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Beauty of Chinese Women: Mail-Order Bride Photo Collection
Beauty of Chinese Women: Mail-Order Bride Photo Collection
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Beauty of Chinese Women: Mail-Order Bride Photo Collection

Latest update: 2019-02-14
Beauty of Chinese Women

When it comes to Chinese female beauty, there’s always a contradiction. While Western men go crazy about genuine Chinese looks (let’s say slanted, narrow eyes), Chinese girls give preference to Western beauty standards. For this reason, they resort to cosmetic surgeries to make their eyes wide open and look more European. Anyway, none of these points of view can deny that Chinese women are magnificent.

For Chinese people, noses of Westerners are too prominent and big. So there is no wonder that according to Chinese beauty standards local women with tiny noses are adored. Chinese girls also have very cute faces. In the Chinese language, two top-notch face types are even called “melon seed face” and “goose egg face,” and are considered extremely attractive.

Chinese females are also small and slim, which is another local fetish. An average Chinese girl might be considered too skinny in the Western world whereas “a bit overweight” Chinese beauty will be seen as just normal in a European country or the U.S.

Another peculiarity of Chinese girls embraced all over the world, is their porcelain skin. You will never see in China ladies trying to tan their skin with creams or under the sun – Chinese beauty ideals dictate “the paler – the better.”

Which Chinese mail-order bride is the most adorable for you?

Chinese beauty


Chinese beautiful bride


Chinese pretty woman
Chinese attractive woman


Chinese beauty ideals


Chinese beautiful girl
Stunning Chinese Lady

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