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Filipina Mail Order Brides: Meet Pinoy Brides

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Latest update: 2022-11-08

Filipino mail order brides are a wonderful choice for a guy thinking of starting a family. These ladies are focused on a serious relationship and make excellent life companions. Moreover, their jaw-dropping appearance increases their popularity among foreign guys a lot. But notice that it's not an easy task to find and date Filipino brides. So, discover all about local women in this article to succeed in both aspects.

The best dating sites offer western men to meet thousands of pretty Filipina brides online. Their catalogs burst with females of different ages and appearance. But these ladies aren't just beautiful smiles and pretty faces from profile photos. What are they like? What to expect from a relationship with a Philippines mail order bride? Their main features are explained in this article, so keep on reading to know the most intriguing details about a Philippines girl searching for marriage with a foreign guy.

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Who are Filipino brides?

A Filipino mail order bride is a girl getting acquainted with foreign guys on international dating platforms. She strives to meet a potential partner among European and American men. Since this woman is interested in finding someone for a serious relationship, she creates a detailed profile with all the necessary information about her to attract the right person. For instance, you can discover a lady's physical features and main traits, her hobbies and favorite movies, and much more. When you start communicating with a Filipino woman, you'll see that one-night stands and hookups aren't for her. Her purpose is to meet a future husband.

phillipines mail order brides

Facts and statistics on Filipino brides

What do the numbers say about a Filipina mail order bride? Check out the marriage statistics and much more next:

  • 64% of foreign-born Filipinos living in the USA are currently married.
  • In 2018, the share of intermarriages involving Filipino ladies and American men in the Philippines was 25%. The median age of girls was 27 years old.
  • The number of registered marriages reached 240,000 in the Philippines in 2020.
  • According to the survey, 40% of locals use dating sites because it's a chance to meet people they would never get acquainted with in real life.

This data proves that Philippines brides don't mind having a foreign husband and seeking him online. So, you have a great opportunity to find a girlfriend from this country.

What are Filipino women for marriage like?

If you’re looking for a Philippines girl for marriage, you need to know everything about her character and personality. Some facts are below.

Mail order Filipino brides are very supportive

If you need a partner who’ll put your needs in front of hers, be caring and supportive every step of your way, a Philipines bride will be perfect for that role. She’s one who’ll be constantly providing you with encouragement or emotional help. In case you have troubles at work, are tired, or something is bothering you, she’ll always notice and make everything possible to help you with that. Maybe she won’t be able to solve all your problems, but she’ll try to comfort you with some small but important gestures like a massage, a delicious treat, or a nice present.

Pinay brides are religious

Importance of religion in the Philippines can’t be underestimated. Almost 85% of the population considers it an essential part of life. The majority of them classify themselves as Christian Catholics. They go to the church every Sunday or sometimes more. Usually, you’ll find some images of crosses and other religious paraphernalia in every corner of a Filipino home. The nation is very proud to be the only Christian nation on the whole Asian continent. However, it doesn’t mean your girlfriend is going to be frantic about her religion. Filipino are usually very tolerant and regard their beliefs as just a normal part of life.

Hot Philippine women are respectful

All boys and girls born in the Philippines are raised and taught to respect others, especially the elderly. It starts with using a few simple catchphrases — “po” and “opo”. They finish their sentences with these words when addressing their grandparents or other elder people. There’s also a custom called “pagmamano”. Children and young people have to put their elders’ hands onto their foreheads as a symbol of honor. And one more tradition — “bayanihan”. It implies helping others without expecting anything in return. These are important qualities for every wife and mother. If you want a woman like that — choose a Philippines girl for marriage.

filipino women for marriage

Filipina mail order brides are wonderful housewives

Filipino mail order wives believe that it's a necessity to keep your house clean. They like it when everything shines and smells pleasant. Philippine mail order brides are inspired by the thought of making their place comfortable for their families. Besides, local women are sure that it should always be prepared for unexpected guests. So, if you want to have such a good wife, you need to find a Philippine girl looking for marriage.

Filipino brides are faithful

Filipino women long for marriage with someone they'll love forever. A local woman will never cheat on her partner. Actually, she thinks that betrayal is something unacceptable in a relationship. Thus, once you put a ring on a finger of a Philippine mail order bride, her heart will belong to you endlessly.

Why do Philipines girls become brides?

