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Japanese Mail Order Brides Looking For Husbands

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Latest update: 2022-11-07

Japanese brides are the target of the search for many men worldwide. The impact of Asian culture, local views on a relationship and family life, and high moral values make these women excellent partners. Moreover, their beauty is fascinating. But where can a foreign man meet a girl from Japan? And what else should you know about her? Find out more about Japanese mail order brides below!

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Japan is definitely among the most exciting and popular destinations on the planet. Exotic culture and technological inventions are usually the main attractions for tourists. But local eye-catching and charming females are what makes so many foreigners desire to visit the country in the hope to bind their life with one of the Japanese brides.

Thanks to the harmonious and careful nature of the Japanese that is reflected in every aspect of living, local women are believed to make perfect wives. Every Japanese mail order bride is taught to respect others, be polite, and be with her inner peace. This country has always been conservative and closed, but lately, it has become more open to people from other parts of the world.

In the last 10-15 years, guys from abroad have been especially attractive to Japanese brides. Japanese women like foreign men who are ready to take control of the situation at any moment.

If you’d like to get acquainted with one of the Japanese girls looking for marriage, you’re in the right place. This article will help you to get more details about these gorgeous Asian brides and find your Japanese wife.

Who are Japanese brides?

Japanese Bride

Japanese mail order brides are single ladies seeking potential partners from abroad through international dating agencies. They're well-educated, attractive girls who failed to meet someone special in their homeland. So, they don't give up and keep looking for their soulmates overseas. Of course, you can get acquainted with a female more focused on communication and flirting, but most of them really want to build a serious relationship.

How to find a Japanese wife?

How and where to meet a woman for marriage from Japan if you’re far from this country? If you’re not ready to travel, but want to interact with Japanese ladies, online dating is a wonderful option for you. There are multiple dating websites offering wide opportunities for making new contacts and communication. Thousands of interesting singles are gathered in one place with the one aim to find their soulmates. It’s a more effective way than traditional acquaintances on the street because it lets you overcome many barriers. You can forget about the distance and find your prospective spouse in Japan, just sitting with your laptop and the cup of coffee at home.

How to get a Japanese mail order bride

All the best mail order brides websites offer their users particular search tools and different interaction services. But to find a Japanese wife and use all those features, you'll need to become a site's member. Do the following:

  • Register in a dating website. When it comes to registration, dating platforms require just basic information to sign up. Complete the registration blank and become the source’s member.
  • Complete your account page. Answer the questions concerning your appearance, goals on a platform, hobbies, and personal traits. Add several of your photos in high quality to catch more attention from other members.
  • Upgrade your status on site(optionally). Of course, the best dating services have a range of free options, but usually, it's not enough. You'll need to buy credits to interact with Japanese women looking for men.
  • Start to utilize a search function. Multiple search filters help you find a Japanese mail order bride who’ll match your taste.
  • Select communication perks to becoming closer to your soulmate. If one man sends 5 messages in one month, but you send 50 messages during the same period, you get more responses, if everything else is equal. Don’t hesitate to start chatting.
  • To show your true feelings and serious intentions, opt for the extra options. Send your future Japanese girlfriend a nice gift or flowers. Professional dating platforms have an online catalog of presents and delivery to help members strengthen their long distance relationship.
  • Visit your sweetheart. No doubt, it's convenient to meet Japanese girls online, but if you have serious intentions, you'll need to spend some time together. Find out whether the service you're using helps organize trips or prepare everything on your own.
  • Help your Japanese bride with getting a fiancee visa. When you decide to marry, you'll have to organize your wedding properly. To enter the USA and become your spouse, your woman will have to apply for a K-1 visa.

Interesting trick: Japanese females rarely look at their interlocutors’ eyes. This has already settled in ancient times: it was impossible to look into the eyes of a man standing above you on the social ladder. It was considered unheard of ignorance. Today, a direct look into the eyes in Japan is a sign of aggression, a kind of challenge. For example, when parents scold their teenage children, they don’t overwhelm them, but simply brazenly look into their eyes. Mind this fact if you want to communicate with your beloved through the video.

Japanese mail order bride

The best Japanese brides websites

Our team carefully reviewed and selected the best Japanese dating sites according to our opinions.The best dating sites where you can find Japanese brides include:

What do Japanese girls like?

Have you ever imagined what your ideal spouse from Japan looks like? Choose a bride from this country, you get one of Japanese women for marriage with a delicate appearance who looks young and attractive at all ages. Probably, she has a slim figure and childishly cute appearance. Moreover, her good manners and gorgeous look impresses every foreign man. But what are her likes? Keep reading to find out more interesting details about your prospective spouse.

Japanese brides appreciate Onsen

Onsen is one of the most popular things in this country. It’s a hot bath people can take outside or indoors. If you arrive there, you’ll notice tens of onsens at hotels, ryokan, spas, and public places. If you wonder how to make your date enjoyable, just bear in mind this idea. It’s hard to find a girl in Japan who doesn’t like onsen.

