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Latest update: 2021-03-04

More and more people from all around the world marry men and women from other countries. Why have international marriages become so popular? Well, the reason is very simple: they are stronger than the traditional unions of two people from one cultural environment. This is a modern phenomenon that is constantly gaining popularity. It is also not a secret that lots of men from Australia, the US, and many other countries choose girls from Canada. Why do girls who belong to one of the happiest nations make good wives? Are they special? We are here to answer these questions.

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Features of Canadian brides

We are used to the thought that all people are unique and special. Of course, they are, but there is also no denying that nations are unique too. So what about Canadian women? Do they have any nice features? Let us take a look at some facts about these girls.

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Canadian girls are prettier than you thought

Is it true that the majority of Canadian women are obese and untidy? Come on, this is nothing but a stereotype. Besides, Canadians think it is as hilarious as most of other myths and misconceptions. They are like: “Ok, I will discuss this with my bear in one of my igloos.” This is a multi-ethnic country with millions of immigrants. It is a fact that ethnic mixing has certain consequences. In particular, this is the main reason why people are born beautiful. Canadian women have beautiful faces, that is true. As for bodies, a healthy lifestyle is very popular there, so you are very likely to see lots of fit mail order brides.

Single Canadian ladies are casual and friendly

You have probably met people who think that they are better than others for various reasons from high social status to the appearance. Well, you will not find such people in Canada. Canadian women are very friendly, and they do not treat people differently only because they are from another country or have other beliefs, values, and priorities. As for the appearance, most Canadians are very casual. Of course, if you meet a business lady in the street, she will wear a pricey business suit and accessories because she has to. However, she will wear casual clothing anywhere except for the office.

They have an active lifestyle

These girls do not stay at home on weekends and even on weekdays. They love skiing (even if they say that they don’t, and this is nothing but a stereotype), cinemas, bowling, and plenty of other types of entertainment. Your Canadian bride will not spend her time lying on the couch and ordering food from a nearby restaurant, of course, if she is not sick. You will never feel bored with any of these girls.

The best sites to search for Canadian brides

canadian woman

Do you need to move to one of the Canadian cities to find a bride? Well, if you have such an opportunity, why not? This is a wonderful, hospitable country you are likely to fall in love with. But if you do not want to leave your homeland, you can choose another great option. Today, you can meet a pretty girl from any country without leaving home. We bet you heard about mail order bride dating sites. Which of them can help you meet a Canadian? Here is a list of the our personal top of the best and trustworthy platforms with lots of real profiles of girls from Canada.

Why are Canadian brides good for marriage?

  • Canadian women compromise. These ladies hate quarrels and conflicts. They are soft, polite, and always ready to compromise. Such a nice feature makes marriage less complicated.
  • Vivacious and happy wife makes life better. Do you want to marry a calm but passive and often depressed wife? If you do not, marry a Canadian lady! These girls love life, have various hobbies, and do not forget about self-development.
  • She speaks English. Language barrier should never be underestimated. A lot of international couples face lots of difficulties for this very reason. If you marry a Canadian, this will not be a problem for you. Besides, they have a very cute accent.
  • She earns money. Most Canadian women are building careers in part because two people earn more money than one person. Nevertheless, they usually take maternity leave when the family is growing.

What is so special about mail order brides from Canada?

What do people know about Canada? Hockey, incredibly beautiful lakes, and the mix of nationalities are the most known symbols of this country, but there a few interesting facts about Canada and Canadian people you may not know.

  1. Most popular country for immigration. Americans, Brits, Aussies, Ukrainians – you can meet men and women of any nationality in the streets of Canadian cities. It is the most hospitable country ever!
  2. Friendliest country ever. You will not find rude people in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or any other city or small town. Canadian brides are the most polite and friendliest people.
  3. Best education system. More than 50% of the majority of the population there hold a higher education degree. What does it mean? Canada is actually the most educated country in the world. Japan known for its top education is in the second place, right after this multi-ethnic country.
  4. Tolerance and diversity. Another great thing about Canada is that they accept everyone and respect every person’s values, priorities, religion, ethnicity, sexual identity, etc.

How do these cultural peculiarities influence Canadian women? Everything is simple: they are friendly, open to new experiences, tolerant and very hospitable. More importantly, they are intelligent and well-educated, and what can be better than a smart, nice person?

The Canadian mentality

You are majorly mistaken if you think you know everything about the Canadian mentality. The country has a diverse culture. Here are some facts about the Canadians and how you should behave with your hot Canadian bride and her family.

  • Rules are essential.Canadians value rules and basic ethics. So whenever you are in a queue, do not break it and start pushing.
  • Time-management is everything. When you are going out with your hot Canadian girl, never be late for a date. They value punctuality a lot and they will certainly be offended if you are late.
  • Being cheap is lame. Do not bargain in front of a Canadian unless it’s a big purchase. You will end up coming off as a cheap person and that is something that they do not like.
  • Disputes with Canadians are tough. Avoid talking about religions and politics. If you do, be prepared to have a dispute.
  • Being a pig is lame too. Do not litter anywhere. Canadian people are particular about the environment so make sure that you do not litter in the open.
  • Accenting on your money is not cool. Do not try to show off your financial status with your clothes. A lot of hot Canadian women will also dress normally irrespective of how rich they are.
  • Equality is awesome. Everyone is equal in the eyes of Canadians, so they will not treat other individuals differently. They are helping and respecting people.
canadian bride

To sum up

So, what can we say about Canadian brides? These women are just gorgeous – they have everything a good wife and a nice person is supposed to have. They are intelligent, friendly, gentle and soft, and they make perfect wives for these very reasons. They are from the developed, multi-ethnic country, and this is a fact you should not underestimate. This is their advantage over the brides who come from other, in particular developing countries. They are tolerant and open to people. These girls do not mind if someone has different beliefs, sexual identity, education, and so on. They do not wear tons of makeup but always look stylish. Canadian ladies live an active, healthy lifestyle, and take care of themselves and others. What else a man could want? 

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