What are the reasons they look for foreign husbands? These are mostly social and financial motives.

A high level of poverty

Millions of people suffer from hardship, discomfort, and shortage in the Philippines. About 16% of the population live below the poverty line. About 18 million Filipinos have no means for food or a place to stay. Women struggle to live a better life and want their children to have proper living conditions, good education, and a healthy diet.

A lot of difficulties

There’s a huge number of economical, governmental, environmental problems in the country. For example, corruption in the Philippines is one of the factors that destroy most of the tremendous potential of the hard-working nation. Also, because of the governmental rules and laws, there’s lots of paperwork and red tape. Every simple task process is complicated, restricted, and very tiring. Job opportunities are bad, people have to work long hours with no overtime pay. Education and healthcare aren’t free. But taxes are high. Just imagine, an average Filipino would need to work 3-5 hours to just buy a Starbucks coffee. No proper roads, pavements. Local women know that things are much simpler, more fair, fun, and better in other countries.

Tips for dating Philippine ladies for marriage

Follow a few simple rules to have a long-lasting relationship with your pretty girlfriend from the Philippines.

pinay brides
  • Get used to her gestures. Filipinos love their gestures. Some of them might be confusing and weird for foreigners. For example, they like pointing with their mouth. For some reason, rather than using their finger or hand, locals generally pout their lips to give instructions or direct someone somewhere. Another pretty unusual gesture — to open your mouth when you don’t understand a person you’re speaking with. It’s a nonverbal form of asking: “What did you say?”
  • Get used to her behavior when she’s upset. She’ll pout her lips not only with a purpose to point you at something. She’ll also do that when she’s frustrated, sad, or mad with you. It usually looks very cute. She also might behave like a little naughty girl waiting for you to give her more attention. Occasionally, she might start ignoring you (sometimes for hours). But it doesn’t mean you should ignore her too. All she so desperately cries for is some care and time from you. So let her be like that. She does it because she has feelings for you.
  • Get used to her family. A family is the most significant part for every Filipina girl. But their families are very different from the ones in America, Europe, Australia. Three best words to describe them — affectionate, warm, and loud. They’ll make you feel a part of the family right away. There will certainly be a lot of hugging, nice words, and kissing on the cheek. And another prominent difference — you’ll never be starving visiting her family. It’s not like Western parents don’t cook for guests but when it comes to the Philippines, they always have enough food to feed the village. So, the tip — be as nice and try to open up.
  • Get used to discussions. Philippine ladies looking for marriage love to talk and express their opinion about anything. Besides, if they don't agree, you'll have to search for strong arguments to prove you're right. That's why a conversation with Philipina mail order brides is always interesting.

How to find a Philippine mail order bride?

It's not a secret that Filipino brides searching for marriage use international dating sites to meet handsome, reliable men from abroad. So, registration on a trustworthy platform can be your first step towards your destiny. Of course, it's necessary to learn how to spot a Filipina scammer and identify red flags easily. But in general, you'll enjoy love search and communication with single Filipino women. Modern services offer effective features, such as:

  • Advanced search options. You can apply different filters concerning a girl's physical and personal features.
  • Live chat. It's one of the most convenient communication tools with numerous stickers and emojis.
  • Voice messages. Record romantic phrases and send them to your Filipino girlfriend.
  • Video calls with Filipino brides. A one-to-one meeting will help you improve your online conversations.
  • Virtual gifts. Make your relationship more playful by using lovely cards.

Besides, a reputable Philippine brides matchmaking platform will provide you with 24/7 customer support so that you can contact service representatives immediately.

So, how to find a local bride? Follow this guide to get the girl of your dreams:

  • Sign up on Filipino dating sites. Provide information about yourself and upload a couple of nice photos to attract females.
  • Pick appropriate search parameters. To meet a perfect match, specify your preferences for ladies, and the platform will suggest profiles suiting your requirements.
  • Interact with Filipino mail order brides. Whether it's live chat or mail, don't hesitate to start a conversation.
  • Use extra options. Check out if a dating site has additional services. For instance, many platforms offer gift delivery and provide contact information upon request.
  • Visit your sweetheart. Real meetings are essential for couples in a long-distance relationship. By the way, a romantic tour organization is also provided by such agencies.
  • Help her get a K-1 visa. A Filipina bride can enter the USA and marry her partner only with a fiancee visa.

