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Beautiful Belgian Women Overview

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Latest update: 2020-12-10

If you are ready to settle down and looking for a transnational marriage, then a Belgian bride might just be what you need.

Although Belgium is a country that is rich in culture, and the women manifest in almost every aspect of their lives, they are not particularly proud of their cultural heritage.

An average Belgian woman is presentable and highlights traditional values above all else. If you love food, be ready to have your palates tantalized by some of the best dishes in the world. Yes, Belgian brides love cooking and eating lots of delicious food.

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Features of Belgian brides


Most Belgian women are educated, so there is no reason to fear that you will marry someone who is not as intellectually sound as you are. Start a conversation with her, and you will be amazed at the openness and smartness of your potential Belgian bride.

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Belgian brides are modern women

Belgian women are intelligent, confident, and well-bred. They earn close to 91% of the average man’s salary. Indeed, women are highly appreciated in Belgium as over 50% of them are gainfully employed.

This impressively high statistics possessed makes them independent. A Belgian woman can even take a bold step by inviting a man to a date paying for the dinner.

Diverse linguistic identity

It is crucial for you to know that no one can generalize Belgian women and neither should you. There is a linguistic diversity that is common in Belgium and important for you to know.

There are two distinct linguistic groups in Belgium:

  • The Flemish: They make up approximately sixty percent of the entire population in Belgium. Their mother tongue is Dutch, and they are settlers in Flanders, the northern region of the country
  • The Walloons: They generally speak French and are settlers in the southern part of Wallonia. There is, however, a small number of German-speaking nationals in the eastern region of Wallonia.

When you know the linguistic and political diversity of Belgium, you will be able to impress your Belgian bride-to-be and make informed decisions as well.

Belgian brides

Belgian women have traditional values

Most Belgian women hold traditional values close to their hearts despite the evidence of social and economic empowerment. Part of the tradition is for women to marry at a very early age, probably around their late teens and twenties.

If you come across a Belgian woman who is in her thirties and still single, then she probably had been in an earlier marriage which ended in divorce. Some couples may not even get a divorce if they share a business enterprise; instead, they remain legally married to protect their business while leading separate lives with new partners.

So do your due diligence before you commit yourself to a relationship with your prospective Belgian bride.

Belgian girls are neat

Belgian women are very tidy and elegant; this trait has almost become a national symbol. Even with kids, their homes are always clean. You should always dress and look neat when you have a date with your Belgian girlfriend. Sporting a crumpled T-shirt or a three-day stubble will not be considered macho, so don’t do it. If you want to impress a potential Belgian bride, then make personal grooming and modest elegance a priority.

Belgian women

They are calm people

Both men and women are polite and speak softly. One of the most important lessons you will learn about civic life in Belgium is the ability to wait your turn while being courteous. This is essential information that you must not take for granted. When you go out on a date with your Belgian woman, always wear a polite and calm demeanor. If you get into an unpleasant situation that warrants you to blow your top, please refrain. Don’t get abusive or lose your temper, no matter how provoked you are.

Belgian women are always punctual

Above all, be punctual. Belgians love punctuality and will readily associate delay on your part as a sign that you are not a pleasant character. So, you should appear at her residence or meeting point at least fifteen minutes earlier if you are supposed to pick her up.

Tip: Don’t forget the flowers! A bunch of nice-smelling flowers will send a lot of goodwill your way. Most Belgian ladies do not expect to receive expensive gifts, at least for now when the relationship is still at its infancy. But a note of warning here: do not present white flowers - especially chrysanthemums – to a Belgian woman. White chrysanthemums are a symbol of death!

They are fond of food

When you socialize with Belgians, you will have more than enough opportunities to check out the tasty cuisine that this nation offers to foreigners. Belgium is on the world map as one of the producers of the best chocolates in the world, so don’t be surprised if your Belgian girlfriend has a sweet tooth.

So, if she does have a sweet tooth, visit the nearest store that stock up the most exquisite chocolates that Bruges or Brussels has to offer. This will surely score you some marks on the love scale when you present them to your Belgian girlfriend.

Belgium is also well-known for its beer and waffles; ask your new bride to lead the way to the nearest places where you can enjoy these.

Is that true that all Belgian women are fat?

Belgian waffles, chocolate, french fries that were found in Belgium and beer - sounds like lots of fat and junk food. Considering the fact all these dishes are pieces of the national Belgian cuisine, locals have to be obese. So is that true that lots of ladies from Belgium face with the problems of overweight? Or it’s more of hot Belgian women there?

Despite these types of the common Belgian food, by the statistics hot Belgian ladies weight less than European citizens on average. How? The answer is simple - balance. First of all, it’s a stereotype that people from Belgium, especially women, eat a lot of high-fat food. Belgium is the leader in the export of beer and chocolate, for example, the export of 74 liters per year.

However, that doesn’t make Belgians the leaders in the consumption of those products. French fries, waffles, and chocolate are just a brand of the country, they are like burgers in the USA. And not each citizen of the USA eats burgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Usually, hot Belgian ladies control their ration to omit the oversalted products and food that has lots of sugar.

Moreover, the statistics say that hot Belgian women started to cook more at home. The reason was the reduction of processed food. So if you are a fan of the healthy eating, Belgian can also become a perfect choice because they are into that topic.

  • Belgian brides are resourceful and highly intelligent
  • They exhibit an aura of uniqueness and remarkable confidence
  • They are good at building new family ties
  • They are faithful and will never double-date
  • They are more than willing to contribute to the welfare of their new homes

The best sites to search for Belgian bride

Visit these mail order bride websites to meet many beautiful Belgian girls who are also searching for a serious man for marriage. We suggest you the list of the best in our opinion sites to meet Belgian women.

Why are Belgian brides good for marriage?

Belgian brides have been brought up with inherent traditional values which make them family-oriented. They are caring and love to spend time with loved ones – from both her side and your side of the family. They are also good keepers of the home.

What cultural peculiarities make these women so interesting?

Belgian ladies

Cultural values

Belgian women take cultural values seriously. They are neat and orderly which is a good sign that they will be good homemakers and will instill the same teaching in your offspring.


Belgian women always wear modest clothing, thereby looking homely and very stunning. Talk about a combination of beauty and brains, and you will not be far off the mark.

Punctuality is ingrained

Belgian women will never arrive late at a rendezvous, and this is a characteristic that you can take to the bank any time, any day.


There is no doubt that your Belgian girlfriend will have you taking mouthwatering stew such as carbonnade flamande, waterzooi, mussels (in white wine), etc. in no time at all. Goodbye to dull food outing forever!

Belgian brides are family-oriented

Since they already have strong family ties, Belgian women will have no trouble with spending a lot of time with your extended family.

To sum up

Belgian women are ideal partners for business and marriage. Their cultural upbringing and traits make them the best choice for anyone looking to start a family. So, do the needful, and walk away with your beautiful Belgian bride.

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