She prefers healthy cuisine

When your girlfriend visits you, mind the taste of traditional cuisine she's used to. Her food usually doesn’t contain milk, but various fruits and vegetables instead. Thanks to it, your prospective spouse has silky and smooth skin and a lot of energy. Japanese care about their health, so if you go out together, order some fish or salad, and forget about the popular fast food in your place.

Japanese girl probably likes Manga

If you want to melt the heart of your Japanese mail order wife, read manga. It isn’t just a childish book with colorful pics, so get rid of stereotypes. This genre is popular among females in this part of the planet. It has multiple topics like sports, romance, animals, gambling, business, history, fantasy, and crime. People aren't ashamed of their manga addiction and respectable-looking businessmen are often spotted reading them in morning trains.

Japanese mail order wife

Japanese women like fish

Be certain, the most popular food in the area of your soulmate is fish. It has a historical background when this product was the key to survival in Japan. Today, it has become a fundamental meal in local culture. Usually, the average person consumes 70 kg of fish a year. You can expect your beloved won’t choose a meat dish in a restaurant, so search for the best places with fish cuisine if you want to have an ideal date.

Your Japanese lady loves small things

People from this part of the planet love small things. Probably, your girlfriend will choose a tiny portion in a restaurant or a small toy for a gift in a shop. In the 70s and 80s, Japan helped to revolutionize electronics and cars by making them smaller, lighter, and of better quality. If you want to surprise your lady, choose cute and small things and look for her reaction, as Japanese signs of affection will tell you everything.

Major myths about Japanese mail order wives

Naturally, beautiful ladies from another country are often judged based on their culture. But, in the bigger picture, the qualities the whole world attributes to them might be not true at all. Same with Japan. Many believe that Japanese women are looking for American men only because of the desire to get a better life, but is that really so?

single Japanese woman

Let's review the Japanese women stereotypes and major myths about them.

  • They hide their true feelings because of being polite. If you think your Japanese mail order wife will forgive you anything, you're terribly mistaken. Yes, she'll definitely take care of the comfortable atmosphere at home. But if something truly disappoints her, she'll let you know about that, even if in the most polite way. Every mail order Japanese bride is eager to keep your bond strong and will do everything for it.
  • Younger ladies aren't interested in marriage. Some believe that young people in the country aren't motivated to create families. The Japanese media has even adopted a term for that—"sekkusu shinai shokogun," which means "celibacy syndrome". But in reality, it's not true. Particular couples might not hurry with planning babies, but, in general, Japanese women are looking for husband since a quite young age.
  • They adore kawaii stuff. Looking for a Japanese wife, you might notice that young ladies in the country look very cute and often remind schoolgirls. It's the kawaii culture, meaning "cute." But just like with sushi, not every Japanese mail order girlfriend appreciates such things.
  • Girls are the best with technologies. Japan is of no doubt a country that was the first among those who started a tech revolution. But it's only because of good investors who stimulate such processes. It doesn't mean Japanese women seeking American men will also desire them to be tech-savvy. They don't know everything about technologies themselves!
  • They wear a Kimono regularly. In more remote regions, it might be an everyday practice. But in big cities like Tokyo, the majority of Japanese girls for sale don't even know how to wear it! Moreover, Kimono is a common female dress code only on special occasions.

What is a Japanese girl looking for marriage with an American man?

Many Japanese women are seeking American men right now with a hope to create a strong and loving family together. But what exactly do they expect from such a marriage?

  • They appreciate a hardworking husband even more than simply a well-paid one. Japanese mail order wives are hardworking in nature themselves and desire their men to have the same quality. A lazy husband who creates a mess in the house won't be able to make a Japanese girl happy.
  • Japanese ladies choose for marriage a man with a kind heart and good manners. The polite and kind personality of local brides makes them desire the same in men. Japanese women choose for marriage guys who are respectful to others and can stay calm in case of any conflict.
  • They desire to have less control over their life. Getting a Japanese girlfriend, you should remember about the conservative nature local men posses. Seeking a chance to marry a foreigner, they hope to escape such a fortune.
  • Japanese girls marry only a man who is romantic. Japanese guys don't usually pamper girlfriends with lots of romantic actions, except for romantic pictures they send via social media. So be sure, every Japanese lady from the mail order bride catalog dreams about romantic surprises not only at the courtship stage but after the wedding as well.

How much are Japanese mail order brides?

Today you can’t buy any mail order bride because it’s illegal, but you can invest in your future. You have the opportunity to improve your search and communication tools on dating sites for singles where different Japanese women looking for American men are gathered.

Approximate calculations of how much it costs to get a mail order bride from Japan are presented next:

Japanese wife
  • Online dating. Usually, the registration is free. Site’s services may work on a credit or membership basis. Some of them provide credits for as low as $1.99 and as high as $399 and even more (it depends on the number of credits you buy). Decide how long you want to participate and what features you need. Be ready to invest between $9.99 and $35.99 for a premium membership monthly. But everything depends on the particular site.
  • Visiting your Japanese mail order girlfriend. When you get acquainted with your ideal partner, you want to know about her life more and have a real date. Your trip permits you to become closer to your beloved and learn her culture better. These trips are called romance tours and a lot of websites for dating support men with this function and help to arrange the trip. If you need it, you’ll have to pay for plane tickets, lodging, and food additionally. Also, you won’t need a tourist visa to visit Japan if you’re a citizen of the USA, Canada, and 66 other countries. A 2-week journey will cost around $2,500-$3,000.
  • Getting a K-1 visa. To unite with potential foreign husbands and marry them, Japanese ladies have to pay $800 to get this visa type.
  • Organizing a wedding. A budget party is approximately $10,000, but it all depends on the number of guests, restaurant, and services you'll choose. Although Japanese brides aren't for sale, you'll still have to pay to arrange a celebration of your girlfriend's dream.

