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Latest update: 2021-12-08

Scandinavian girls are a different breed, particularly Danish women. Without question, they are a beauty to behold - Fair, slender/chubby, tall with great hair. However, dating in Denmark is quite hard, even for Danish men. If you have your eyes and heart set on a Dane or want to learn what it takes to date and possibly marry a Danish woman, I recommend you hang onto every advice in this piece.

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You need to learn how to navigate through their way of life and acquaint with Danes before a relationship can be in the offing. A good way to prepare is learning everything about their features, unique traits, and the characteristics that make Danish women lovely.

Features of Danish brides

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Danish women are attractive. The number of international models from Denmark or with Danish roots is a testament to their beauty. Like other Scandinavian girls, you will find Danish women to have a good skin tone, fair hair, and light eyes. However, that is not the only shade of beauty you will find in Denmark. A result of inter-racial relationships are children with a mix of features. Among girls from Denmark, you can find Brunettes, even Redheads.

Danish brides love food

If you have a thing for women who love to eat and also possess good culinary skills, Danish girls are just right for you. In Denmark, food is a great conversation starter. It’s part of the cozy lifestyle, Danes love so much. This attribute is great in a relationship or marriage.

Danish brides are reserved

Danish women are known for being shy and modest. This trait is more of a national character. Nearly everyone in Denmark fit this description – reserved, shy, and modest. In Denmark, there is nothing like chitchat. Either you have a proper conversation, or you say your “Hi” and get on with it. So remove “Hi, How are you?” from your vocabulary around a Dane. Just say “Hi.” When you really want to have a conversation, then make a proper introduction.

Danish brides

Danish women are notoriously cold to outsiders

People outside their circle of friends and of course foreigners. They always move with their circle of friends and family. To make advances on them, you have to infiltrate their circle – so to speak, before making contact and hopefully getting somewhere in the region of a relationship.

Love for friendship and family

The Danes have a high value for friendship and family. This can be seen in their daily conduct, social meetings, and communication. Getting into the friendship circle is great as you would be treated with utmost love.

The number of hobbies hot Danish bride has

There’s one strong fact about the hot Danish women - you will never lose interest in the conversation. Danes have a big range of hobbies and types of leisure. That’s the reason why they are so educative and gripping in the dialogues. The most common topics that may give you a big pleasure if you discuss them with Danish ladies:

  • Hot Danish women love reading. You can open for yourself a world of the new Danish authors who aren’t worse than some great writers. For example, Herman Bang, Peter Bastian, Jens Bjerre, Sara Blaedel.
  • Every hot Danish woman adores cooking. So if you date a Danish lady, be ready to eat lots of tasty domestic food with a special secret ingredient as love. Also, sausages are the famous local food and Danes love them very much.
  • Hot Danish girls are into photography. Lots of Danes are keen on the art of photography, especially women. If you want some cool photos for free, the Danish women may present you some great opportunities to get them.
  • Hot Danish women, like Swedish brides, are addicted to coffee. According to statistics, they drink an average of 4 cups of coffee per day. If you don’t know how to surprise your Danish woman, present her a coffee
Danish ladies

Danish women have notable beauty

The land of mermaids is a fitting description for Denmark. One of the countries trademark symbols is the little mermaid. Yes, Danish girls are blue-eyed blondes that are tall and sexy. First-time visitors often drool about the number of beauty’s walking through the streets.

Danish women are sex-positive

Danish lifestyle is big on good sex. If you're looking for mail order brides who are “dynamites in the sack,” you will love Danish women. Danish girls are sex-positive, and most of their dates have happy endings. With that in mind, it is important to set the tone with your Danish bride, in case you don’t want sex before marriage .

Danish women are known for their independence

Men love women who can hold their own, and Danish women do that excellently. Most Danes are well-off. You don’t have to worry about taking on a financial burden with a relationship. On the plus, Danish women are great gender equality activists. You should expect them to pay for outings and buy gifts for you.

The best sites to search for Danish brides

Why are Danish brides great for marriage?

We have already discussed the traits that make Danish women popular among men. So you should have a good idea of why you would want to marry a Dane. Just in case, you have nothing, here is a list.

Danish ladies


Yes, Danish girls are beautiful but how does this help your marriage? Well, a beautiful wife holds great promise of beautiful children. This is a great plus for marrying a Danish woman . You know that happy expression you have when you see a beautiful child. Well, having kids that are beautiful will get you that as well. Let’s be honest; beautiful children are a sight to behold.

Love for family

Danes are particular about family and bonding. You are definitely going to find this trait in a Danish woman. In marriage, bonding is of utmost importance, and a Danish woman will make it easy.

What cultural peculiarities make Danish women interesting?

Danish mail-order brides


In Denmark, everyone is expected to follow the rules. Danish women love men who are law abiding and respect other people. Acting out of order will get you a lot of stern stares, resentful looks, probably some verbal curses.

They are not materialistic

In Denmark, trying to woo a lady with your account balance, material possessions or job title will get you turned down quicker than you’d say “Jack Robinson.” Flaunting wealth might work in other climes, but that is not the case in Denmark. This is a good thing, as you don’t have to be pressured to live an extravagant life or assume wealth to impress a Danish woman.

Danish women prefer men who have stable jobs and enough time to hang out with them, their friends, and family.

Indirect approach is best

In Denmark, walking up to a lady you fancy to woo her is just not the norm. You can walk up to her to ask for directions but anything personal, and you most likely will get dismissed. In case, you try to a direct approach, always have an exit strategy.

Approaching a Danish woman is better done through her circle. First, approach her circle, make friends with them before hinting your interest at the woman you want.

Be careful not overdo it or rush the process. You don’t want to come off as a desperate stranger who infiltrated their circle just to get a girl.

Danish wives

Sporty women

Denmark is a country with a flat surface, few elevations or undulations. This makes cycling and other sports great here. The women have embraced the active lifestyle quite well. Cycling is a favorite hobby among the female folk as well as other sports activities including jogging. No wonder, Danish women have trimmed bodies.

Danish women

To sum up

This guide should help you in your journey to dating and marrying a Danish woman. Admittedly, the dating process in Denmark is less fiery than you would experience in other countries. However, it makes it simple and straightforward.

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