The process seems easy, but you should remember that the result varies from case to case. You'll need to be patient, and you'll find your Filipino soulmate for sure!

The best sites to search for Philippine brides

If you are interested in dating Philippine women, you would wish to know what are the best mail order brides sites to meet these beauties. Below are some of the sites that we believe are the best where you can get connected with Filipino women.

You can find bride for marriage among members of one of the named platforms, so use your charm to attract the prettiest woman.

How to avoid Filipino mail order brides scams?

Sometimes there happen situations when men are being trapped by scams online. Follow these tips to avoid fraudulent schemes:

  • Be careful with video calls. When one of the Filipino beauties offers you to undress in front of a camera, don't do this, especially if you've just met. A scammer can record everything and blackmail you.
  • Forget about financial help. In case a woman asks you to send her money because of a serious problem, refuse to do this. She'll either keep begging you to help or stop communicating with you.
  • Avoid pressing received links. Once you're seeking a Filipino bride online, a fraudster may tell you that it's an album containing intimate photos or a social media page. The truth is that when you click it, you'll be taken to a website with spam and malware codes that will help a scammer get your personal data.
  • Don't give your contact details. If your banking account is connected with this phone number or email, a fraudster will easily access your money.
  • Trust your inner voice in case everything seems perfect. Whether a female tells you about her feelings a few days after getting acquainted with you or all her interests are your interests, don't trust her. Real Filipino girls don't speak about love too early and don't provide fake information to attract someone.

Once you've noticed suspicious activity on a dating site or recognized a scam, immediately contact customer support.

Can you buy Philipina mail order brides?

If you want to find a bride for sale in the Philippines, you have to remember a few important things.

Firstly, it doesn't mean that any of the women from a dating service catalog is bought because it's a human rights violation.

Secondly, although you can't buy a bride from Philippines, you still have to spend some money on a dating website to access premium features, including expanded search options, communication tools, etc.

When you find a girlfriend among Philippines ladies searching for marriage you may have other expenses, such as visiting her homeland, real-life meetings, gifts, and a visa for her if you decide to marry. So, you'll need to prepare your budget to cover a total Filipino bride cost.

beautiful Philipine bride

In most countries, it's not forbidden to marry Philipines brides. To register a relationship officially in the USA, Canada, or the United Kingdom, partners should follow strict rules. In America and the UK Phillipine mail order brides should have a fiancee visa, while they can enter Canada as visitors.

These regulations concern women from all the popular mail order brides countries, so you can search for a potential girlfriend among other nationalities too.

Top myths about Philipina mail order brides

Before you find your Filipina bride, learn a few myths that are usually going on around the Philippines and its people.

Stereotype #1: Filipinos don’t speak English

Filipinos are truly multilingual people. There’s a native language called Tagalog and about 200 different local dialects. But English is also extremely common in the country. A lot of Filipinos learn it as their first language. English is also taught at schools. Moreover, there’s a huge influence of the US media and Hollywood films. That’s why people speak it quite well. Yes, often you can hear their strong accent but it in no way interferes with understating them. You’ll certainly have no trouble communicating with your Philipines bride.

Stereotype #2: All Filipinos are the same

There are over 7000 islands that now make the Philippines. Some years ago there even wasn’t any “Philippines” to speak about. It was a group of islands separated by large bodies of water. They all had their own culture, traditions, languages, cuisines, religions. The Spanish united the islands sometime later, and now you know them as one country. But the differences between the regions are still obvious. All of them have unique characteristics. Visiting 2 or 3 islands doesn’t mean you have now experienced the whole country. So don’t assume all Filipino women are the same.

Stereotype #3: All Filipinos are uneducated

Even despite lots of difficulties and poverty challenges many locals face daily, it doesn’t make them illiterate or bookless. The thing is many foreigners compare the educational system of their country with the one of the Philippines. Yes, the last one has a lot to be improved, but Filipinos are far from uneducated. Many of them know more than 2 languages, have good jobs (both at home and abroad), travel the world, and have excellent skills in a variety of fields. Unfortunately, even being qualified professionals, Filipinos who work overseas are regarded as low-income workers.

philippines girl for marriage

Your life with a Philippines mail order wife

Philippine wives differ from other women, so marriage with a local lady will be full of new experiences. What`s it going to be like? A relationship with one of the Filipina mail order brides requires you to prepare for:

