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Mail Order Vietnamese Brides: Find A Vietnamese Wife

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Latest update: 2021-05-28

Asia is a broad region, but Vietnam raises the most dazzling Asian women. Vietnamese brides are a delicacy to the eyes and nurture to the soul. Their sacred, god-given beauty, and deep-rooted values are what make them the hottest pick for a future wife. Local Vietnamese women, like true goddesses of balance, bring peace and calmness into your daily life.

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There must be a reason for thousands of men to crave for mail order brides from Vietnam. And their jaw-dropping beauty isn't the only thing that makes international singles go crazy. Don't believe it? Let's dive deeper into details of their nature.

Find a Vietnamese wife and win a jackpot

If you choose to marry a lady from Vietnam, you win in life. Why? Because you get way more than just a wonderful wife. Hot Vietnamese women are a whole package: sexy girlfriends, caring spouses, life-long best friends, Michelin-star cooking chefs, selfless mothers, and wild creatures in bed. The list goes on, but you've got the idea – Vietnamese women are amazing.

Vietnamese mail order bride

Before jumping onto the detailed review of their personality traits and cultural peculiarities, let's see what Vietnamese brides look like.

Appearance of mail order Vietnamese brides

Asian ladies have no competition when it comes to their looks, and Vietnamese females sit at the very top of the region's beauty chart. This is why:

  • Women from Vietnam have petite figures and tender Asian features, such as silky dark hair, deep sparkling hazel or brown eyes, and velvety skin in shades of beige.
  • Local ladies embrace their natural beauty instead of trying to cover it up. You'll never see a Vietnamese girl wearing tons of unnecessary makeup.
  • These girls are true fashion gurus and will strike any man with their flawless appearance from head to toe. A great example would be a fashion designer Linda Mai Phung.
  • Vietnamese mail order brides are blessed with great Asian genetics, which helps them easily stay in shape and look young throughout their lives.

Enough about their looks, how are single Vietnamese ladies as people?

Nobody falls in love with the inner world first, but shallow things like toned bodies and pretty faces aren't enough to build a strong foundation for a happy marriage. Luckily, hot Vietnamese women have unique qualities other ladies don't possess.

Vietnamese girl for marriage

Vietnamese ladies for marriage study their whole life

Whether it's their university degree or a new 5-star dish recipe, local women never lose the drive to expand their knowledge. Vietnam has teamed up with UNESCO to improve education conditions for female citizens, which shows ladies here thrive to find more options for education.

Vietnamese brides are superstitious

Vietnam is a melting pot of superstitions that are engraved in the minds of local women from an early age. For example, women should marry until 30, otherwise, they'll be “unwanted” after. Or when a Vietnamese woman gives birth to a child, she and her partner shouldn't show the baby's face to people because the evil spirits may jinx the kid's luck.

Local girls create big, strong families

Asian ladies give their all to creating a happy and loving home for their husbands and children. Marrying a Vietnamese woman means marrying a fairy of happiness and a spirit of love. These women adore children and will usually have at least 2 kids. The bigger the family, the better!

Vietnamese mail order brides are the embodiment of Ying-Yang

Calm and collected with colleagues and children, seductive and wild with their husbands. You'll never know what women from Vietnam are capable of in bed until you date one. They seem shy at first, but once you get to know them, they'll impress you with the amount of unique sexual skills and their approach to bedtime.

Vietnam women for marriage are excellent cooks

Kitchen is one of the local women's shrines where they master traditional cuisine and create new tasteful combinations to treat their families and friends. If you get to marry a Vietnamese girl, your gut will always be stuffed with delicious and healthy food.

Nothing helps better during a cold than a cup of fresh steamy pho soup, or a banh xeo right out of the oven for dinner. Vietnamese cuisine is rich in flavor and diversity of ingredients, so it's impossible to get bored with local food.

Local women appreciate little things

It's easy to get caught up in routine life and stop seeing little love gestures (bouquet, breakfast in bed, movie night.) Luckily, Vietnamese brides are grateful and remember all the good things their boyfriends do for them.

Where do you find a Vietnamese wife?

Nowadays, you can meet Vietnamese angels without leaving your room. Thanks to the development of Internet dating platforms, you can meet ladies from any country. However, if you're ever in Vietnam and want to go bride hunting, here are the spots to visit:

  • Republic Club at 19 Do Quang Dau, Pham Ngu Lao, D1. This is one of the hottest nightclubs across the whole country, and many single Vietnam beauties love to relax and dance here.
  • The Crescent Mall, Ho Chi Minh City, D1. This is a huge shopping mall area with dozens of cafés and lounge areas where locals love to hang out in hopes of meeting someone.
  • Xu Restaurant Lounge at 71 – 75 Hai Bà Trưng, Ho Chi Minh City, D1. If you're hungry for ladies and delicious meals, check out this area. Local women love dining here and showing off their flawless looks.
  • Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City, D1. A great area to visit during the day because it's packed with interesting museums that attract both Vietnamese tourists and locals. Get to know the country and its women simultaneously!

The best online sites to search for Vietnamese brides

There are many dating websites where you can find Vietnamese brides online . However, reviewing each of the hundreds of available sites is a hustle you probably want to avoid. We think that the following websites are the best and may work like a charm when it comes to Vietnamese online dating.

How to make mail order Vietnamese brides like you?

beautiful Vietnamese bride

Single Vietnamese ladies are a hot topic among international men, so snatching their attention can be challenging. With these tips, you'll easily stand out from the crowd of lustful men and boost your chances of marrying the best lady from Vietnam.

  • Look after yourself. Vietnam women are taught to look their best for partners, so they expect the same from men. A clean haircut, ironed clothes, and nice perfume, and boom – local girls look at you from a very different perspective.
  • Show the right amount of confidence. Don't be shy and reserved, local women already have such men around them. To stand out, you should be brave enough to approach girls first and show them you're serious about your actions.
  • Be a gentleman. Hold the door for them, pay their check in a café, make sure they're comfortable around you. Vietnamese brides don't get it from local men often, so such behavior will make you steal their hearts.
  • Learn Vietnam's culture. Nothing makes their heart flutter more than a man who's passionate not only about them but about Vietnam's culture as well. Basic phrases in Vietnamese (Ban Khoe Khong, Tam Biet, Xin Loi), rituals to respect ancestors, and annual festivals – do a little research, and women from Vietnam won't resist marrying you.
  • Give them space and time. Although Vietnamese girls are quick to make up their minds about the future with you, they won't give it away on the first date. It's natural for them to play a little hide-n-seek with men, so don't be too pushy and arrogant, respect their wishes, and they'll love you even more.

Are Vietnamese brides hungry for your money?

Although Vietnam isn't in the top 10 richest places to live, local women aren't bound with such shallow things as money or appearance when it comes to choosing a life-long partner. Single Vietnamese ladies cherish values and sincerity more than cash or cars.

They'll happily live with you even in a small cozy apartment, all they look for is unconditional love and support from their husbands. Once you marry a Vietnamese girl, she'll be with you through thick and thin!

Are Vietnam mail order brides good for marriage?

Vietnamese ladies come from a sacred place, where gods of beauty bless each girl with dazzling looks and a deep inner world. They're fun, caring, interesting, and seductive. Vietnamese manifold mix of qualities makes local girls the desired thing everyone wants. Do you?

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