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Beautiful Turkmenistan Brides In Search Of A Foreign Man

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Latest update: 2021-12-21

Turkmenistan is home to women of exotic beauty and great character. Not very many countries on Earth have a national character that can be described as friendly, hospitable, and polite. Turkmens pride themselves as people of hospitality, morality, and patriotism.

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Age: 22
Location: China, HuNan
Occupation: Doctor/Medical Field
Children: 0
Relocation: Yes

The desert country is enclosed by Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and the Caspian Sea. Turkmenistan has more desert area than vegetation. A great destination if you are seeking the night thrill of desert sand.

Features of Turkmenistan brides

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If you are a fan of Asian women for marriage with impressive shapes, soft black hair, and fair skin, you will love Turkmen girls. Ladies in Turkmenistan have an exotic beauty much different from their Asian counterparts.


Respect for institutions, elders, and people is a distinguishing character of Turkmen. Their women possess this characteristic as well. Turkmenistani brides, like Tajikistani brides, have a traditional sense of respect for their elders, husbands, loved ones, and strangers.


The people of Turkmenistan are friendly and accommodating. In this country, citizens frown at anyone who treats a visitor with contempt. Visitors are seen as gifts from God. Therefore, hospitality is as a way of appreciating the gift of a visitor.

Turkmenistan woman

Striking beauty

The beauty of Turkmen women is as scarce as hen's teeth. Their exoticness increases the self-esteem and ego of foreign men who are lucky to have them as a bride.

Turkmenistani women possess the qualities of a good wife

Other than their attractive facial looks, Turkmenistani girls are sought after for their good-natured character, home keeping prowess, honesty, politeness, and more. Men who have successfully courted and married women from Turkmenistan understand that they have a rare diamond on their hands.


This may come as a surprise given the downward spiral of standards in modern cultures. However, some countries such as Turkmenistan still uphold values such as morality.

In Turkmenistan, you will most likely hear the phrase "My honor is the honor of my family, my nation, my people." This sums up their belief in morality and love for relatives, and country.

Turkmens love decency and proper behavior. In a relationship, this means courtship is done the proper way - following the traditional guidelines, indicating interest by meeting the parents of the girl, and marrying her.

The best site to find Turkmenistani brides

A simple way to start your search for a Turkmenistani bride is through the internet. Keep in mind that nothing trumps meeting with your Turkmenistani date in person. Best mail order bride sites allow you to establish contact, create a rapport, and hopefully, it will lead to a visit to the landlocked country of Turkmenistan. We personally think that these sites are the best ones.

Why are Turkmenistan brides good for marriage?

Although these marriage qualities are not definitive because we all have our preferences, it is always good to have a bride who possesses certain traits.

The best qualities of the average Turkmen bride include:

Respect and loyalty

This generation has experienced a massive shift in the gender roles of both men and women in a home. Movements such as gender equality advocacy have pressed for equal rights of male and female.

While such movement is in good faith and should be supported, especially in employment, social interaction, education, and salary, sometimes the by-effect of gender equality advocacy is a struggle for power in the home.

This has made modern marriages suffer from a lack of respect for the husband. Therefore, respect and loyalty have become invaluable qualities for potential brides.

Turkmen girls are notable for the loyalty and respect for their spouse and family members. A Turkmenistan woman will never behave rudely to you in any way neither would she oppose your orders.

Turkmenistani brides are great home keepers

Turkmens are neat people. They love to keep their environment clean at all time. This passion can be seen in their daily activities within and around their homes. Aside from their abilities to always clean their surroundings, Turkmenistani women are multitaskers. They are great mothers, wives, cooks, and home keepers, ensuring that the home is properly managed.

Turkmenistan bride

They are educated and have careers

Turkmen girls are usually educated, and career-focused. The history of Turkmenistan shows that women have ruled the country and played vital roles at some point in their history. This still happens in the country to date. Women contribute to the national economy by working and earning a decent income.

Turkmen women possess craft skills such as carpet making, bread making, and more. They are physically capable of enduring harsh weather conditions and physical stress. This ability is a result of living in a mostly hot desert land.

They are open to foreigners

Hot brides from Turkmenistan are friendly to foreign men. They have a sophisticated attitude toward men searching for their ideal partner overseas. While dating with such a lady you will not see any neglect in her eyes. These females are open-minded and patient to visitors wherever they come from. Also, they are interested in the worldwide trends and are familiar with the newest tendencies in South America.

The Dowry

This custom of paying for a bride is well-known as “kalym.” It saw a revival in Turkmenistan since the end of the Soviet period when it was officially forbidden. According to the statistics, 9/10 marriages in Turkmenistan registered in 2011 included kalym. Unofficial statistics say that this country has one of the lowest divorce rates on the planet. The divorcement affects only over 1 in 1,000 families.

The wedding involves many important customs, such as changing the bride’s headdress from the “maiden” hat to the scarf of a “matron.” Hot Turkmen wives wear their scarves tied a certain way. It helps to recognize whether this lady is single or married just looking at her appearance.

If you want to marry hot Turkmenistan cutie, you should be open to her national wedding traditions. For example, on this important day, your spouse will gift the embroidered skullcap she wore as a single girl to the youngest sister of the groom. It is a sign that the bride wishes she also will have a happy marriage and family life.

What cultural peculiarities make Turkmenistan brides interesting?


Marriage in Turkmenistan is a big ceremony that involves many steps. Most of these steps are traditional while a few are state requirements.


Turkmens are quite superstitious about their apparels. Clothes are revered, and it is considered a taboo to step on one's clothes.


When a bride is about to marry, her wedding dress is made following strict traditional guidelines. First, the dress is made from the material presented by the groom. Then the fabric is cut on a specific day by the most respected woman in the locality (usually the woman with the highest number of children) and the bride’s friends. They are allowed to keep scraps of the cloth for good luck.



In Turkmenistan, you have to pay a state dowry to marry a bride. In the past, the dowry price can be up to 50,000. Fortunately, routine reviews of the marriage law have reduced the price to a somewhat pocket-friendly figure.

With that in mind, you should expect a wedding ceremony to a Turkmen woman to be expensive. Surprisingly, it isn’t expensive. The traditional marriage process is different from the government marriage levy.

To sum up

Without questions, dating and marrying a Turkmen woman is an exotic experience. Consider the information shared in this article as a superficial guideline.

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