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Latvian Mail Order Brides And Why Men Should Date Girls From Latvia

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Latest update: 2021-04-26

What are Latvia mail order brides like? Are they good for dating and marriage if you're a foreigner? In a word, yes. Your decision to find a girl from Latvia might be the best in your life. Moreover, it might be the turn of the tide. Why? What's so special about the women?

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Top facts about Latvian girls for marriage

Here's what you probably had no idea about hot Latvian women.

Latvian mail order bride


Though locals don't usually admit it, Latvia is often considered a Europe's nation of introverts. Foreigners usually feel puzzled when they come to Riga or other places in the country. For example, locals don't smile at strangers (like many Americans do). Some Latvians would cross the street to avoid passing another person. However, it doesn't mean they're unfriendly. In fact, they're kind and helpful, just not too obtrusive.


Creativity is considered as an integral part of the Latvian culture. Its importance is always stated in all governmental educational and economic growth projects. And don't think it's all only “on paper”. The European Commission has reported Latvia has one of the most leading shares of the creative labor market in the European Union. However, there are other reasons. Studies have shown a link between creativity and a preference for solitude (that's where introversion comes in handy).


Latvian ladies aren't among those women who constantly like to kick up a shindy, blow up men's minds, or gossip about friends and neighbors. On the contrary, they're quiet, gentle, and peaceful. If you're tired of too chatty women and look for a partner who would always think what they say, girls from Latvia would be perfect. Such love for order, harmony, and calmness is culturally ingrained. There's even a neighborhood in Riga called Zolitude. Another example — the Latvian Festival which attracts thousands of people from all over the country is only held once in five years. You guess why, right? Yes, love for peace and quietness.

Tips for dating Latvia women for marriage

What should every foreigner remember about dating girls from Latvia?

hot Latvian woman
  • Give her time. It might seem at first she's reserved and unfriendly, but believe it, it's not like that at all. Yes, local girls might be a bit formal with strangers at first and that's why you need to follow this advice — never jump to conclusions about their character and personality. Your opinion will be changed anyway when some time passes. Just think about it. Would a girl even talk to you if she wasn't interested in you? She is! Give her time and try to be more active when you talk (but not too much).
  • Ask her about Latvia. Latvians are patriots. They love their country. They love their capital — Riga. The city is often described as the Paris of the North. They're proud their country is young but has a great history. It has also got great nature — about 55% of the country are woods. It's Europe's greenest place. There are also sandy beaches. So when you're with a girl that comes from this marvelous place, ask her about her motherland. She'll appreciate it enormously and would feel you're a person she can have a hearty talk with.
  • Don't confuse Latvia with Russia. Latvians hate being associated with Russians. Well, who wouldn't? How would you react if someone thought there's no difference between you and people from a neighboring country you have a complicated relationship with? Try not to mention Russian girls at all. Try not to say anything about Latvian speaking Russian. You'd better avoid the topic or wait for better times. And another tip — mixing up Latvia and Lithuania isn't the best idea too. Latvians are patriots, remember?

Why do single Latvian women look for foreign husbands?

What's wrong with local men that Latvian women go looking for husbands abroad?

Girls like modern approach to dating

There are many advantages online dating and mail order bride services give today. Why should anyone ignore them? Statistics shows that the segment is highly demanded among singles and daters. Modern Latvian women just use the privileges of the modern world. Such an approach to finding a life partner is effective and fast. It's time-efficient because you can filter out matches that aren't compatible with you at all. You clarify your needs, values, and expectations and get what you want in a few clicks.

Girls like foreign men

At first glance it might seem there's nothing wrong with local Latvian men. And many are indeed dependable and reliable. However, not all of them. Another statistics suggests that about 40% of Latvian women have suffered from physical or sexual abuse. And about 33% of these females never told anyone about the violent cases. It's more than twice often than on average in the European Union. That's why women find foreign men more respectable and trustworthy.

The best sites to search for Latvian women

Here are some best sites in our view for you to go through if Latvian women interest you. You will definitely find someone who is beautiful, smart and compatible for you.

Why is marrying a Latvian woman a good idea?

Here's why meeting a Latvian woman will change your life in many ways.

  • Attractive appearance. Latvia is considered one of the countries which produce the highest number of female models. Surprised? Its main competitors are Estonia, Iceland, and Denmark. By the way, the country is also famous for its tallest people. The average woman is about 1.70 meters tall. Another reason for such a big number of models is the girls' appearance. They're regarded as the most beautiful by many men. Diana Kubasova, a model from Latvia, who won Miss Multiverse, Miss Europe 2017, and Miss All Nations, is proof of that.
  • Even temper. Your Latvian mail order bride is going to be not that easy to upset or make angry. That's why so many men adore these girls. Life with them is harmonious, peaceful, and balanced. Their soft character lets men feel relaxed and free. You shouldn't worry about anything when you come back home after a tiring working day. You'll be awaited by a loving and caring woman. But remember one small detail — all of this has nothing to do with her mood when she's driving. Surprisingly, Latvians get somewhat aggressive when they're behind the wheel.
  • Fun-loving nature. Well, “fun” is very subjective. For Latvian women it's surely not about going to noisy clubs, drinking alcohol till you get totally wasted, or not sleeping all night. No. It's more about indoor and outdoor activities. For example, they love hockey. You'll probably watch some games together (at least European and world championship). Also, they like to sing and dance. Almost every Latvian kid is involved in folk dancing or choir singing. It's because of the big festival that is held in the country every five years. It gathers more than 30,000 participants (a huge event for the country). Latvia also produces one of the world's greatest (and tallest) female basketball players.
dating Latvian girl

What else to remember to win a Latvian mail order bride?

  • Learn a few phrases in Latvian. It'll impress her a lot. The thing is the Latvian language was suppressed badly when the country was under Russian occupation. The older generation still knows and can speak Russian, but the younger one prefers their mother tongue. Moreover, they're offended to hear foreigners think they speak Russian. Here are a few phrases to remember: sveiki (hello), kā tev iet? (how are you?), paldies (thank you), labi (reply to “How are you?”).
  • Don't refuse the local food. Latvians are extremely proud of their culture and traditions. National cuisine is something they also take pride in and recommend to their guests. Frikadeļu zupa (meatball soup), Kliņģeris (a traditional Latvian birthday cake), Pīrādziņi (crescent-shaped pastries), or Rupjmaize (a traditional Latvian bread) are some of the dishes you want to try. Believe it. And if a girl offers you food, try it and give your positive opinion (especially if she's the cook).
  • Be green. All Latvians respect the nature. It's one more thing they're greatly proud of. Their country is green and clean. A bigger part of Latvia is mere virgin forests. The majority of locals are real nature-lovers and even follow some pagan traditions. They can also show you how to make tea from local herbs. So you'd better demonstrate such respect too. Maybe waste sorting can become your new hobby? What about planting trees?

If you follow the tips given above, you have all chances to become the happiest man ever. Latvia mail order brides are perfect women for serious dating, marriage, and family. Nice appearance, feminine character, loving and supportive nature, and modern and healthy attitude to relationships make them flawless. What do you think? Wouldn't you like to date a girl like that?

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