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Latest update: 2021-03-04

Someone once said that to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. I think Croatian girls must have been the reason behind this statement. Love is said to be complete when there is a balance, with an equal (or almost equal) dose of affection and care coming from both partners. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in real life, as often, the scale is tipped.

My ex would spend hours in front of the TV, watching love films on channels like Zee World and Telemundo. We would often get into playful arguments about the reality of the kind of romance these films dramatize. Naturally, she would argue that such kind of romance actually exists and would ridicule the feats and actions of my favorite heroes. She would be like “How could one man defeat a thousand men in a fight (typical Jet Li films), or how can one jump from skyscraper to skyscraper (as Spiderman defies gravity)?” She would say “I can’t bring myself to enjoy such films. They’re ridiculously unreal.”

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Being much for action thrillers myself, I would quickly hit back at her by telling her this kind of fairytale love exists only in films, and I meant that until I visited Croatia.

My visit to Croatia was a real eye-opener to what true love can be. This country is the birthplace of love if you ask me. On my visit, I discovered a great many interesting things about this beautiful country. Particularly of interest to me was Croatian women.

I could actually write a tome about this unique set of species and not have even said enough. What I’m going to share with you about Croatian women will make you understand why flights to this country are always filled with men eager to get on the shores of this country, eager to mingle with the local girls, and eager to take a Croatian bride home.

Features of Croatian brides

Croatian girls are gorgeous

In Croatia, you will find different specs of ladies when it comes to physical appearance. I can’t actually put them in a box, but if you if you insist on getting a picture of a typical Croatian maid, then request accepted - I’m going to oblige you. Croatia has a large population of eastern European blondes (and brunettes). Most of their women have a natural tan of light olive. Young Croatian girls are generally model-type-looking girls: tall, thin and graceful. A close-up view of a typical Croatian girl reveals soft brown eyes that can make your heart sing. Because of their slim build, they usually have smaller breasts, though, one would wonder why they still have bigger bums (don’t ask me why. Ask nature).

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Croatian women are Intelligent

A beautiful face on an empty head is a NO-NO for most men. I once saw a joke on Facebook that the concept of “buy two, get one free” in adverts began in Croatia with their girls. Croatian girls seem to be the complete package.

Open any dating website, and you will find that Croatian women are among the most sought-after by men—local and foreign. Have you wondered why? Okay, I’ll tell you.

Croatian girls are popular for their beauty

I’m sure every man loves a beautiful woman. But what about a woman who spends all her (or your) time and resources dolling up and trying so hard to look beautiful and maintain her physical attractiveness? I won’t answer for every man in this regard; I leave the answer to you.

Croatian women have no need for that (and why should they?), as they are already naturally endowed with unearthly beauty. Very few Croatian women go on makeup and those who do usually go light.

Croatian women

Ask most men, and they would tell you they would choose intelligence and personality above beauty. I’ve not heard of anyone charged guilty of greed for requiring both physical beauty and charming personality in a woman. If that were the case, then most men who go for Croatian brides would all be in jail because these two traits are so common to find in an average Croatian woman.

Croatian girls are known for their remarkable intelligence. Engage them in conversations, and their sound minds and sharp wits will enthrall you. Every man wants a woman who can talk politics, business, economics, philosophy, sport (I like the sound of that), etc.

Croatian girls

Croatian girls are known for their passion

You think Mexicans are the only great lovers and passionate people? Wait until you meet Croatian girls. Like I mentioned earlier, Croatia is the birthplace of love. Creations do everything with passion. I thought I had experienced all the gamuts of emotions one can feel in love until I met this young Croatian damsel. It's just like what you’d see in films and romance books.

Croatian girls are famous for their loyalty

Want a loyal, faithful and humble online bride? Want a woman who will be with you through thick and thin? A woman who understands she is your own and would trust you enough to let you guide and guard her as her lord and master through the world? If your answers to these questions are positive, then I have only two handy words of advice for you - THINK CROATIA!

Croatian ladies

The best websites to search for Croatian brides

I hear you thinking “Come on, loudmouth, you can’t just pique my interest and leave me with half-baked info; where can I find myself a Croatian bride?” Easy and slow, man! You’ll get your fill.

The following three dating platforms are the best websites to find a Croatian mail order bride.

Date Croatian Woman

Why are Croatian women perfect for marriage?

Every man wants a wife who is respectful, cultured, caring, loving, and committed; can take care of his kids and put together a home. These traits can be found clearly in Croatian women, being traditional people by nature. Plus, your kids will look as gorgeous as your wife! Yes, with a Croatian wife, that’s almost an assurance.

What cultural peculiarities make Croatian women so interesting?

Croatian mail-order brides

Croatia is a country where rich traditions abound in their various forms and shades, and this is why tourists flow into the country year-round. Is it the captivating dances performed by the local women or the mouth-watering delicacies that have magically joined foreign men to the local women, or the general way of life of these peaceful people? Croatia really is a place of great interest—and it begins with their women!

Croatia is a country where rich traditions abound in various forms and shades, and this is why tourists flow into the country year-round. What will attract you here? The captivating dances performed by the hot Croatian women? Or the mouth-watering delicacies that magically join foreign men with the local women? Or the general way of life of these peaceful people? Croatia is a place of great interest—and it begins with their women!

It’s crucial to understand how much hot Croatian women value their traditions and culture.. That’s why here's a list of the most famous and major customs and cultural specifics in Croatia.

  • Homes are extremely valuable. Croatians respect their houses and it’s a significant part of their families. Many hot Croatian ladies don’t leave their homes until they get married, so be ready to be patient.
  • Food really matters.. Lots of traditions are l based on the local cuisine. Moreover, a hot Croatian woman from a conservative family is obliged to be able to cook a delicious dish, so you will never be hungry.
  • Croatians are very loud. When you speak to a hot Croatian woman, the first thing you may think is that she is yelling. However, it’s just a simple method of communication among the locals.
  • Tranquilla is a motto of the Croatians. They are in love with a calm lifestyle when you have lots of time to sit in the cafe, drink your coffee, smoke a cigarette and enjoy your life. They can sit hours and hours observing others from the cafe table and talking about the food.
  • Croatians wear their heart on their sleeve. They are very sociable and open-minded. Also, they are always ready to dance and sing their local songs and support such an initiative.
Single Croatian Women

At this point, I will assume you now have a wealth of knowledge about Croatian brides (unless you’re a doughhead), and are ready to let that dream of getting a Croatian bride a reality.

Dreams only leave the realm of fantasy when we take action. You can even do more research on Croatian brides and discover more for yourself.

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