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Beautiful Chinese Mail Order Brides

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Latest update: 2022-12-14

Chinese brides keep winning all hearts out there, and it's no wonder why. These girls aren't just beautiful but also well-educated and intelligent. Chinese girls for marriage perfectly combine adorable cuteness, femininity, and ambition. However, spending money and time on traveling to this country just to meet local females isn't the best idea. Besides, the difference between Asian and Western cultures is pretty large, and therefore, for a foreign man, it may be hard to get used to his woman's habits or even behavior. So, how to find a bride from China? What should you know about her? Check out the information covering hinese mail order brides below to find out important details.

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Who are Chinese brides?

Chinese mail order brides are female members of international dating websites. Those ladies are united by one goal–they all strive to find love and happiness with a foreign man. Many women on such platforms have gotten an excellent education and achieved success at work, and now they're ready to build a relationship with a worthy partner. They dream of meeting a guy with serious intentions and who is willing to have a faithful wife. Single Chinese ladies understand that when they and their boyfriends decide to marry, they'll have to move to another country. And they don't mind that because local females will do everything to have a wonderful family life.

Chinese mail order brides

Facts and statistics on Chinese brides

Interestingly, a Chinese mail order bride is a popular option among western men. Check out some intriguing statistics about online dating and marriage involving ladies from this country:

  • According to the statistics, better education and social stability of children and mixed race kids are the main advantages of having a foreign partner for Chinese women. The percentage rates are 42% and 43% respectively.
  • 26% of Chinese Americans are married to a partner of another race. You'll find Chinese girls who don't mind starting a family with a man from abroad or even a person following another religion.
  • The divorce index decreased in 2020 when there were 3.09 couples willing to get separated per 1,000 citizens. A Chinese wife does her best to strengthen the connection with her husband and fix problems.
  • In 2020, more than 8 million marriages were registered in China. It means that single Chinese women are interested in a serious relationship, not a casual affair.
  • About 80% of Chinese dating app users are under 35 years old, while 44% of members are females.

As you can see, the figures speak for themselves. Many young Chinese brides are looking for marriage to foreigners, so don't miss an opportunity to meet a local lady. Use one of the dating agencies to make your search faster.

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Looking For A Chinese Wife: All The Details You Need To Know

Thousands of foreign guys find Chinese brides incredibly gorgeous and interesting. If you’re one of those men who have a soft spot for stylish girls from this country, you have to search your beloved in such large cities as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Beautiful Asian brides here dream about marrying a male from abroad and raise kids, but they don’t forget about their self-development. They’re not afraid of work and usually stay unmarried till the age of 25-28. But how to find your beloved if you’re far from China? If you’re not ready to start your trip, this article is for you. Keep reading to get to know how to find Chinese mail order bride just sitting at home.

How to find a hot Chinese bride?

Girls from China tend to have tender and lovely traits, connected with grace, refinement, loyalty, and family values. If you haven’t any opportunity to speak with them on the streets of your city, just use your computer with an internet connection. There are numerous dating sites presented on the web, that can help singles to find their soulmate regardless of the location. They offer free and paid options making your interaction pleasant and exciting.

Chinese mail order bride

Most online dating experiences show that paid websites are effective more often and also have a higher quality of profiles. In connection with this, it’s better not to use totally free dating sites. Because all imaginable people can register there and pass their time. However, it must be questioned whether the number of serious-looking singles is really high enough that one can be successful there? Here, you can find the best mail order bride sites with thousands of Chinese singles. If your plans are serious, complete the following steps:

  • Join the dating website
  • Complete the account creation
  • Check out the safety and security policies
  • Upload your real photos
  • Enter the criteria in search filters
  • Start to use communication options

Top-rated dating websites provide a convenient interface and productive pairing system, based on your personal preferences, so your search will be fast and simple. Even if you’re a newbie in this sphere, you can cope with it. Be sure, when you see tens of alluring photos of hot Chinese brides, you’ll understand what you have to do.

Modern platforms offer you to meet Chinese women and communicate with them via cutting-edge tools. You'll quickly forget that these girls are based somewhere overseas thanks to instant messengers and video calls. Virtual gifts, stickers, and winks will add fun to your dating experience. So, searching for Chinese brides online is a really nice idea.

By the way, you can also meet girls from other regions online. You only need to find the best country for foreign brides and start searching for a perfect match.

