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mail order bride legislation

Mail Order Brides Legislation: What Laws And Acts Regulate Them

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Latest update: 2022-02-03

It's not a problem today to find love overseas, especially when the Internet bursts with numerous international dating websites. So, are mail order spouse illegal? In fact, many men find wives from abroad, and no one forbids them to register their relationships officially. Of course, some regulations should be followed, including permissions for living in a particular country. But here's the main thing to remember–neither services that help you meet a perfect potential partner nor do you break any laws. However, marriage is a serious step, and you might want to have more information on this question. Discover whether getting a mail order bride is legal in the US, Canada, and the UK below.

mail order brides legality

Are mail order spouse illegal in the US?

International marriage agencies or so-called brokers operate legally in the USA, so you shouldn't worry about the matters connected with the law. Today, many American men look for mail order brides living in different parts of the world. They use their right to seek a potential wife from abroad online and marry her as it's not forbidden. However, it's necessary to remember the following important conditions:

  • Neither you nor anyone else forces a woman to marry you.
  • You don't pretend you're in a relationship so that she can get a Green Card.
  • You don't pay a girl, her family, or other parties to make her your wife.

So, is it legal to mail order a bride? The answer is "Yes!" The truth is that when you hear about buying a wife, it doesn't mean that you can purchase a person. You only pay for services provided by an international dating agency. For example, the best mail order bride websites offer fee-based premium subscription and advanced communication features. Paying members get all the perks of a platform and more chances to meet a potential fiancee. Other expenses may include visiting your girlfriend, real-life meetings, gifts, etc.

The best dating websites allow male members to connect thousands of girls registered in their database. You can meet Latin, European, Slavic, and Asian females on these platforms. But in case you still wonder are mail order brides real for sure, notice that reliable services verify every new member. They require users to provide contact data or a copy of documents identifying a person. So, profiles you'll see are created by ladies searching for men.

mail order spouse legality

Moerover, these sites must operate in compliance with specific regulations. In the USA, there’s the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act protecting potential partners from hypothetical dangers and family violence.

What about regulations and documentations connected with the mail order bride legality in the USA? If you decide to marry a woman, she'll have to get a fiancee visa, which will allow her to go to America and stay there for 3 months. You'll have to register your marriage officially during this period. After the wedding, your spouse should get a Green Card. In 3 years, your wife can apply for US citizenship as a permanent resident.

Are mail order spouse illegal in Canada?

Canada is loyal to international marriages, so you won't face any problem if you decide to marry a foreign woman. Of course, it's a crime to make a girl your spouse just because she wants to become a resident of this country. The IRCC department (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) may decide to check whether your marriage isn't fake. In case their suspicion is proved, you and your wife will have to be punished according to the local regulations.

Is marrying a mail order bride legal in Canada? Yes, you can use international dating sites specializing in women from different areas to find a potential wife. Many local men use this option to meet perfect matches. If you get acquainted with a wonderful girl, develop romantic feelings, and propose to her, you won't face any serious limitations. Of course, first, you might need to find out the cost of a mail order bride, but remember that she's worth every coin.

To marry a Canadian partner, a foreigner can enter the country on a visitor visa. However, it doesn't mean that your wife will become a citizen after you register your relationship officially. Then, she must get permanent resident status. So, the next step will be applying for a sponsorship. Here are the rules that should be followed.

  • As a sponsor, you must be no less than 18 years old.
  • You're not on social assistance and your income is enough to provide your spouse with everything necessary.
  • A foreign partner has to pass medical and criminal examinations.
  • Sponsorship lasts for 3 years since the day your partner becomes a permanent resident.
mail order brides legality in Canada

If you're a Canadian, the question are mail order brides legal shouldn't worry you. The government requires a couple to provide evidence of a romantic relationship to prove that marriage isn't fake. You and your spouse may be invited for the interview with the visa officer and to answer personal questions about each other.

So, there's nothing to be worried about. It's pretty common for Canadians to marry foreigners. Local men don't mind searching for beautiful potential wives from overseas and taking them to their country. Moreover, the idea of creating an international family is rather popular–you can check out the mail order marriage statistics insights to make sure you're not the only one who strives to have a spouse from abroad.

Are mail order spouse illegal in the UK?

Although the British laws are pretty strict when it comes to international marriages, it's not forbidden to start a family with a foreigner. However, your partner will have to choose an appropriate visa to enter the country and become your wife. Otherwise, her application can be delayed, which will lead to money loss or problems with entry permissions in the future.

Naturally, such regulations make British men return to the question are mail order brides illegal over and over again. But you only have to prepare documentation carefully or ask for advice to organize everything correctly. Remember that you can't marry your woman if she enters the country as a standard visitor. This rule is applied even for those having multi-visas or nations who don't need a permit.

To enter the UK, your fiancee can choose either a marriage visitor visa or a family visa. Both are explained below.

Marriage visitor visa

A foreign partner can apply for a marriage visitor visa to join you in your country and register your relationship officially. Here are the main rules connected with this type of permission to enter the United Kingdom:

  • A foreign spouse can stay in the country for 6 months.
  • She can't receive public funds.
  • A fiancee from abroad can take none of her relatives by this visa.
  • Your partner can't prolong the expiry date of permission.
  • She's not allowed to work or study in the UK.

However, this visa type is the right option if a woman doesn't plan to stay and live in the country. She has to leave the United Kingdom in 6 months. So, in case you want to build a family here, it's necessary to apply for a family visa as a fiancee.

Family visa

If your woman gets a family visa, she can also stay for half of a year. But she's allowed to switch to a spouse visa within the UK and extend the period up to 30 months. She might need to prove the status of your relationship, demonstrate your income as proof that you're able to support her financially, and show excellent knowledge of English.

Once your partner lives on a spouse visa for at least 3 years in a country, she can apply for a permanent residence permit. Your wife is allowed to work and study during this period.

Of course, these rules are pretty complicated, but the United Kingdom mail order bride legality is proved. Dating services are also strictly regulated here. So, if you're a local, you can relax and rely on reputable agencies. They'll provide you with access to premium communication features and help you find the girl of your dreams. Choose the best country for foreign brides and meet girls from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Your personal and financial data will be safely stored on a platform. Basically, modern websites prioritize a user's confidentiality, security, and experience.

Are mail order spouse illegal? Actually, international marriages are even welcomed in many countries. If you live in the USA, Canada, or the UK, you can marry a girl from abroad and live in your homeland. Of course, you'll have to follow the set regulations so that she'll join you and apply for citizenship, but this mission isn't that complicated as it seems to be. Put your doubts aside and start looking for a potential fiancee!

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