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Latest update: 2022-09-02

Cuban mail order brides are often on top of men’s requests when they’re searching for a girlfriend or wife overseas. There’s no surprise they long for them: Cuban brides are sexy, smart, and talented like Ana De Armas. Go on to find out how to meet and marry one of these beautiful latin mail order brides.

Meet Cuban Brides Online

Kelly Latinfeels
Age: 26
Location: Colombia, Bello
Occupation: Accounting Assistant
Children: 1
Relocation: maybe

What characteristics define Cuban mail order brides?

Before you jump to concrete steps to make that awesome Cuban bride you’ve seen online yours, skim through the list of their features to understand what you should expect:

  • They take a lot of care about themselves. First of all, Cuban mail brides pay a lot of attention to the way they look. Despite the country’s overall poverty, local people take hygiene, dressing up, and doing hairstyles very seriously—both men and women are praised and evaluated for the quality of their looks. Therefore, spending time taking a bath and choosing an outfit for the night out or a working day is an everyday routine of all Cuban women.
  • They are straightforward. The second thing you should remember about girls from Cuba is their honesty. They're pretty outspoken and never hide what they think about. These ladies don’t mean to insult anyone since being open with each other is a national feature of all Cuban people. In case you come from a country where tolerance is above all, you’ll need some time to adjust to Cuban straightforwardness.
  • They have a specific sense of humor you should be aware of. Due to the hardships Cuban people have gone through during history, they’ve acquired a somewhat black sense of humor. It’s okay for local women to joke about the poverty and dark times they had, so don’t be shocked once you hear it in a conversation. Cuban people know how to face hard times.
  • They're smart and proud of themselves. Finally, the majority of modern Cuban mail order brides get higher education and good jobs where they realize their potential. In the last decades, Cuba slightly shifted from the traditional gender roles in families, so women started to take on more responsible jobs compared to other Latin American countries.
Cuban mail order bride

What does make Cuban women become mail order brides?

What specifically entices attractive and single Cuban women to become mail order brides instead of marrying someone from their own country? There can be quite a few reasons, let's explain a few below.

  • This way, she can meet new and exciting foreign men who were raised to have a different mindset than the men she already knows.
  • She might be bored with the culture of her country. No matter how much you love home, sometimes you desperately want a change of pace. For a lot of women, it means promising themselves they'll not marry a man from their own country. Instead, they decide to look for love overseas. This guarantees she might get the chance to leave Cuba and travel to a new corner of the world. She might even get to engross herself with a new sort of culture, which is every girl’s dream.
  • To find true love. When someone goes through the process of creating a profile on a mail order bride website, has meaningful conversations with her, and is truly interested in her as a person instead of just what she looks like, she'll know the man truly wants to be with her. This makes mail order bride websites enticing to Cuban girls.

The best sites to search for Cuban brides

Top reasons to choose a Cuban mail order bride

Now that you know what Cuban brides are, see why men from all over the world come to their country to find a wife:

  • They are good at cooking. Passing the family recipes from grandmother to daughter is quite popular in Cuba as well as in the families of Mexican mail order wives. Although young girls dedicate more time to education and hobbies than to cooking compared to their mothers and grandmothers, they still do it well. Once they’re married, they cook for the whole family daily unless they have extremely tiresome jobs.
  • They're loyal. Having a lot of boyfriends isn’t common for even single Cuban women. They prefer to find one partner and stick to them for a long time before getting married. Only in case of a breakup may they find another partner; however, it’s often too hard for them to get over their exes fast.
  • They know how to motivate men to become better. Every Cuban bride is supportive and kind to her partner regardless of what’s happening in their lives. She wouldn’t criticize her partner or make them feel miserable because of the troubles they get into. They know that a respective and inspiring attitude brings more than judging.
  • They're good at looking after kids. Since Cuban families are usually big and friendly, girls learn to take care of younger siblings from a young age. Once they grow up and get married, nursing kids isn’t a big deal for them. These ladies do it with pleasure and joy as they know that mothers are the most responsible for the warm environment in a family.

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How much does a Cuban bride cost?