How to avoid scams while searching for a Chinese mail order bride

When seeking Chinese brides, you should be careful as international platforms are a sweet spot for scammers. It happens rarely, but they still manage to cheat men. Use the following tips to avoid problems and enjoy the Chinese dating culture:

  • Slow down when a relationship develops too fast. A girl can tell you that she's in love with you within a day or two after meeting you. Fraudsters just manipulate with feelings of guys seeking potential Chinese mail order wives.
  • Don't send the money. Even if a female tells you that her parent is dying or she needs to buy tickets and go home quickly, don't trust her. Asian traditional values are strong, so an honest girl will never ask a stranger to support her financially.
  • Refuse to visit suspicious pages. While seeking Chinese women for marriage, you may receive different links in messages. Don't click anything because that website contains a harmful code that is used to get a user's personal data.
  • Pay attention to text quality. When communicating with Chinese brides online, you'll recognize how intelligent they are. So, if you get a message full of spelling and grammar mistakes, it's a scammer.
  • Don't take your clothes off for the camera. Men looking for potential Chinese wives may be offered to exchange nude photos or make intimate video calls. In case you don't know a lady well enough, refuse to do that to protect yourself from blackmailing.
  • Check your new interlocutor. Once you get acquainted with a Chinese bride, try to find her on social media. Her pages should contain pictures and recent publications. She also must have followers.
  • Don't switch to messengers outside a dating site. Although it may be more convenient for you to communicate with a potential Chinese mail order wife elsewhere, don't accept such an offer. A fraudster will easily get access to your personal and financial information.

Even though this problem exists, these recommendations will help you avoid scams and find your soulmate. Sooner or later, you'll have a beautiful Chinese wedding with your girlfriend!

Best sites to search for Chinese mail order brides

What do mail order Chinese brides like?

How to catch the attention of a person with a different cultural background? What to write in your first message to attract the attention of a lady you like? How to become close to each other? Learn more about the preferences of females from China!

Beautiful Chinese women like singing

KTV is one of the most favorite entertainment of Chinese citizens. For western people, it looks like karaoke with several basic differences. In your country people used to sing in a large circle of different viewers who can listen to the singer. But in China, it’s a more private thing. It’s about performing in a closed room where only your friends are. This kind of entertainment is popular among young citizens. By the way, rejecting an invitation to participate in a KTV event is considered rude.

Chinese girls like traditional cooking

If you arrive in the country of your beloved, you can notice street food places everywhere. Hot Pot is highly popular there and you’ve got to try it! It’s hard to find a local girl who doesn’t like it. A hot pot is a stew of meat and vegetables cooked in a simmering pot of soup stock. It can be roughly divided into 2 types: spicy and not spicy, and you can choose from hundreds of different flavors. Choose the ingredients for your future dish by yourself or ask your girlfriend to help you! If you’re far from China and just chat with a girl online, you can ask what’s her favorite combination of ingredients, and she’ll gladly share her experience with you.

Chinese girls for marriage

Your Chinese bride probably likes to dance on public

It can seem strange for some western people, but locals like to dance in parks and open locations. Several years ago it was just a kind of fitness activity, but today it’s become a social entertainment for males and females of all ages. They’re usually not good dancers and are often just beginners with little knowledge of how to move to the music. But they do enjoy it a lot! You can notice that people who watch public dancing eventually join the group for a few minutes or longer. It’s a great idea to dance on the public with your Chinese mail order bride when you’ll have a date in person.

Many Chinese ladies like bowling

Another kind of excellent entertainment is bowling. It’s popular in China, and some large cities like Beijing and Shanghai offer 24-hour bowling alleys like the Golden Altar complex, which boasts 50 lanes, a health club, VIP lanes, a hotel, and private rooms. It’s a normal thing when a couple in China chooses to go bowling for a date. If you wonder how to make your meeting enjoyable, opt to bowling. Besides, many ordinary citizens without a lot of cash take advantage of special rates offered for those who play after midnight. Sometimes they play with special "cosmic balls" that glow in the dark. Try it when you’re there!

Chinese brides often enjoy playing badminton

Badminton belongs to the most popular sports in China. A lot of females set up ping pong tables in parks where their friends can come and play any time they want. This game brings many positive emotions to the players of all ages and requires a lot of quick-moving. If you’ll walk by the streets of China’s city, you’ll notice numerous ping pong tables and Badminton nets in parks. If your foreign lady comes to your land, try to find a place to play this game, it’ll make your date active and unusual.

mail order Chinese brides

Typical portrait of a Chinese mail order bride

You've probably heard that women from China are modest and even shy. It's true, but a reserved nature is the result of the influence of their culture. In fact, local people aren't used to expressing their emotions too actively. What else should you take into account? Here's some more information about mail order Chinese brides:

  • Their reputation is essential. It means a lot in Chinese society, so one mistake can be crucial for a person's image. Local females do their best not to lose the respect of their environment. They accept challenges with dignity, pick partners carefully, avoid rudeness, and behave appropriately. When you meet a Chinese woman, first of all, you'll notice her perfect manners.
  • These ladies always keep their word. It's connected with their reputation a lot. If a Chinese girl promises something, she'll move mountains to do what she said.
  • Women from China are pragmatic. A Chinese order bride would rather look for a practical solution rather than take a risk and act irrationally. It's hard to find a better adviser than a local girl because her suggestions are always effective.
  • Mail order brides from China are patient. It's one of the strongest features of these ladies. They can wait for something or someone without complaining and worrying.
  • Local women are diplomatic. They prefer a calm discussion to a loud quarrel. Chinese mail order wives always listen to the arguments of their men and try to find a compromise that will be acceptable for both of them.

