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Mail-Order-Bride.com Awards 2022

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Mail-Order-Bride.com Awards 2022

Best Asian Mail-Order Bride Site

It is possible to understand that the award for the Best Asian Mail-order brides website is going to be given to a website that has a large number of Asian women for marriage. There are many factors that define a great Asian dating website, and all of them are going to be analyzed by our team of dating professionals.

In order to select an online dating website for this category, a site should meet several criteria. First of all, the website should be either entirely devoted to Asian mail-order bride services or the majority of women for marriage there should be from Asian countries. Second of all, the quality of communicational, matchmaking, and other services should be exceptionally high. Lastly, the website should be well-known and have an excellent reputation among professionals and customers.

Best Customer Service

Based on the title of this nomination, one can figure out that the website with the best customer services is going to receive an award. It is incredibly important for a website to have a professional and experienced support department. In this category, you are going to find the best dating sites with the most helpful customer service.

To select platforms for this nomination, our team of professionals evaluated customer services of dozens of online dating websites. Those sites that had decent and actually helpful support departments were included in the list.

Best Latin Mail-Order Bride site

According to the title of this nomination, a lot of people may understand that this award is going to be given to a dating website with the best quality among Latin dating platforms. With the help of this nomination, you are going to learn about the best of the best in the sphere of Latin mail-order bride services.

One of the most difficult things is to choose websites for the nomination because there are so many great platforms with Latin ladies. Nevertheless, you can be sure that all participants in this nomination represent online dating sites with gorgeous and hot Latin mail-order brides. Only websites with excellent quality of services, diverse tools, and features, and years of experience, and good reputation were selected.

Best Russian Mail-Order Bride Site

Based on the title of this nomination, it is possible to understand that its purpose is to select the best online dating websites with the mail-order brides. Here, you will find that all the participants represent the best of the best in the industry of Russian online dating.

In order to select websites for this nomination, a website should have a large number of mail-order from Russia. The majority of ladies registered on that platform should be from that country. Moreover, all the websites found in this category have been online for a significant amount of time and have gained the reputation of reliable and trustworthy sites for online dating.

The winner of this award was decided based on the votes of users and our experts’ reviews – a site that got the most significant number of appreciation was regarded as the “Best Russian Mail-order Brides Site”.

Best Ukrainian Mail-Order Bride Site

You may already understand with the help of the title of this nomination, that its purpose is to find the best mail-order bride service that offers you communication with Ukrainian girls. With the help of this award, you will be able to use a dating website of the utmost quality, perfect rating, and exceptional range of mail-order brides from Ukraine.

The major criteria to get into this category is quite simple and straightforward – an online dating platform should have a big number of Ukrainian mail-order brides. Furthermore, it is significant to mention that the website should have an excellent reputation, valid reviews from the customers and dating experts, and should offer the top-notch quality of all services.

The winner was decided based on the vote. The platform with the largest number of votes received the award.

Editor's choice

The purpose of this nomination is to choose the best online dating website according to our editor’s choice. Our professionals have been in the sphere of online dating for years, which is why you can depend on their taste and experience. The winners of this nomination would represent the best and most effective online dating platforms.

Our Team has surfed the internet and selected the most popular and trusted dating platforms. They have also conducted an extensive and thorough research and tested all the websites in real life.

The winners of this category were selected based on the scores from the editorial team. Check out the winners to see the best online dating sites according to our experts.

Highest Number of Matches Made in 2021

It is incredibly important for a person who wants to use online dating sites to be sure in the efficiency of the platform. With the help of this nomination, you will discover platforms that have made the biggest number of matches in 2019. Enjoy the sites that are more successful than any other dating places!

Our team of professionals has studied the statistical data on the amount of matches made during this year and selected platforms with the highest number. Therefore, the sites that you will see here represent dating platforms with the most successful matchmaking systems.

Winners were selected based on the data from real users and websites’ statistics on the number of happy couples who met on the platform.

Largest Number of Beautiful Girls

According to this nomination, you will be able to look at the online dating sites with the biggest number of gorgeous girls and dates. Enjoy an incredible amount of high-quality profiles of ladies that can drive any man crazy.

To look for such sites, our team of professionals has searched for platforms with the biggest number of female users in general. Then, these users were graded based on their beauty, elegance, and charm. Then, the top scored websites were added to this nomination.

To win in this nomination, the selected websites had to get the highest scores for a number of criteria. Common users of online dating websites were also allowed to vote in this category. The winners were the websites with the highest amount of votes.

Largest Number of Men Ready for Marriage

With the help of this award, you are going to find platforms with the largest amount of handsome and reliable men who are ready for family life. This nomination includes platforms with the biggest number of male users who are looking for a serious and long-term relationship.

Only sites that offer serious and family-oriented relationships were selected to participate in the voting process. Furthermore, it was important for a website to have at least 50% of male users registered on the site. Therefore, all sites participating in this nomination have a great variety of men looking for serious relations.

To select the winners for this nomination, an anonymous voting system has been designed. The websites with the highest numbers of votes received this award.

Most Innovative Dating

Dating is evolving, which is why it is essential for online dating platforms to come up with new ideas and concepts to help people date each other. This nomination is dedicated to an online dating website with a unique and most innovative approach for dating. In this category, you will find new ways to communicate, interact, and meet with other individuals.

As one may understand, in order to be innovative, something on a dating site should be new and unique. Our dating experts have gathered a few dating sites that have unique and innovative communication tools that are not very popular but very effective.

Profiles Quality Award

Some websites appeal to customers through the quantity of profiles, others may offer great diversity of communication tools. This nomination is going to show you the best dating platforms with the greatest profiles quality. Check out sites where you can learn virtually anything about your potential date.

To select participants for this nomination, our team of dating experts has looked for the platforms that have detailed and informative profiles. Quality of photos and videos, diversity of information that can be included, and the layout of the profile page were considered during choosing the sites.

For a website to become a winner in this nomination, it should have scored the highest number of votes from users and dating experts.

Single's choice

In this section, you will find the best online dating websites for singles who are looking for love, happiness, and friendship. Users have voted for the most dedicated and reputable online dating websites.

We have asked a lot of singles about their favorite and most enjoyable dating platforms. Dating sites with favorable reviews from customers and editors play an important role in deciding whether it should be included or not. Moreover, it was an essential factor for a website to be online for at least 2 years.

We have selected the winners based on the votes and reviews of our users – the platforms that scored the most were able to receive this award!

The Safest Dating Site

Online dating experience may require anonymity and proper protection of your personal information. According to the title of this nomination, you can understand that this award will go to a website with the most modern and effective security systems.

The first major factor that defines a safe site is its safety systems – they should be modern and updated. For example, all selected websites have SSL 128-bit encryption that protects your credit card information. Moreover, allowing users to learn about safety in online dating is also an important attribute of any safe dating site. So, websites in this category allow their users to understand how to act to have safe dating experience.

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