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Libyan Brides Overview

The Libyan ladies are not as popular among the international bride-seekers as, say, European or Asian women. The good thing about these two facts is that Libya is some kind of a hidden gem when it comes to mail-order brides. We’ll help you discover this hidden gem.

Libyan brides

Features of Libyan brides

The majority of men want to find a woman who knows both how to keep house and how to drive her man crazy. If you're one of these men, congratulations — you’ve just found the country with beautiful, hard-working, well-educated and hot women. Let’s see what these ladies have to offer!

Libyan brides are very feminine

The very first cool feature of the Libyan brides is their femininity. They are too feminine for feminism! You can love it or hate it, it’s a fact — they were raised in traditional families, so they respect and share traditional values. But it doesn't mean that the brides from this country are shy and sheepish. They are ambitious and well-educated, they know how to live a full life and how to have fun, so don’t worry, your Libyan wife will not spend 100% of her time indoors. She’ll be your partner in everything you want to do.

They are domestic goddesses

Traditional family values are the second thing you’ll love about Libyan ladies. They are very family-oriented, which means they are perfect wives (like all Muslim women). “Domestic goddess” would be the best two-word description of any woman from Libya, that’s a fact.

They are hot as hell

Let’s be honest, beauty and physical appearance are very important in marriage. Libyan women won't disappoint you in this regard. They are extremely beautiful, and that’s another reason why you’ll love your future bride. It’s all about their country — Libya lays between the Arab and the North African countries, so African and Arabic beauty mixed on this land. The result is stunning! The women here have hourglass figures and fit bodies. Their skin is olive with golden undertones, their eyes are big and dark… Libyan ladies are the best of two worlds, and that’s another reason why you shouldn’t ignore them.

Libyan women

The best sites to search for Libyan brides

As we’ve said, you don’t have to worry about scams and gold diggers when you are looking for Libyan brides. Scammers prefer Asian and Eastern European countries because there are tens of thousands of men looking for a bride from one of these countries, while only hundreds want to find a Libyan bride. A hidden gem, remember?

But still, you have to be very careful when choosing an international dating site. Continue reading and you’ll see how to make the right choice.

  1. First of all, the mail-order bride website should be safe and real. It's necessary to check the safety of the website before paying money. Thus, HTTPs and 128-bit SSL encryption are the must-haves for every dating site.
  2. Then, you'll have to read the real reviews of a website and check the brides' profiles. They have to be real (you'll have to spend some money to communicate with the ladies, but that's the only way to see that you talk to real women, not to scammers).

Well, we understand that it looks like a lot of work. That’s why we’ve already done all the work for you, and the only thing you have to do now is to visit these three websites with Libyan brides.


LoveHabibi is an amazing mail-order bride website — it has a beautiful purple color scheme, the prices here are low and the interface is simple. Thousands of Libyan ladies waiting for you here!


The second one is called RoseBrides. It's a real international dating website with dozens of real positive reviews. Rosebrides offers more than 83,000 of ladies from 160 countries, so finding a bride will not be a problem here.


Arablounge is the third website with Libyan women. It's a trustworthy site — it was found in 2002, and that's the best proof that it's not a scam. As the name implies, it's focused on Arabs, but men from the United States and Europe can use it without any problems. We recommend trying all these websites — because they all are good and they all are worth your time.

Libyan girls 

Why Libyan brides are good for marriage?

So, you know that Libyan ladies become great wives, but it’s not only about being a good wife. The women from this African family are also perfect mothers (again, thanks to their traditional nuclear families). They adore children and they know how to care for them.

They are also the queens of the hearth — and even if you are a pro-feminist, you can’t deny that it’s always great when your house is clean and the food is ready. Right?

You Libyan wife will be interesting company, because women are well-educated in Libya. They played a big role in the Libyan Revolution in 2011, and they are not as oppressed as before — so there will be no awkward silence.

What cultural peculiarities make these women so interesting?

Traditional family leads to traditional values, traditional Muslim culture results in respectful women, but that’s not all. There are two interesting cultural peculiarities of Libyan women you’ll have to take into account. We’re talking about religion and language.

97% of Libyans are Muslims

The thing is, 97% of the Libyan population is Muslim, so the bride you'll find will most likely be a Muslim, too. Muslim wives are respectful, loving and (as we've already discussed) they are great mothers. The relationship with a Muslim woman is like a relationship with a Catholic, Orthodox or Jew woman. Even if you don't share her faith, it's all about love, not about religion.

Libyans speak Arabic

The second thing you have to pay attention to is language. People in Libya speak Arabic and Berber languages, and it could be a huge problem for you — but don't worry, English is well-spread here, too. Younger generation speaks English without any problems, so you won't have a language barrier with your lady.

To sum up

Libyan ladies who want to find a husband are like, you know, princesses — so you'll have to be the prince. We aren't talking about money, it’s much more about your moral qualities. Be gentle, be kind, love her and respect her — and you’ll get an ideal woman who will love and support you forever.

Oh, and the last thing we’d like to talk about is safety. We mean, have you heard about the unstable situation in Libya? We are sure you have, and we’d like to tell you not to worry about it. The thing is, the absolute majority of the mail-order brides live in Tripoli, which is, well, not too dangerous to visit. But, we can't say that the whole country is completely safe, so don’t plan a long journey.

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