These are only a few cultural peculiarities of ladies from this country. You can find out more about Chinese vs American women to have a deeper understanding of local girls.

How much does a Chinese bride cost?

Ho Chinese bride

You can’t buy a Chinese wife today, it’s logical. When talking about buying a Chinese bride it is usually meant purchasing different services on the dating site. When it comes to online dating, the joining process on almost all platforms is free. Sometimes a participant can try the site’s functionality for free and consider all the paid perks. As a rule, the system of payment for services on all dating sites is represented by 2 types: in-site currency payment, the so-called coins/credits, and the purchase of a periodic premium subscription.

The most advantageous offer is an annual subscription. The second way to pay for the opportunity to find your beloved is to buy special packages of credits the user can spend at his discretion on paying for options on a dating site. Generally, the costs are the following:

  • Participation on site for 6 months — up to $600;
  • Flights — $900 per flight;
  • Romance Tour — starts from $3,000;
  • Hotels — $90 per night;
  • Visa Costs (K1+ permanent residency) — $1,700.

Basically, finding and getting such a bride can cost you up to $11,500. In addition, you have to be financially stable, as in her country parents see marriage as a chance for daughters to advance by marrying someone who’s wealthy and reliable. An online survey found that nearly 75% of women hope their future husband’s income is twice as large as theirs, and over 70 percent hope their future husband owns the property.

Do single Chinese girls want to marry foreigners

Today more and more Chinese brides give their attention to guys from other countries. They tend to choose foreign men as they consider their local men to be thin and weak, while the white or black men are extremely strong. To their mind, Americans are more successful, kind, and respectable. Western males show more attention and admiration toward ladies, they’re more active in the family life, so you have all the chance to melt the heart of a single Chinese girl online. Generally, these females expect from marriage emotional support, intimacy, intellectual enrichment, sharing the pressures of life. If you’re a serious man and you can provide the abundance for your family, you’ll succeed!

Beautiful Chinese woman

How to court Chinese mail order brides and get them to fall in love?

Beautiful Chinese women are searching for marriage with a man who would take care of them and respect them. However, it can be difficult to win a lady's heart as she's pretty selective when it comes to a serious relationship. In some cases, you'll even need to learn to identify signs a Chinese girl likes you to know exactly she's into you. So, how to impress a local female? Keep the following tips in your mind:

  • Pay the restaurant bill. Yes, a mail order Chinese bride will expect you to cover all the dining expenses. You should even encourage your woman to pick anything she wants from a menu to show generosity.
  • Surprise her. Sending flowers and candies is a nice idea, but it won't impress your girlfriend a lot. Chinese ladies looking for marriage love it when men go further than traditional gifts. You can buy a designer bag or even a dress for her, and your woman will definitely appreciate such a gesture.
  • Learn a few Chinese phrases. In this way, you'll show respect and interest in her culture. You can even ask your Chinese mail order bride to tell you about some nuances of the language and teach you.
  • Show your woman she can rely on you. You'll meet Chinese girls looking for responsible, trustworthy partners. They want to be sure that a man will support and encourage them throughout a relationship.
Chinese mail order bride

Pros and cons of Chinese mail order brides

Naturally, you might need to consider all the aspects of dating a mail order bride from China. The main pros and cons are covered below.


  • These females have strong family values.
  • They tend to have a simple life.
  • They’re honest with their partners.
  • These ladies are caring and loyal.
  • They consider long-term relationship only.
  • They look young and attractive at any age.
  • Chinese brides looking for marriage are non-conflict.


  • They look for a financially stable partner.
  • Your have to learn her language to live with her.
  • Her parents always have the last word.

When it comes to the role of parents in your relationship, don’t be surprised if your beloved asks you the question, “If both me and my mother fell off a boat and were drowning, and you could only save one of us, whom would you save?” The right answer is her! Not her mom. A Chinese mother can be overbearing and it’s essential for the lady to know you always take her side, not her mom’s.

When you start to date Chinese girls for marriage, you open a new world with numerous interesting traditions and customs. These ladies are actually unique, and you have to take your relationship seriously and respect her unusual traits. This article can help you to understand your partner better and create a harmonious family in the future.


Do I need to live in China to find a Chinese wife?

You can live anywhere in the world and still have an opportunity to meet a Chinese girl. Register on an international dating site with a Chinese female audience, and you'll get acquainted with dozens of local women.

Are Chinese mail order brides legal?

Chinese mail order brides are legal as they're not sold and purchased. Those ladies sign up on dating platforms to find foreign boyfriends. Moreover, such services are also legitimate because they only connect people and provide them with different interaction tools.

Will I face a language barrier with a Chinese bride?

Most Chinese women speak English fluently, so you shouldn't worry about that. But if you meet a girl who doesn't understand you, use an online translator or ask a support manager whether they can assist you.

Are Chinese wives ready to move to the husband's country?

When seeking foreign partners, Chinese brides realize that they'll have to relocate in case they find a potential husband. So, your woman will move to your country if you decide to marry.

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