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Learn Everything About Foreign Bride Tours

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Now imagine a vacation where the sole goal of said vacation is to find you a perfect wife! You might imagine it’s fiction, but you’re in for a treat! You’ll be taking as many romance tours as you can, and every minute of your hunt for your soulmate will be pure bliss.

What are these so called ‘Romance Tours’?

A mail order bride tour (or romance tour) is basically a vacation with an end goal. This goal is to find a wife from the country a man vacationing in.

romance tours

How are romance tours organized?

Mail order bride tours are usually hosted by various companies connected with mail order bride services! The interested man is flown out to a country of his choosing. The popular ones are Russia, Ukraine, and a vast array of countries in South America and Asia. Once he arrives at his destination, he begins his tour around the country, seeing the sights and relaxing. The added benefit in romance tours is that he is accompanied by women who are potential brides. As they spend time together, the man can decide which girl he likes the most. The company will then arrange one on one dates for him. If all goes well, the man will pick a girl to marry, and this will conclude the romance tour!

What are the different types of mail order bride tours?

There are two main types:

Group tour

In a group tour, you will be accompanied by a group of men who have the same goal as you- marry the most beautiful girl. This means you’ll always have to stay on your toes, constantly making good first impressions and aggressively making approaches. The girls will choose who they like the most, and can get married to those men if the men also agree on the pairs. It’s worth noting that in a group tour, women of all ethnicity, ages and body types will accompany the group. This means that you might go home empty handed, either out of bad luck or from not finding a girl that suits your liking.

Group tour

Personalized Tour

This is a more premium experience. In a personalized tour, you will be the only man present. You also get to choose the party who will accompany you- meaning you can decide the kind of women who will be by your side. You can choose what ethnicities you want, what age group and even the body type! Since you’re the only man present, you get to sit back and relax, and choose the right lady for you at your own leisure.

Personalized Tour

Is it worth going on a mail order bride tour?

A mail order bride tour is an experience that every man should have in his lifetime at least once. These international romance tours are essentially vacations, but with the added benefit of finding real love through it! However, if you do decide to go on a matchmaking tour, it is heavily recommended that you choose a personalized singles tour. Albeit expensive, it has the added benefit of truly being a relaxing vacation surrounded by your own personal harem! One of those lucky ladies will definitely come home with you as well. Meanwhile, in a group tour, you won’t ever get a moment’s rest as you’ll have to be constantly trying to impress women who might not even choose you in the end.

The verdict is this: a foreign bride tour is absolutely worth it, and it is most definitely worth the extra cost for a personalized tour as well! Have fun and good luck finding your happily ever after!

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