If you’d like to get married to single Cuban women, hurry up to find out what the bride's price includes:

  • Online dating platform fee. Using dating apps and websites is the best way to meet Cuban women since it saves your time and increases your chances of finding a girl interested in dating a foreigner. Therefore, becoming a member of the country-specific dating app will be beneficial in the long run. The prices per monthly membership are around $30-40 or, in the case of the credit system—around $20 per 20 credits (credits are the internal currency of dating apps, and they can be exchanged for a time in an online chat, emails, or calls).
  • Traveling to Cuba. The airplane ticket from New York to Havana will cost around $350 at least. The round trip will cost around $750. The cost of a night in a 5-star hotel starts from $137. Food is quite cheap in Cuba as well, so you can expect to spend up to $60 per person a day in case you want to eat out in restaurants. The total sum for a two-week trip to Cuba will be about $5,000, including living in a fancy hotel and going on dates with your Cuban bride. The cost of gifts and flowers is also included.
  • Wedding celebration. The cost of a wedding in the US in 2021 was $22,500. In comparison to Cuba, it’s pretty expensive. If you decide to get married in Cuba, the starting price for a wedding will be $800 for a wedding with 15 guests, and it can increase to a few thousand dollars if you want to have a big celebration.
  • Visa expenditures for Cuban wives. To enter the US, your Cuban mail order bride will have to get a visa. A K-1 Fiancee visa application costs $800 and the additional fees may apply.

Thus, if you’re thinking about marrying a Cuban girl, expect to spend nearly $15,000 on the dating, traveling to each other, and the wedding itself.

How to get Cuban mail order brides?

meet Cuban bride for marriage

If you’re ready to start your search for Cuban single females, here are several methods to do it:

  • Search among your friends and colleagues. Analyze your social circle and see whether you have any opportunities to meet Cuban women for marriage or find a mail order bride among people you know at work, at the university, at the gym, etc.
  • Travel the US to the districts populated by Cuban immigrants. This is a good way to spend less money and time than on traveling to the country and still meet women from Cuba.
  • Come to Cuba. In case it fits into your schedule, feel free to take a trip to the country to find Cuban wives there.
  • Use a Cuban brides dating site.

It’s time to reveal the easiest way to find a Cuban girlfriend from the comfort of your couch. You’ll need your smartphone, the Internet, and some cash! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Find a country-specific dating app for Cuban users who seek dating and marriage with foreigners.
  2. Register an account and complete your profile.
  3. Explore the search tool to find your matches.
  4. Start interacting with women you’ve found (text them, comment on their photos, etc.)
  5. Meet the one you like to check the vibe.
  6. If it's the woman of your dreams—propose her!

Online dating seems to be an option that takes less time and sources for getting the right result.

How can I make a Cuban mail order bride fall in love?

The key to every girl’s heart is different. To make Cuban girls’ hearts melt, you should be proactive and stand out from all the other men who want her as well. Here are steps to succeed in this.

Cuban woman for marriage

Send her flowers and chocolates

Cuban women love getting gifts from men. It makes them feel pampered and at the center of their men's attention. It's a simple way to let her know she's on your mind, and it'll make her feel special. After all, the more time she spends thinking about you, the more likely she is to fall for your charms.

Learn about her language and culture

Cuban girls love when a man tries to learn her language, country tradition, and history. It shows you're truly interested and genuinely making an effort to connect with her, and this will warm her heart towards you. Most people will sweet talk and tell jokes, but few make concentrated steps. Be one of the few and it'll set you apart from the competition.

Tell her that you miss talking to her

Cuban brides love it when their man is expressive of how much he misses her and wants to spend time with her. It makes her feel so much more desired, which in turn leaves her wanting more attention from you. Soon, you'll have her chasing after you when it's supposed to be the other way around!

Find your Cuban bride today!

As you can see, getting a Cuban wife isn’t as complicated as it seems at first glance. Once you know what you have to do, don’t wait any longer. Take the first step to your true love, and don’t be afraid to get rejected. Your special one won’t miss you in the crowd of other men.

Can you get a mail order bride from Cuba?

Yes, you can. There are multiple Cuban mail order brides sites that allow men from all over the world to meet women from this country.

Is it easy to marry a Cuban girl?

Yes, it is. You only have to gather the necessary documents to submit to the local authorities' office and come at the appointed time to register your marriage.

Are there any trustworthy Cuban mail order brides sites?

Yes, there are many legit region-specific sites where you can meet real Latin American and Caribbean women for marriage. Check this website to read the reviews.

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