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Icelandic Brides Overview

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Iceland, officially known as the Republic of Iceland, is an attractive country that lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Greenland Sea. It is situated just northwest of the United Kingdom and renowned for its cool, damp summers and windy winters. Iceland is also a country of geysers, volcanoes, ice, thermal springs and of course beautiful women.

Despite the cold weather condition in the country, their women are lovable, loyal, and blessed with warm hearts. They have stunning looks with adorable personalities, which have made them some of the most sought-after mail-order brides in the world today.

Features of Icelandic brides

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Icelandic brides are smart

Iceland is a country with the highest gender equality in the world today. Their first female president served from 1980 to 1996, and this shows that Icelandic women are smart and independent.

They are educated

The high level of education in Iceland has contributed to not only the smartness of Icelandic women but also the ability to hold numerous prominent positions of power. Most of them have very impressive careers, and you must be a real man not to be cowed by the extraordinary achievements that the average Icelandic woman has done.

Despite this, however, an average Icelandic woman is smart enough not to become fanatical, granted the equal opportunities she is exposed to. She will never rebel for no reason in any way.

Icelandic brides

Icelandic women have a great sense of humor

If you have had the pleasure of chatting with Icelandic brides, you will be pleasantly surprised at their astonishing beauty, but even more so with their quick wits.

Icelandic brides have strong characters

Scientists have repeatedly proved that environment plays a significant role in the development of an individual's personality, and this is the same with Icelandic women as they are tough and sophisticated, yet short-tempered. The constant low temperatures and high standard of living in the country are some contributing factors to this lifestyle.

They are excellent multitaskers

Icelandic women, after marriage, can efficiently hold a job while running her household. While an average Icelandic wife is willing to do as much as possible, it's crucial to understand that it is unfair to let her do all the chores in the house.

Although Icelandic women prefer homemaking to a job, they usually have both homemaking skills alongside excellent careers.

The beauty of Icelandic brides attracts men

If there is one thing that instantly catches one’s attention in Iceland, it would be the remarkable and stunning figure of the women in the country. Their somewhat milky white skin and brown hair are traits picked up from their Celtic ancestry, and this makes them stand out in the crowd.

Icelandic women are relatively tall, thanks again to their Celtic blood, which makes brunettes and redheads quite common in the country. Less than half of Icelandic women are platinum blonde.

Icelandic girls speak decent English

Nearly all Icelanders speak the English language; this makes communication easy without the need for you to learn the native Icelandic language. You’re free to give your English or American accent-free rein without having to tone it down when speaking to a potential Icelandic bride.

Icelandic women

High sense of fashion

Icelandic women love fashion and wear good clothes that accentuate their figures without being provocative. This could be attributed to the weather in Iceland or the fact that most of them hold down good jobs that pay well enough to afford good clothes. In any case, their taste in clothes is very impressive and quickly attracts the opposite sex.

Icelandic women have respect for men

Despite their independence, sharp wit, and high level of education coupled with gender equality, Icelandic women respect their men and would never lord it over them. Granted, you may have to be willing to take part in the day-to-day running of the house, but an average Icelandic will not force you to do them.

The best sites to search for Icelandic brides

The following mail-order websites we see as the best ones to search for Icelandic women.

Using a reputable mail order site to search for Icelandic brides has several advantages:

  • You are sure that all Icelandic women on the platform have the same goals as you
  • Your contact and personal information are protected until you decide to divulge it. This gives the mail order websites a competitive advantage over social media platforms
  • All the profiles of the users have been verified

Why are Icelandic brides good for marriage?

They take homemaking seriously

The average Icelandic woman would love to run a household, even though most of them are well-educated. They have no problems giving up their careers to take care of their families.

Icelandic girls are tolerant

Icelandic women take marriages very lightly, and you may be surprised to discover that girls from that country do not plan their weddings at an early age. Religion plays a negligible part in the lifestyle of an average Icelandic woman, and this is why church weddings are a rare occurrence in Iceland.

Your beautiful Icelandic bride will not press you to pop the question, so you have nothing to be afraid of if you are not ready.

Icelandic brides can balance family and career

Despite preferring to run a home, an Icelandic woman can take up a job and still run the household without one clashing with the other. Their innate ability to balance family and career without one affecting the other is remarkable.

Icelandic women always work hard

Most Icelanders find it difficult to relax and do nothing. Even on day offs, Icelandic women can be seen engaged in one activity or the other such as:

  • Shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Socializing, etc.

What cultural peculiarities make Icelandic ladies so interesting?

Icelandic ladies

Friendly people

Icelanders, in general, are very friendly; in fact, they recently won the award for the most hospitable country in the world. Girls from Iceland are really nice and welcoming to foreigners. The will often switch to the English language if they notice that your Icelandic skills are not polished enough to hold a decent conversation.

Icelandic women are independent

Icelandic women can hold their own in any territory either at home or at the workplace. They are hard workers – which is usually attributed to their Viking origins – or from laboring and living in a harsh climatic terrain for decades. Don't be surprised if you learn that your Icelandic crush works two or even three jobs!

Even teenage Icelandic girls are eager for financial independence and hold part-time jobs, alongside their studies.

Tips to have a lasting relationship with Icelandic woman

Hot Icelandic women are hard to impress in the first place. Thus, if they do come by, be smart to make them stay and to have a lasting relationship with them. Here are a few tips that can help you out.

Respect her originality

If you are seeking a hot Icelandic girl, this is one of the critical rules to remember. The women from this country take a lot of pride in themselves. So, they do not react well if someone does not respect them or appreciate them.

If you wish to have a lasting relationship with her, always respect her genuine nature. Do not ask her to change herself to suit your needs. She would be adjusting and compromising when it comes to things. Do not tell her to do so explicitly.

Give her expensive gifts on special occasions

When dating a hot Icelandic woman, pamper her with love and gifts. Remember special occasions, celebrate different festivals and make her feel special. Giving gifts will work for this purpose. These women love this behavior and get more attracted to men who do that.

Let her take her own decisions

These women like to be independent. Thus, give them the freedom to be themselves and manage their things in their way. Don’t try to manipulate her into doing things that she doesn’t like.

To sum up

The independent nature, family and work ethics along with their friendly attitudes make Icelandic women an excellent choice for anyone seeking to have a life partner. Yes, Icelandic ladies are ambitious and strong-willed, thus attracting a lot of respect from the men. But they will gladly resign from their jobs to take care of their families to ensure the kids have proper upbringing while taking care of you as well!

Icelandic brides are very rare, and maybe it's because they are not too keen on marriage, and surprisingly they don't suffer social stigmatization for not getting married. But why would an Icelandic woman go online to search for a husband? After all, Iceland lacks nothing in terms of men or basic amenities. So what could be the reason?

The most convincing reason that explains why an Icelandic woman become a mail order bride is lack of time and innate curiosity to explore the world beyond her country.

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