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If you are an owner or a representative of a dating site, we can offer you the following services:

  1. Analysis of the female profiles of your site;
  2. Writing an independent review of your dating service. We will check the work and services of your platform and will represent the collected data to our readers;
  3. Banner advertising on our site;
  4. Mailing of your promotional offers marked "Partner's promo";
  5. Posting your promotional offers marked "Partner's promo" on our social media pages.


We are looking forward to partner with media as well. We are highly interested in the popularization of our service among people of different countries, and we are open to your offers too, if any. The content of our site may help plenty of people to find love as soon as possible, and if you find it useful, we would be glad to partner to share our experience with single men and women.

We can partner with:

  1. Mass media;
  2. Bloggers;
  3. Social media public pages;
  4. Information portals that publish online dating content give advice on marriage and relationship, and so on.

If you want people to know about our service and get benefits from such a partnership with us, please, contact us and we will discuss the details of Mail-Order-Bride.com promotion with your help.


If you have some ideas or experience to share, you can share it with people on our website! You can write a post and send it to our team. We will publish it, and plenty of our readers will see it and use it to improve their lives and relationships.

You can write about:

    1. Relationship issues;
    2. Online dating news, facts, useful statistics;
    3. Guides (how to register on a dating site, how to make the profile attractive, how to organize a date, and so on);
    4. Interesting facts about people of different nationalities, etc.

How does it work? You send us a text, and our team of editors will check it and then publish it on our site.

We want to see helpful, interesting, and unique articles from you! Relevance will also be a big plus. Feel free to write creatively, use clean language, and simple structure. But, do not include external links to your texts, please; links are allowed only if they complement the content and generate value for our readers.

We do not post SEO articles for link promotion or money.

What are the benefits of working with us? Promotion of your site/page/blog and getting new contacts and readers: more than 20.000 people will see your texts or the reviews of your sites! And, you will experience the warm feeling of helping people to be happy and stable, as they will get more possibilities and chances to meet their soulmates.

If you have any questions as for partnership with us, please, contact our team and get answers. We are open to any types of collaboration listed above, and hope that you will find the work with Mail-Order-Bride.com fruitful!

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