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Latest update: 2021-03-04

Dutch brides are beautiful, confident, and mostly blonde. They are easy-going and known for their honesty. We have seen many foreign men who go online in search of a Dutch bride. Interestingly, these women also go online to register themselves as mail order brides who are ready for international marriages.

Elena Matchtruly
Age: 31
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Occupation: Chef
Children: 0
Relocation: maybe

Features of Dutch brides

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Dutch brides are Independent

Dutch brides don't like being full-time housewives without contributing financially to the family. Even before marriage, they are not comfortable with the idea that their man should be the one paying bills all the time. They always want to bear some of the expenses and wouldn't mind sharing the bill with you. You will never see a Dutch girl who is solely dependent on her spouse's wealth.

Dutch girls are loyal

Dutch women don't take marriage lightly. That is why it takes time for them to settle down. Once a Dutch bride commits herself to marriage, it is for real. She devotes herself to it and remains loyal to her husband. She will do everything to make the marriage work and be successful. Every man admires such commitment to marriage, so if you get a Dutch as a wife, cherish her.

Dutch brides

They are honest

Dutch women are not deceitful nor would they attempt to trick you into something dubious. They are always straightforward and honest with their thoughts, right from the very first day you approach them.

Dutch women are intelligent

Most people in the Netherlands have access to quality education, including the women. Dutch women have shown remarkable intelligence in many academic fields such as Maths Science, Biology, etc. With researches showing that children inherit the intelligence of their mother and not father, you can be sure that your kids will have high IQs when you marry a Dutch bride.

Dutch brides are great planners

Dutch women know how to draw up successful plans. They plan virtually everything they do and stick to it. This shows they will also be able to manage the home and finance in ways that would benefit the entire family.

Netherlands girls brides are social

Dutch brides are very social. In most cases, they are the one to walk up to the man that they admire. They are open-minded and outgoing, and because of these, foreign men do love them.

Dutch brides want foreigners

The best way to easily get married is to find someone who reciprocates your love for them. It's common to see many Dutch women with foreigners. Some Dutch ladies even prefer men from other countries to Dutchmen; hence they look out to find love.

Dutch mail order brides

They are hard working

Truth be told, no man loves a lazy woman. This is why Dutch brides continue to catch the eyes of men from around the world. Dutch girls don't marry men for money or as a way to run out of poverty.

The best sites to search for Dutch brides

Our teems sees these websites as the best ones to meet Dutch women for marriage and dating.

Why are Dutch brides good for marriage?

Dutch women are concerned about family

Getting married means starting a new family, and the best way to do that is to marry a woman who understands the importance of marrying someone with the right family orientation. Dutch mail order brides have been trained to understand how the family work, so they are always ready to make sacrifices for the sake of their loved ones.

They make good mothers

If you're the type that wants children, then marrying a woman who can love and raise kids would be the ideal thing to do. In Dutch homes, children always receive proper attention and care to prevent them from going astray. Dutch brides make good mothers, and you will surely enjoy what your bride has to offer.

Dutch women for marriage

What cultural peculiarities make Dutch ladies so interesting

Their metropolitan culture

The Netherlands is a modern country compared to some other countries. Their ladies are well educated and not naive with technology and 21st-century development. With this background, they are not underdeveloped or developing, meaning you don't need to provide any form of training or coaching for your Dutch bride.

Mutiracial nature

If you go to the Netherlands, you are going to see people from different parts of the world, dating or married to each other. They have a rich culture of interracial and international marriage. That is something peculiar about them, you can be from anywhere and be married to a Dutch.

Interesting facts about hot Dutch women

Hot Dutch brides are patriots, they respect their country, customs, and heritage. So it’s important to have basic knowledge about the Netherlands’ local traditions and culture. Here are some fun facts that you can use during the conversation:

Hot Dutch girls above 18 love gin! It was invented in the Netherlands, so their feelings are probably patriotic.

Every hot Dutch girl is crazy about the breakfasts. Because of the mild northern climate, they have to save lots of energy. Nourishing breakfast is the best way to do it. That’s why Dutch people have such different types of breakfast: cereals, bread with cold cuts, cheese, jam, chocolate, ham, butter, eggs, buns, toasts, yogurts, etc.

However, there’s one special plate that you will encounter only in the Netherlands. It’s called ontbijtkoek (breakfast cake), also known as peperkoek (pepper cake) or kruidkoek (spice cake). It’s like a sweet slice of bread, but with cinnamon, ginger and other spices. Usually, they serve it with butter, jam or cheese so you can eat it as a sandwich.

Hot Dutch woman probably has a funny last name. The thing is that they have lots of strange names as Naaktgeboren (Born naked) or Poepjes (Little pooh). If you want to knock your Dutch crush dead, show her that you know the legend about why the Dutch last names are so strange. The point is when the emperor Napoleon came on these lands, everyone was forced to take the family names. As a joke and latent riot, they made such funny names.

To sum up

Marrying a Dutch is a dream come true for most men. Dutch brides are loving, loyal, hardworking, and self-sufficient. These beautiful women are eager and ready to settle with someone outside their locality. They might be hard to please, but if you know their qualities, likes, and interests, then you can easily woo them. Try it out today by visiting the websites we listed above for your online dating and find that your bride today.

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