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Latest update: 2020-12-10

Bulgaria is the homeland of thousands of beautiful women. Bulgarian brides are one of the most sought mail order brides among men today. This is because they possess all the qualities that one look for in a life partner. With attractive looks and caring nature, there is no better wife than a woman from Bulgaria. Explore through thousands of Bulgarian mail order bride profiles to find the one for you.

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Features of Bulgarian brides

Bulgarian women know how to get their ways around men. Men from other nations find Bulgarian brides to be attractive and appealing. Here are a few things that can be assured with most Bulgarian women:

Bulgarian women are charismatic

Because of their dark and rich black hair and light eyes, Bulgarian women are compellingly attractive. They also have the most exemplary skin. The color of the skin of these Bulgarian girls ranges from pale to olive, all equally mesmerizing. Most of the Bulgarian women have extremely prominent features which is why they usually have sharp noses and full lips.

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They have perfect figures

Bulgarian females have the quintessential bone structure and body structure, which makes them appealing. These Bulgarian women are especially well known for their hourglass body shape, which is most desirable to men.

They understand commitment

Bulgarian women value commitment like no other. And that is known as a predominant quality you choose to look forward in an ideal wife. Hailing from Bulgaria, a place of culture, most Bulgarian women have strong values. They understand the importance of commitment and value it. As compared to other European regions, Bulgarian women grow up in a rather conservative environment.

bulgarian woman

They like appreciating life

Bulgarian women acknowledge that life should be enjoyed as well. They are quite familiar with nightlife and being able to go out. This demonstrates that they are not just responsible but equally entertaining. Which is important because you do want to spend the rest of your life with some you can easily have fun with.

Bulgarian women are feminine and loyal, and men seem to find that exceedingly attractive. They are stunning women with brains, yet are down to earth. They are loyal and are ready to commit to men in every way.

bulgarian bride

Strong willed nature

They aren’t your regular damsel in distress. They are independent women looking for men who can compliment them. These women are anything but stereotypically average.

Grooming is their best friend

Bulgarian women also take care of themselves, and nothing gets better than that. You will realize Bulgarian women taking care of themselves and their bodies. These Bulgarian ladies eat in small portions and work out. They also make regular parlor appointments to do their nails and hair. Bulgarian women also enjoy dressing up which for them means heels and plunging necklines.

Independence is attractive

Bulgarian girls are all about standing on their own feet even after marriage. They value education and think it is vital to be educated. It is important to note that Bulgarian women look down on men who boast about their achievements. Instead, you will interest them for who you are as a person not what you come from.

Bulgarian ladies appreciate cross cultural marriages

Other than this, there are perks of being married to someone who is of an entirely different culture. You open yourself to a brand new culture, which will educate you and enrich your life. Your marriage will never be boring because of the contrasting culture, values and thought processes that you two will bring to the table. Cross culture marriages instantly make you more patient and tolerant.

The best sites to search for Bulgarian brides

If Bulgarian women make you inquisitive, below we have chosen sites that to our point will be perfect to meet bulgarian women.

Why are Bulgarian brides good for marriage

bulgarian girl

Family oriented

Since Bulgarian women grow up conservatively, they are equally conservative about the terms they desire. These Bulgarian girls grow up with the idea of a perfect family. A nice house, with few kids and, most importantly, a decent husband to spend the rest of their lives with. They do not understand short-term relationships. Bulgarian women are more the kind of women who love nurturing a long-term relationship.

True supporters

A Bulgarian wife will always respect and admire you for who you are. She will always give more importance to the way you treat her as compared to what your money can buy for her. Since education plays a seemingly significant role for Bulgarian ladies, it shows. They will always have your back in new business ventures but at the same time won't be shy to point out your daftness.

Reliable wives

Bulgarian singles hold high regard for the balance of being reliable on their significant other. However, this doesn't mean they don't like to be spoilt now and then.

Being brought up as strong independent women, Bulgarian ladies don't make their marriage their entire life. They indulge in other activities that keep them busy and help them to be a better woman, better wife and better mother with each passing day.

What cultural peculiarities make these women so interesting

bulgarian lady

There are so many things that set aside Bulgarian women from other countries. They come from a rich cultural background and possess some strong values that don't change as they go through the course of life. The values that they inculcate are the kind you would desire to have in the women you love and the children you have in the future to come.

Bulgarian women are great dancers. It comes from dancing around the fire as an old folk tradition which resonates with them.

Food plays a significant part in Bulgarian culture as well. It is why The Bulgarian women believe that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach. No wonder Bulgarian ladies enjoy experimenting with the food they eat and cooking for the people they love. They take immense pride in this.

Bulgarian women dominantly are from the Orthodox Church although there is a significant amount of Muslims that exist as well. Hence the women do give importance to religion and religious holidays and celebrations. Since they are brought up in a religious environment, they understand the role that religion plays in one’s life and how it shapes a human being.

Traditions that differ hot Bulgarian women from others

Bulgaria is a country, where people are quite dedicated to their customs and moral heritage. That’s why if you want to date a hot Bulgarian woman, you better get familiar with her local culture and traditions. Prepare to celebrate all their national fests because such pastime is very common among the Bulgarians.

We have prepared the list of traditional fests that are very important for hot Bulgarian women. That information may help you during your communication because Bulgarians appreciate a lot when their soulmate knows some specialities about her culture:

  1. Kukeri - a fest against the negative spirits. There’s no Halloween in Bulgaria, however, there’s Kukeri. It’s a carnival, where all the people wear scary costumes to fight with evil spirits.
  2. Baba Marta - a fest that welcomes spring. Every year, the 1st of March, Bulgarians wear red and white and give Martenitsa to each other. After that, you have to put it in the tree, bush or blower that is supposed to blossom. Can you imagine how is it beautiful when in the March everything is covered with the white and red stripes?
  3. Nestinarstvo - a fest for the brave men. The next custom is connected with the fire. When the night of Saints Constantine and Helen’s Day comes, hot Bulgarian women and men dance on hot coals in the condition of trance. The dancers are called nesteri. Nestinarstvo or Anastenaria has the Eastern Orthodox aspects and more ancient Pagan rituals. If you want to prove your serious intentions towards the Bulgarian lady, you will have to be brave.

To sum up

Bulgarian women make perfect wives who can take care of the entire family. They have amazing traits and desires which will never leave you wanting for more. Jump on the best Bulgarian mail order bride dating sites to find the girl of your dreams and start a healthy relationship.

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