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Mail Order Bride Statistics

Mail Order Bride Statistics In Different Countries

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Latest update: 2020-09-09

Many singles across the globe rely on mail order bride services presenting them multiple opportunities for making new contacts and entertainment. These websites claim they bring together thousands of lonely hearts each year and ensure total security of interaction. There are numerous success stories about happy international families that were created due to the mail order bride industry. They inspire to search for a bride overseas and not to be afraid of liars and fraudsters.

As usual, young and seductive females are looking for their potential husbands from high-developed countries with wide opportunities. They’re open to another culture and have a modern mindset. These misses suffer from violence and disrespect from their local guys, that pushes them to find a partner from another country where ladies gain more respect. They want not only to get rid of a possible unhappy future but also to start a new chapter of life which will be better with a reliable and loving foreign partner.

Can mail order brides be the next kind of preferred internet dating services which are common nowadays? This industry becomes more popular than ever before with special dating websites providing favored foreign misses to all civilized nations, and especially to guys in the US. And statistics on mail order bride marriage prove it.

Mail-order marriage statistics

The mail-order bride services belong to a huge international industry, covering all the progressive countries. Over 2,700 mail-order bride agencies work in different parts of the planet, providing a safe and convenient environment for interaction. About 500 of them belong to the US. The popularity of this sphere increased by 29% from 2013. According to Health Research Funding in 2015, about 10,000 matrimonies with mail order brides occur in the US every year. This number displays that the popularity of these ladies continues to grow.

This kind of service brings in 4,000 to 6,000 unions between American guys and women from various countries each year, and this number is increasing. More and more singles rely on dating venues and meet compatible partners for their romantic life.

International marriages and divorce rate for foreign brides statistics

The globalization of the mail order bride industry is proved by different stats. Data shows that international families are more stable and long-lasting. The reasons for it are different and one of them is that people value their time and efforts. When it comes to mail order bride matrimonies in the US, they’re likely to end in divorce, unlike traditional wedlocks.

How many mail-order marriages end in divorce?

The divorce rates in families with mail order wives for which the courtship period lasts over 4 months were between 35.8% and 41.3%, when compared to the overall US divorce rate which is 48%. In addition, family abuse wasn’t mentioned as a reason leading to separation in these international families.

Mail order brides divorce Rate

According to Health Research Funding, the divorce rate for such unions is around 20%, which is only half of the average divorce rate in the US. It’s a reason to claim that families managed with the help of dating agencies are stronger and more reliable than those where people start relationships in real life.

Mail order brides statistic by countries

As practice shows, most favored women come from Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Central America, but the #1 country among foreign brides is the Philippines. The common age range for misses starts from 20 to 28 years. The data from Commission on Filipinos Overseas claims mail order brides constitute 10% of the matches between Filipino girls and guys from abroad, 44% of which are American citizens.

Country statistics on mail order bride marriage

At least 2,000 single ladies from the Philippines get acquainted with their perfect partners each year through online dating services. Over 800 of them marry American citizens. Similar tendencies have Russian brides, ladies from Latin America, and other countries. About 10% of young beautiful women meet their soulmates, 40% - 50% of which are men from the US.

An analysis of the ads in recent issues of 5 world-spread databases, featuring 1,400 Asian females found that 70% of girls were from the Philippines, 16% were Indonesian ladies, 8% were Thai, 2% were Malaysian and Japanese, and 1% belonged to Chinese and Korean brides. When it comes to the age rate, 20% were 16 - 20 years old, 41% were 21 - 25, 24% were 26 - 30, 11% were 31 - 35, and just 4% of those women were over the age of 35.

Asian mail order bride statistics

The mail order bride statistics are still growing. The increasing popularity of this industry may create a chain migration in the future for their parents and relatives. Thousands of charming ladies choose dating platforms and as a result, they find ideal husbands from the West. It presents them with a chance to improve their living conditions and gain more success in all its spheres.

Everyone who searches for a person who’ll meet their preferences can find happiness online. This procedure doesn’t take so much effort and time as dating in real life. These services supply participants with the most effective and convenient solutions for communication and entertainment. And mail order bride statistics show that people prefer this kind of dating which lets build harmonious relationships leading to marriage and happy family life. Try to find your ideal spouse and you’ll never regret it!