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Tajikistani Brides Overview

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Latest update: 2020-10-13

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Chances are you’ve never heard about this country and much less knowledge about their women. If that’s the case, then you’ve really been missing out. It’s also possible you know a bit about this country and its women, but most of your online bride hunting have probably been centered on the cute western girls and the charming Latinas.

Tajikistani is a country in central Asia, surrounded by Russia, China, Afghanistan, and Iran. It’s majorly an Islamic country (more than 90 percent Islamic) but considers itself secular. Years of intermixing with neighboring countries and its Islamic heritage blends well to give its inhabitants the interesting physical and personality traits they share today. Some features, however, are still peculiar to the original peoples of Tajikistan.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to Tajikistani women and show you why they should top your list when you’re exploring your options of online brides for marriage.

So, who are Tajikistani women, what do they look like, and what are their personality traits? Relax, and read on!

Features of Tajikistani brides

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Facial and physical appearance

Tajikistani girls share the same facial (and some personality) features as Middle East girls. Beneath a Tajikistani girl’s heavy, free-flowing dark hair is a stunning face with curved dark eyebrows, soulful eyes with large dark pupils, long eyes lashes and beautiful olive skin.

Tajikistani brides are sincere

Tajikistani women are popular for their honesty and straightforwardness. She wants true love and not games. If she likes/loves you she will make it known to you (maybe not vocally).

Tajikistani girls have a unique sense of fashion

Women in Tajikistan are completely different from western women (and even other Muslim girls) when it comes to fashion. Generally, you will not be seeing the usual modern girl in skimpy clothes, synthetic trousers, or heeled shoes like it's so common in the western world; neither will you see ladies who hide their beauty behind hijabs like in conventional Islamic countries.

The girls Tajikistan like to wear scarfs or kerchief and the tradition encourages ladies to dress decently—looking gorgeous and fashionable without revealing too much. I cannot understand why Tajikistani girls look so irresistibly attractive and trendy, even in their modest outfits. I think this is an art they’ve refined to perfection.

Tajikistani bride

Quite recently, Tajikistani mail order brides have been the hottest new thing in town for foreign men. This is not just another fad; there’re enduring reasons why these women capture the eyes and hearts of foreign men. Let’s consider a few.

Tajikistani brides have striking beauty

Whether you are a Don Juan or a Rocky Steele, a Tajikistani girl’s beauty is enough to melt your heart. Once, my friends and I were talking about beautiful women and in the discussion, one of them said he finds it annoying that most women assume the sight of their nudity is enough to cancel a man’s intelligence. I think he was right, but a Tajikistani girl doesn’t need to go that far before your brains fail you. Just stare into that stunning face, and you’d be lost in wonderland.

They are courteous

Tajikistani girls are friendly to everyone. They’ve been raised in a culture where they’re used to being kind to relatives and strangers alike. Tajikistani girls are not much like their cagey restrained female counterparts from other Islamic countries. They enjoy some level of freedom unusual to girls from Islamic backgrounds. It’s relatively easy to mingle with Tajikistani girls without her people making something out of it.

They are understanding

Tajikistani women are used to being caged and misjudged by their male folks. Foreign men are something exotic and admirable to them because they enjoy greater freedom from western men who understand them more. As a result, they allow themselves to be guided to a place where their feelings and persons will be understood and considered.

The best websites to find Tajikistani brides

We estimate these websites as the best ones to meet Tajikistani women.

Why are Tajikistani brides good for marriage?

A Tajikistani girl is perfect for a man who wants not just a bride but a “wife.” Isn’t that contradictory? Okay, this is what I mean:

Having grown up in a strongly patriarchal society, these women have been indoctrinated on the values of faithfulness in relationships, loyalty to husband, respect and humility to their men, tolerance, and many more. These are wifely qualities and Tajikistani women reflect it.

I’m liberal-minded myself but I cannot agree more that our western women’s attitude to husband and family isn’t the best there could be. If you want a woman with values such as I mentioned above, a woman who will give good attention and care to your kids, and raise you a family you would be proud of, then get a Tajikistani bride.

What cultural peculiarities make Tajikistani women so interesting?

Tajikistan is a country so rich in culture that you will never lack entertainment as a visitor. Your Tajikistani bride will be more than glad to show you some of the traditions and ways of life that make her so wonderfully unique and different from anyone from your past.

So, what are those peculiar customs that make that Tajik woman of your dreams so fascinating? They are numerous, but let’s consider a few.

Tajiks are masters of great cuisines

They like it when you eat their food with appetite and consume their drinks with gusto. Mealtime is a great moment in Tajikistani homes. Bread is considered sacred and is served at every meal. It must not be dropped on the floor (not even accidentally) and must be broken, not cut with a knife.

Though Islam is dominant here, there’s no strong prohibition on alcoholic drinks. Getting tipsy and cozying with your Tajikistani bride is not frowned upon.

Tajikistani woman

The Tajik dance steps

Tajik dances are a very important part of people’s lives in the country. These dances are performed in their various styles on different occasions. A particular classical national dance is performed at family get-togethers and occasions by Tajik women. It begins with a slow, graceful movement of the arms and upper body and gains intensity progressively, and is used to convey emotion. Imagine having to watch your bride perform this graceful dance before you… Who knows what she could be saying (and wanting)!

No hijab

Unlike women from other Islamic countries, Tajik women don’t wear hijab, as this is frowned upon by the law which tries to change the nations Islamic tendencies to a more secular one. How does that concern you? For one, this shows the country is not strongly Islamic in approach and attitude. It also means those beautiful faces will not be hidden from your view. Plus, you can always show off your trophy bride.

Religious tolerance

Religious tolerance is very high in Tajikistan, despite having a Muslim population of more than 90 percent. You won’t be worried about your new bride’s inclination towards Islamic norms.

Hot Tajikistani girls get married very young

Ladies in this country become wives at a young age. As statistics say, 12% of Tajikistan females get married before their adulthood. Such a “child” marriage is driven by gender inequality. It is the usual thing that women are inferior to men there. Furthermore, the second reason is poor living conditions and low education levels. It happens that a young lady in the family is like a “burden” and her parents wish to make her marry as soon as possible.

The marriage at an early age is considered a method of preventing the premarital sexual life of teens. In Tajikistan, parents wish to prevent the immoral behavior of their children and try to organize their wedding ASAP.

Hot brides from Tajikistan adore children

It is not a secret that family plays a huge role in the life of Hot Tajikistani females. If you decide to marry such a girl, be certain that she will be a devoted and caring wife. This beautiful lady will become an attentive mother who gladly spends plenty of time with children. Owing to a warm and sensual character, she becomes the best friend to them. Besides, these girls rise in a family with a traditional hierarchy; that’s why you will not face any difficulties with being a leader.

To sum up

The defining qualities of a Tajik girl’s character are loyalty, faithfulness, respect, tolerance, and hard work. This is a country of strong culture and tradition. Maximize your chances by acquainting yourself with their culture and traditions. Most of the women are literate, but only about one-quarter have a tertiary education.

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