  • More rice for meals. Used to toasts, oatmeal, or cereal for breakfast? Well, no one will take that away from you if you don’t want to. But it’s going to be a lot more rice dishes at your home, so get used to that. It’s almost sure your Philipina girlfriend will be totally fine to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. By the way, the Philippines remains the world’s largest rice importer.
  • More karaoke. Okay, a party with no karaoke is a bad party. What’s the whole point after all? That’s what Philippinos think. Anytime they gather with friends or families, it’s kind of a custom to sing together a variety of songs. It’s a national pastime. Almost every Philippine home has a karaoke machine or a Magic Sing microphone. Bars and restaurants also offer karaoke or videoke (a more competitive version). It’s the same in both big cities and small villages. You’re definitely going to have it too if you find a Filipino wife.
  • More guests. Philippines mail order wives originate from one of the friendliest nations in the world. They like to invite friends and relatives, so chances are your house will often be full of visitors.
  • More love. Philippine brides are romantic to the bone, and therefore you'll be treated like the best man ever. Your woman will arrange unforgettable dinners for you two, give you gifts, cook your favorite meals, and prepare surprises for you. No doubt that Philippines girls looking for marriage expect the same attitude from their partner, so you'll also have to make sweet gestures.

Lots of Western men prove that marriages with Filipino women can be happy and longstanding. These girls can make great life-long partners because of their positive attitude to life, charming nature, family values, and easy-going approach to work. You can have such a wife too, just make a step forward!

Pros and cons of getting a Filipina bride

No doubt that a Filipino bride is worth your time and attention, but are there any pitfalls of marriage with a local woman? Find out all the pros and cons below.


  • Filipino culture is diverse and interesting. The symbiosis of western and Asian traditions will make your relationship even stronger.
  • Your home will be cozy and always clean. Local wives are good at doing chores and decorating a house so that it will be comfortable for their family.
  • You'll try new activities together. Philippines mail order brides are energetic, and they love to get experiences they never had before.
  • Romance will never die. Local girls know how to keep the fire burning, and they do their best to strengthen ties with their men.
  • A Filipino wife will look her best when she gets older. Like all Asians, women from this country don't know what aging is.
  • She'll always remind you of your appointments. Your spouse will take care of your schedule and help you not to forget about important events.
  • Your friends and family will love her. Filipina brides are polite and easy-going, so your closest people will adore your partner.
  • You'll get the necessary encouragement and support. These females are there when their men need inspiration.
  • Your spouse will never hurt your feelings. A Filipino mail order wife respects her man and can sacrifice her needs to make him feel good.


  • A local lady is jealous. Filipino females don't want to share their partner with anyone even if it's just your colleague or friend.
  • Your woman will put her family first. Whether it's her parents or siblings, their interests are the most important to her.
  • You both will feel cultural differences. Even Filipino wedding customs may surprise you, but the whole picture requires much effort from a couple.

Filipino wives are caring, supportive, and easy-going. Their never-ending energy is enough for them and their husbands, and that's why your life will never be the same with a local woman. It will get more exciting and active for sure. And a bit of romance will make your routine sweet as honey. So, don't wait any longer and start searching for a girlfriend from the Philippines.


Can I marry a Filipina woman?

Of course, an American citizen can marry a Filipino girl. You need to follow the existing regulations to organize everything properly. For example, she'll have to get a fiancee visa to go to the USA and become your wife officially.

Do Filipinas make good wives?

Filipino ladies make perfect wives due to their view on a relationship and personal features. They're loyal and understanding, so they never blame their husbands for anything. Besides, Filipino girls are excellent housewives and chefs. Your home will always be neat, while the most delicious meals will wait for you on a table every day.

Is it better to get married in the US or the Philippines?

Marrying in the Philippines is a good option if you plan to stay in this country after the wedding. A foreign spouse can apply for a permanent residence visa. However, in case you want to live in America, it's better to register your relationship in the USA. Otherwise, you'll have to leave your spouse in the Philippines and go to your homeland to prepare the petition so that she gets a visa.


How long does it take to bring a Filipina wife to the USA?

Usually, it takes 6-12 months to bring a Filipino spouse to America. You'll have to wait for the approval of the Form I-130 petition and the visa issue.

How long can I stay in the Philippines if I am married to a Filipina?

After marrying a Filipina, you should apply for a Residence visa allowing you to stay for 1 year. Then, it can be extended.

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