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Latest update: 2020-07-30

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Many people say that a man should not rush to marry. But what if you have already achieved everything and you are ready to start a family? It can be difficult. Women now do not aspire to be someone's wife, preferring a freer lifestyle. Are you tired of the moral values ​​of this generation too? Then change the location of the search for your future wife. Slavic girls are the answer to all your questions.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, men traveled to another continent to find a beautiful wife in Slavic countries. You will ask why? Let’s consider Slavic women's characteristics. There are many reasons to see these girls as perfect partners for life. Although some may not like them. Wait a minute! What taste should it be so that you do not like beautiful and smart women? Let's look at all the features of these ladies.

Slavic brides

Why do men prefer Slavic women?

Even in ancient times, Slavic wives were famous for their stunning beauty and wisdom. They married foreigners under treaties between countries, but they were never hostages. Moreover, you might also know at least one story when a Slavic girl became respected and influential in the land of her foreign husband. It is their uniqueness.

Let's look at things realistically. All the girls are very different, and not everyone will fit these descriptions. But if you meet a genuinely Slavic woman, you should hurry up and win her heart. They have genetic beauty like Victoria’s Secret models. They combine it with the real female wisdom, and sensual, maternal instinct. Do you know the most loving and caring woman in your life? Multiply it by three, and you will get the heroine of Russian novels.

Features of Slavic women

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We can talk again and again about how different they are, but we still have to rely on the mentality. You need to be a real man to marry a Slavic wife. If you are weak, most likely, she will assume the role of head of the family. Here are some of the chief virtues of their personalities that can hook you.

  1. Taking care. They always sacrifice themselves for the sake of their families. Selfishness is not about them.
  2. Rules. Slavic women for marriage love the rules even at home. Scattered socks can turn into a big conflict.
  3. Motherhood. You will not find a better mother for your children than a Slavic girl. Most of them dream of having children at the age of 20-25.

It shouldn’t be mentioned about their beauty again, but let's also look at their shortcomings:

  • Their care may turn into hyper protection.
  • Sometimes she demands that everything should be according to her rules.
  • A child can take your place in her heart.

Slavic women vs American women

Slavic woman

These two nations are entirely different from each other. In the USA, you will find many careerists who are focused on themselves and their personal goals. Since these hot Slavic girls came from the USSR, they have simpler needs and stronger family values. Although if this is what you are looking for, you should choose a wife from Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus. Girls from the European Union are more like American women in their outlook on life.

It is impossible to say which one of them is better because it's a matter of taste. They differ not only in values ​​and preferences, but also in their worldview. Slavic ladies behave more restrained in comparison with Americans. But this is manifested only in their habits.

For example, they hate small talks. They do not understand meaningless conversations about the weather. They are not used to meet the new neighbors with fresh-baked pies for them. They are more open to close people, but not to strangers.

Best Slavic Women Dating Sites

These sites we consider as the best ones to meet slavic women:

Slavic women stereotypes

In films, we often see heartless Russian agents and their mean wives. It may seem real to you if you come to a small town there. Everything here looks as if you are not welcome. But in reality, Russians often wear emotional masks. If you get to know these hottest women from Slavic countries better, you will be surprised at how hospitable, generous, and friendly those people are.

They always give more to other people: to children, spouses, friends or guests. The Slavic mail-order wife will meet your guests only after full preparation. She will cook a fantastic dinner, clean the whole house, and offer guests all the amenities.

There is also an opinion that Slavic women are easy to hook up. But can this be true if these beautiful ladies can get the heart of any man? As a rule, you have to make an effort to impress her. Slavic brides like to play with men and do drama so that the latter can feel like a “hunter” and “conqueror.”

Why Slavic women want to find a foreigner?

Everyone craves a better life for themselves. Many girls here move from small cities to capitals of Russia or Ukraine. The main places here are genuinely modern and technologically advanced cities. So, many people stay here. But some women do not like the local mentality and their men or they want something more. Thus, why not marry a foreigner?

Marriage with an American man can be an adventure for Slavic beauties. It is an entirely different language, culture, and opportunity. Both of you will have to learn a lot about each other, and you will not be bored together. The US is a safer and more economically developed place, so this is also one of the reasons women move here.

Best Slavic countries to meet women

Slavic dating

Dating women from there is a journey. Typical Slavic women, live in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. In countries of the European Union you will find more freedom-loving ladies. They rarely want to get married early.

Russia and Ukraine have different languages, although Ukrainians are fluent in Russian. But, they are the same in appearance or cultural features. The only difference is that Ukrainians are a little closer to Europe. Thus, they have more progressive outlooks on life.

They are freedom fighters. Women there do not tolerate the dominion of men over them, but they also respect their husbands. Perhaps, this is a more rational approach to family values.

How to find a Slavic wife?

To get married with one of them, you do not have to overcome a 12-hour flight. You need to find the best niche Slavic women dating sites. They might offer you to meet girls from these countries. But how to choose the perfect platform so as not to waste your time on inefficient websites?

First, look at the reviews. Here you will find out where the most beautiful Slavic women are. Use only proven sites where real people post their opinions on various platforms. The most reliable of them are the stories of happy couples who have been living together for a long time. It is a clear indicator that the platform can find the perfect partner for you.

Secondly, beware of scammers and bots. Make your Slavic women dating safe. No social network or website can guarantee you complete protection against fraud. No one knows the intentions of other people. You need to be careful with users who have suspicious information about themselves. And never transfer money to third parties' accounts.

Slavic women dating tips

To date one of these beautiful ladies, you need to know more about them. The flirting you're used to can offend them. Here are some rules that you should remember when you try to conquer a Slavic beauty.

  1. Start with a calm date. It can be a restaurant or a movie. Do not unexpectedly offer her to do something extreme or crazy.
  2. Be a gentleman. Sexy Slavic women love flowers and gifts. It is a manifestation of your masculine power for them.
  3. Talk about complicated things. On their first date, they like to discuss outlooks on life and philosophical topics. But don't overdo it.
  4. Understand them. You need to consider that the “deep Russian soul” is a true statement. You need to study her and her views.
  5. Be a man. Beautiful Slavic women respect themselves and want to see strong husbands next to them. Prove to her that you are capable of great deeds.


Slavic girls

Hot Slavic women are unique, and you should at least take a look at how beautiful they are. Mail order bride platforms offer you thousands of profiles of girls, how can you refuse and not try? One of them may soon become your wife, so open Slavic wives catalogue right now. Looking forward to your love story in a couple of months!

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