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mail order bride cost

Mail Order Bride Pricing: What Expenses To Expect

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Latest update: 2021-12-16

Lots of men are fascinated with the idea of getting a charming mail order bride from a particular area, but they know nothing about the costs and prices. Things have changed a long time ago, and single guys and girls utilize contemporary ways to find their soulmates today.

If you don’t like arranging expensive trips for your search, you use special dating perks to make new contacts with lonely women from any country. You just make some investments in a dating website, but is this actually the case? Would you like to know how much is a mail order bride and how expensive could it be to find a foreign bride via dating platforms? Read this article to learn all the pitfalls and find out the average cost of mail order bride!

Can you really buy a wife online?

Browsing various dating websites and articles you may question are mail brides legal? In fact, online dating has nothing in common with girls’ selling. That’s one of the most typical misconceptions regarding these women. Nobody can buy a foreign lady who advertises herself on top-rated sites focused on international relationships. The cost of mail order brides isn’t a sum of money you can pay for their love and trust.

All you can do is make some investments in international websites designed for lonely guys and ladies who are separated by distance. These platforms offer effective options for search and communication permitting to overcome time differences, cultural, and language barriers. With dating functions, you’ll find numerous single ladies from different countries and fall in love with the best of them. How much do mail order brides cost in terms of online dating?

How much do mail order brides cost?

The mail order bride pricing depends on numerous aspects, but the average cost of mail order brides ranges from $3,000 to $15,000. Although some men have said they paid as much as $50,000, their preferences were higher. Getting a Chinese mail order bride is cheaper than visiting a Japanese bride, but to start the romance with a cutie from the Philippines is pricey.

For guys from Western countries, the final sum is pretty affordable. Typically, American fellows spend about $200 a month on romance with a lady. But traditional dating can take a lot of effort and money, leading to disappointment in the result. Foreigners are ready to pay even much more for the chance to start a fascinating affair with gorgeous and interesting girls who completely suit them.

What the mail order bride price consists of

When you’re looking for a seductive mail order wife, you join a particular dating website. It offers both free and paid functions. If your intentions are serious, you should become a premium user of the site because free clients have a limited list of functions. They can just receive texts or browse accounts, but sending messages is locked. Not to get depressed or confused, keep in mind the following things that impact the total mail order wife cost.

mail order bride cost

Dating websites provide prime membership or credit packages

The prices of mail order brides vary depending on the platform, and the online subscription may be somewhere within $80–650 per month. When your romance runs smoothly from the first minutes of chat, probably, you won’t spend huge sums on online dating and paid participation. Safe and effective virtual interaction can’t be free of charge, so it’s better to choose top-rated platforms with high-level perks, which are usually paid. So, prepare to pay for the next features:

  • Private chats or instant messengers
  • Video mode
  • VIP-ranking of your page
  • Contact exchange function
  • Romance trip option
  • Extended search
  • Photos and videos exchange


Every man who meets an ideal foreign lady online wants to please her and show his admiration. Online websites allow sending of virtual and real gifts which impact Mail order brides prices. However, some guys spend huge sums on gifts and cute things during dates in person too. Some foreign women are attached to guys who spend up to $2,000 a month on bouquets, jewelry, accessories, and perfumes. Other ladies value an emotional connection and platonic love.

Trip expenses

Popular and reliable dating sites include the arrangement of trips to the homeland of your mail order bride. Of course, it’s a paid service and is included in the mail order brides cost. Besides, be ready to purchase airline tickets, hotels, restaurants, and gifts for your beloved if you want her to visit you in your country. The total price of mail order brides depends on what luxury places you visit and how long you want to stay in her country.

The mail order brides pricing in terms of your voyage may vary from $1,495 up to about $3,995, depending upon the destination, duration of the trip, and provided services. For example, a trip to Russia for a week requires up to $3,995, whereas a 3-day tour in Honduras costs $1,495. Choose one of the best countries to find a wife not only to save money but succeed in dating.

Although it’s recommended to arrange several trips before marriage, the number of them changes the total mail order bride cost. When you pop the question during your first arrival and your soulmate agrees, you save money. It’s essential to include in a cost of mail order brides the following:

  • Tickets. Your charges on airline tickets to go to your bride-to-be's location differ depending on the location, how much time in advance you buy them, and the time of year. For instance, usual round-trip fares to Russia are about $1,000, Ukraine—$1,000, and Colombia—$400.
  • Hotels. Generally, in numerous countries, the price for accommodation in a hotel is lower than in the USA, so you won’t spend so much when you arrive in your beloved’s country. Asian hotels require around $50–100 per night. Ukrainian and Russian hotels are even cheaper (about $30–80 per night.) The accommodation in Latin America may cost you $20–100 for the night.
  • Restaurants and cafes. The bills in restaurants are different in different countries. Nevertheless, they may be quite affordable. For instance, foreigners spend up to $300 somewhere at a fancy Ukrainian, Colombian, or Japanese restaurant.

K-1 Visa application

Foreign women can belong to societies where grooms are expected to provide finances to the woman’s relatives before marrying her. So, when you plan to marry a lady from another country, learn about her local traditions and prepare to pay her family if it’s needed. How much does a mail order bride cost in terms of documents preparation?

It’s essential to consider expenses related to obtaining a K-1 Visa, booking flight tickets for a beloved, and so on. American citizens have a right to get their women to the US to marry and live together. Be ready to pay for the “Spouse of a U.S. citizen” category visa around $240. The less distance you move from your location, the cheaper bills will be. In total, relocation expenses may cost you $5,000–10,000.

To sum up on mail order brides prices

When you wonder about getting a lady from abroad and the cost of a mail order bride, don’t forget that these sums are average and can differ a lot. If you prefer pricey all-inclusive hotels and want to share the best moments with a beloved in high-end restaurants, you pay much more. When you choose online dating on one of the reputable dating sites, prepare to invest in high-quality services and trips, where you may pay up to $30,000. Even when it seems to be a big expense, you quickly forget about it when you meet a sexy and interesting lady who gives you everything you lacked with other women.

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