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German Mail Order Brides Are Looking For Love

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Latest update: 2021-02-10

What are German girls for marriage like? What wives do they make? Do they often prefer foreign men to local ones? What are the character and personality of German mail order brides? If you're planning to find a girl from Germany, you certainly need the answers. Find them below.

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Top facts about German ladies for marriage

What do you know about women from Germany? Let's check if your knowledge is really true to life.

German girl for marriage

German girls are honest and blunt

Yes, get ready that your pretty German wife won't beat around the bush. She won't smooth over delicate topics. She won't probably tell you any white lies. She's going to be pretty outspoken and straight-talking. And sometimes uncompromisingly forthright. That's a national characteristic of almost all Germans. They don't give any hints or understand ones. If she wants to tell you something about what she likes/hates/wants/ — she'll do it in the most direct approach. Try to get used to it and never take it personally. Don't you dream to buy a wife just like that? No more guess games!

They're disciplined and responsible

German women and men are remarkably civically-minded. They love rules and consciously follow them. For example, let's take crossing the road. They never dare to cross the road when there's red pedestrian light. Even if there are no cars around, and it looks absolutely safe. In fact, it's not. You're certainly going to quickly face some deathly stares from other passers-by. Or at least head shaking in disgrace. Or some harsh words! Yes, they love discipline. Accept the fact.

German ladies are efficient and punctual

You might get a bit overwhelmed by this if you prefer a more slow type of living. Germans are very practical. They do things in a way that is easy, effective, and quick. They like to solve problems fast. Time-efficiency is the thing. So if two of you are late for the train or bus, your girl will likely suggest running for 5 minutes straight to catch it rather than to walk slowly and then wait for another 20 minutes. It's a nice quality indeed. It means you're going to have a super reliable partner. But she'll expect the same from you. When you say you're going to do something, she expects you to do it.

Tips for dating German brides

German mail order bride

What to do after you meet a German woman?

  • Don't mistake shyness for disinterest. It's not that common for German girls to flirt. Actually, it concerns German men as well. And that's one of the reasons why local women tend to choose foreign men. It just might be a bit challenging to hit it off with somebody from their country. However, the biggest mistake would be to think that a hot German lady is cold and indifferent to you. She just needs more time to open up.
  • Stick to the schedule. Yes, it's not a myth. The majority of German girls are very punctual. They're always on time. Even for the dates. So good news — you won't have to wait for her for ages until she gets ready, finds the best dress, or finishes her makeup. Furthermore, Germans keep promises. If she said she'd do something for you, she'll do it. But she'll expect the same from you. So if you've agreed to meet at 2, it has to be at 2.
  • Don't rush into relationships. Most German women never do. They need time. It might take weeks or months to go on five or six dates. When you start a relationship with someone from Germany, don't anticipate a tornado romance. Even German women looking for American men tend to be quite calculated and patient at the start of a new relationship.
  • Think about presents. German women are different from lots of other women from other cultures. They indeed don't expect a pile of presents for every holiday and anniversary. They don't want you to give them something just because you have to. Presents should be more meaningful and have real sentimental value. Yes, gift-giving traditions are taken very seriously. That's why you might get unexpected tickets to the concert of your favorite musician you once told about. Or she might surprise you with your dream city trip for your birthday. And of course, she'll expect you to be as attentive.

Top Sites To Get German Mail Order Brides

Here is our personal top list of the best websites where you can find a german bride.

Top myths about single German girls for marriage

No clichés. No stigma. No prejudices. Just true facts.

Beautiful german lady

Stereotype #1: They're reserved

When you meet German ladies for the first time, you might think they're a bit unfriendly or distant. Like it's hard for them to open up. However, it's just one side of the coin. German women are indeed inclined not to overwhelm their crush with feelings and strong emotions at first. But when some time passes, and they get to know you closer, everything changes. Just remember one simple truth about Germans — when you break the ice, the water underneath is warm.

Stereotype #2: They're charmless

Another stereotype that's not true at all. What would you say about Claudia Schiffer or Heidi Klum and lots of other gorgeous German models? German women's appearance is nice and charming. It's all a matter of taste. Yes, you can hardly call them artificial dolls with tons of makeup. They don't wear too sexy outfits or high heels. They prefer comfort and authenticity. That's a reason why many men choose them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Agree?

Stereotype #3: They're bad cooks

In fact, not at all. The reality is a bit different. German women can cook and can do that well. They just don't want to feel like housewives constantly answering the questions “What are we eating today?” or “What's for dinner, honey?”. It's annoying and gets women frustrated. So here comes equality again. Women want household responsibilities to be fairly divided. Why should they cook for the whole family day after day being full-time employed? Have a talk and agree who and how often cooks. And believe it, you'll love the way she makes meals.

What's your life with a German mail order wife going to be like?

Here are a few new things you might have in your life after you start dating a German lady.

Hot German bride
  • Two biggest superstitions. You know that Germans are quite (in fact, a lot) rational and everything makes sense to them. It means they're not really superstitious. There are only two things that seem to be able to destroy everything for Germans for some reason. So in no way dare you to do the following — wishing Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas to someone too early. Bad luck!
  • Best conversation topic. Another thing that foreigners find a bit weird is that Germans love talking about insurance. A career in insurance is very respectable and well-paid in the country. Many women strive to work in this business. Moreover, locals can talk about what insurance company to use and why for the whole day. So don't feel puzzled if your German girl ever asks you about it. Or if you feel like your conversation is reaching a dead-end, you know what to do.
  • Drinking habit. No, the point isn't about drinking beer or whatever else you've thought about. It's about water. Germans drink fizzy water only — at home, at a restaurant, at work. If you're in a German café and order a glass of water, it's always going to be fizzy. And in case you want still water, you have to specifically ask for it. You might probably get a weird look from the waiter. And it's presumably going to be tap water.
  • Splitting the check. Germany is very strong when it comes to equality. Both women and men are thinking the same way when it comes to equal treatment. The women don't want to be invited the whole time. They want to be independent and pay by themselves. It's totally okay for them if you don't open the car's door, for instance. They can do it themselves too. However, being a gentleman will never be out of fashion.

You and your German wife

Pretty, modern, self-assured, punctual, and reliable women. That's how German ladies can be described in one sentence. Isn't that a picture of perfection? Isn't it what you're dreaming about? Indeed, there are some things foreign men find challenging when dating German mail order brides. But ultimately they start to value these qualities a lot. Want to give it a try?

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