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Estonian Mail Order Brides

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Latest update: 2021-03-04

If you dream of meeting a perfect woman with all her curves in the right places and tender smile, see hot Estonian girls for marriage. Coming from Eastern Europe, they have grace of the goddesses, hearts of gold, and attitude of fire. Hot Estonian girls are a mix of everything good in Slavic, Scandinavian, and German brides. They might come off as shy and calm women, but there is a spark and actual fireworks once you get to know them better. Hot Estonian girls know how to handle stress and remain calm and confident in any situation. They will make you work for their attention, but once you find the right keys, they will give you all the love.

Elena Valentime
Age: 18
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Occupation: Make-up artist
Children: 0
Relocation: Yes

Hot Estonian brides are always honest with their partners, and it makes them good spouses. They have all needed: the stunning looks, priority family values, incredible minds.

Marrying a hot Estonian woman will give you a partner to rely on, a fierce lover, a mother of your children, and a wife.

Estonian women have recently become popular among men looking for foreign brides. This is so for several reasons, ranging from the women’s striking physical charms and appealing personalities to the foreign men’s need for exoticism and traditional values in a potential mail order wife.

Okay, let’s dive right in! How do we identify Estonian women? What do they look like?

Features of Estonian brides

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Estonian women are beautiful

On a scale of one to ten, I would rate personally rate Estonian women one hundred. Of course, you don't have to take that literally, but I hope you get the point. Estonian women are generally drop-dead beautiful. However, it is really hard to categorize them based on looks alone.

Asking what a typical Estonian woman looks like is similar to asking what a British or American woman looks like, as they can fall anywhere under this department. However, a rather thin feature to go by is that a typical Estonian lady is a tall, blue-eyed blonde. In Estonia, it is also common to see women with any other color of hair. Basically, their features are an interesting blend of Scandinavian, Slav, and German. That shows how diverse they can appear.

Estonian girls are reserved

Estonians are generally reserved and quiet people. In a conversation, they will say very little and can be more direct in communication. Unlike what we see in Western ladies, dating an Estonian girl can be somewhat a challenge. You always have to take the lead and initiative. This is not to say that they are shy people; it is just their nature.

Estonian women are disciplined

I regard Estonians as something of a wonder. Estonians are a perfect balance between quiet discipline and expressive passion. While they appear tough and emotionally unresponsive, they are, in reality, very passionate people.

For example, it will be unusual for an Estonian lady to be seen letting out roaring laughter at a joke told by a man she does not know quite well. In such circumstances, a controlled but sincere grin might suffice for her. However, do not be surprised to see her completely lost in laughter at a joke told by people within her inner circle.

To charm your way into her heart you have to be able to tell good jokes and keep her sufficiently entertained.

estonian lady

They are self-reliance

For centuries, Estonians have lived under pressure from harsh weather conditions and foreign oppressors. This seems to have instilled in them a natural ability for self-reliance. This positive trait can be seen in Estonian women who can be huge helpmates to their partners. This is a BIG bonus to foreign men who may not be living together with their foreign brides. You can rest assured that your Estonian bride will be able to take care of herself when the going gets tough.

Estonian girls are cautious

Estonians are generally cautious people. You have to be very calculative when getting to know a new Estonian girl. Watch the things you say and do, so you do not freak her out or appear suspicious.

Estonian ladies are sincere

I do not know of any other peoples who are more frugal with praise than Estonians. I think this has its roots in their high expectations and tendency towards sincerity. If an Estonian woman tells you she loves you, take that to heart because she really means it.

Estonian women are known for their stunning looks

Men like beautiful women, and with Estonian women, you just cannot see enough. Their impeccable beauty is among the reasons men embark on romantic journeys to this country.

estonian woman

Estonian women are faithful and trustworthy lovers

Estonian women have strong moral values. As such, they remain faithful and loyal to their partners. Also, as previously mentioned, Estonians are very cautious people; hence, to earn the trust of an Estonian girl is no easy feat. But when you do, it is strongly deserved.

Estonian women are famous for their family values

Estonian brides value their families a lot. They are also known for their love for kids. If you're looking for a woman who can put together a family where love, care, and organization are the defining principles, then consider getting yourself an Estonian bride.

Estonian women are an easy catch

Strange as this one sounds, it is worth the mention. Foreign men consider Estonian brides easy catch. I don't know the origin or basis of this assumption, but I doubt its authenticity. If there is any truth in this, then, maybe, it has more to do with the country’s economy than the women’s morals.

An old American man might find it hard to find a sweet young girl for dating (who wants to date an old fart, anyway?) However, in a country with a relatively weaker economy like Estonia, he would come across as rich and will easily find a bride.

The best sites to search for Estonian brides

There are not many Estonian online dating websites. However, we have handpicked these websites that we consider as the best ones to find the most stunning Estonian girls.

Why are Estonian women considered good fit for marriage?

Estonian women have traditional values

I think tradition plays an important role here. Estonian women are very tradition-minded. They still give their men the leading role. A typical Estonian lady values and respects herself and her spouse, but does not find it a big deal playing traditionally feminine roles. It is very common to see her do laundry, wash dishes, cook, tidy up the house, carry kids, etc., without nagging. Who doesn’t love such a woman?

Estonian women are family-oriented

Estonian ladies value their families a lot. Every man wants a woman who can put a family together, and above all, love him and his kids. Luckily, this trait is second nature to Estonian brides.

What cultural peculiarities make Estonian women so interesting?

Every nation has cultures and traditions that make them unique. So, what makes Estonian brides so different from brides from other countries?

Observance of simple (sometimes strange) etiquettes is common in Estonia. To be on the safe side, you can ask your potential bride about their culture. For example, Estonians find it rude talking to a woman with your hand in your pockets (something quite cool in the US).

estonian girl

Estonian women are superstitious

Estonians are known for their superstitious tendency. To shake hands, for example, you must come really close, as doing otherwise is considered bad luck. If you drop a slice of bread, you must pick it up and kiss it to avoid bad luck coming to you. Be prepared to see your Estonian bride doing things like this.

Estonian women love cats

Cat ownership is very high in Estonia (much higher than you’d see in the US). This reflects Estonia’s love and care for nature.

To sum up

Okay, now you know a lot about your dream Estonian bride—what she most likely will look like, what to expect from her, what she expects from you, and such-like. And now you are ready to go fishing.

However, I think I should remind you of these very important points.

  • Estonians appreciate honesty and loyalty. To win an Estonian bride, she must see these values in you.
  • Jokes. A good dose of this should be in your arsenal if you must get her to ease up.
  • Estonian women think western men don’t respect them enough. If you’re a western man seeking to hook up with an Estonian lady, you must show her you’re different.
  • Patience is key. At the initial stages of your relationship, you might meet with constant denials and opposition from your Estonian bride. Be steadfast and loyal in your protestations of love for her.
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