Due to the variables associated with getting real Japanese women, it's not that easy to give an exact figure. However, be prepared to spend on Japanese mail order bride between $15,000 and $30,000. But you can also try to cut your expenses, then, you can still spend from $3,000 to $5,000.

Are Japanese girls good spouses?

Girls from Japan desire to build a career and family at the same, and they're very good at combining these two spheres of life. Grooms from overseas choose them for marriage because of their loyal and caring nature. Japanese girls will never betray their close ones. Family is a key priority for them, so they dream of marrying someone that can live together till the end of their days.

But let's explore other aspects explaining why you should meet Japanese brides, date, and marry them:

  • Japanese wife takes charge in household, finances, and raising the kids. Her multitasking skills will definitely surprise you a lot. All other moms in the neighborhood will wonder how she manages to cope with everything.
  • Additionally, your prospective spouse can surprise you in the bedroom performing various alluring things. You’re keen on black or red sexy lingerie? Be sure, your wife will know all the tricks about how to turn you in and get satisfied. Such a combination of devotion, passion, and care can make every foreign man happy in his family life.
  • Owing to an unusual beauty, such a wife will always be desired, and you’ll never be bored with her. She’ll light your fire and fill your life with love and care.
  • Japanese ladies are perfect for marriage because they're attentive and wise. Your partner will always find time to listen to you and give you good advice. She will analyze a situation and help you identify the best way out.
  • A wife from Japan will never raise her voice at you or your kids. Her manners and respect will never allow her to do this. Besides, local women believe that yelling won't help solve a problem or achieve understanding in a relationship.
  • She'll help you take care of your parents and older relatives. According to Asian culture, younger family members should support elders and do their best to comfort them. When you meet Japanese women, you'll notice how they value this custom.
  • You'll find out many interesting things from your partner. From wedding traditions to language and expression of feelings in public, you'll discover Asian culture and enrich your world.

You have already understood why so many US and European guys are obsessed with the idea of dating these females. A single Japanese woman will be a wondrous choice for the whole life, because she’ll become the main reason for your success and happiness. Just join a reliable dating website and start your search.

beautiful Japanese girl

Pros and cons of having a Japanese wife

Before starting to seek a Japanese girl for marriage, you should carefully research the question and find out both positives and negatives of getting a local spouse. Everything is covered next.


  • Your partner will support you no matter what and always take your side.
  • Japanese women don't make scenes in public and prefer to discuss family issues calmly.
  • They have wonderful financial management skills, so your budget will be properly maintained.
  • Ladies from Japan have traditional values, which means that their husbands and kids are in the first place for them.
  • Your house will be clean and well-organized as these females love to put everything in order.
  • Japanese wives respect their men and accept their decisions without criticizing them.
  • You and your children will be taken care of whenever you get ill or need some help.
  • Your opinion will be important to your spouse, and she'll discuss serious steps with you.
  • Most Japanese ladies have excellent cooking skills.
  • Girls from this country are intelligent and polite, so your sweetheart will be a nice companion for you at any event.


  • Since ladies from Japan are highly disciplined, you might feel a lack of spontaneity in your relationship.
  • You both may face cultural differences, but if you work on this factor, everything will be Ok.
  • Your wife might want to visit Japan regularly at first as locals' feelings toward their homeland are strong.
  • Japanese beauties are rather reserved, and that's why sometimes you'll find it hard to guess why your spouse is sad or disappointed.

Picking Japan brides for marriage is a good idea for foreign men. Yes, you'll have to cover some expenses, spend time on a dating site, and face differences between cultures, but you'll get so much instead! Your Japanese spouse will add more harmony to your life and give you the love you've always dreamed of. Just make a few important clicks and start your romantic search!


Is it easy to get a Japanese wife?

The answer depends on many factors. If you pick online dating and use different communication tools, sooner or later, you'll meet a Japanese girlfriend. Of course, you'll have to visit her and spend time in real life together. And the rest is all about your courtship tactics and goals.

Do I need to speak fluent Japanese to find a Japanese bride?

No, most Japanese girls speak English excellently, so you won't face a language barrier. If you have any problems, you can always use an online translation tool or ask a dating service for assistance.

Can I buy a Japanese bride?

Japanese mail order brides aren't sold. No one is sold actually. If you hear or read such a phrase, it only means that when seeking a girlfriend from Japan, a man will have to cover expenses connected with online dating, traveling, real meetings, etc.

At what age do Japanese ladies get married?

The average female marriage age is 29 years old. However, you'll meet many younger and older women dreaming of starting a family.

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