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Marrying A Filipina Woman: Are Filipinas Good Enough Wives?
Marrying A Filipina Woman: Are Filipinas Good Enough Wives?
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Marrying A Filipina Woman: Are Filipinas Good Enough Wives?

Latest update: 2021-11-24
Filipina woman

Have you ever thought about where the happiest people on Earth reside? Some say that the notion of happiness is different for all, and Pinay brides know all the sides of this feeling, sharing it with people around. In case you’re single and ready to mingle, it may be a good idea to discover if marrying a Philippines girl is a task you can manage to complete with ease. Read the article to know the peculiarities of living with a Filipina woman!

General traits to be aware of when considering marrying a Filipina woman

Aside from the fact Filipina ladies are incredibly positive and have an exotic look, there are other characteristics to brood upon to decide whether a wife like that will suffice you.

Affection level

The general rumor has it that most Oriental wives descent are submissive and passive. Yet, times have changed so has the general attitude towards love and intimacy, and the Philippines couldn’t have remained an exception for long. Therefore, it’s safe to claim that Pinay ladies are incredibly affectionate and utterly sweet when it comes to a relationship when they feel loved and cherished. If you wonder what are Filipino women in bed, there’s no one-for-all answer. Should you manage to capture her heart and soul, every lovemaking session will be like the first one, with passion ignited and lots of exploration and satisfying discoveries.

Filipina wife problems

Intelligence level

Why do Filipino make good wives? The simple answer lies in the fact that these girls are incredibly intelligent. They possess that kind of intelligence that comes from observation and experience rather than from education. Yet, Filipino ladies are willing to study and tend to make significant progress with a bit of patience and support.

Sense of humor

All the Philippino people are smiling and remain positive no matter what. They know when it’s fit to make fun of themselves, and Pinay brides do have a great sense of humor. So if you make her smile all the time, you can consider yourself halfway through to winning over her heart.

Why should you marry a Filipina woman?

Some common reasons indicate a Filipina is a wife you could have only dreamed about. One of them is strong adherence to family values. And others are the next:

  • Women of the Philippines are mesmerizing and beautiful.
  • They’re well-mannered and pleasant to be around.
  • These women are thoughtful and patient.
  • The sense of generosity and openness is innate.
  • They’re monogamous and believe in the notion of a single lifetime partner.
  • When living with a Filipina woman, you’ll realize that family always comes first.
  • Pinay girls are loyal and willing to compromise.
  • If these features don’t sound to you like a perfect woman to spend life with, what does?
Filipino wives

Disadvantages of marrying a Filipina

Are there any Filipina wife problems that you should be ready to put up with? In fact, there are some disadvantages that you need to consider before finalizing your decision.

The family adds up to the marriage

Philippine culture differs from what Western people are used to. The ties with the family are incredibly tight and secure. So, if you feel like spending most of your days off and weekends with her family isn’t something you can put up with, you may reconsider the whole idea of marriage.

The expenses on dating increase

Surely, the Filipino bride price will be higher than if you married a lady from your local community. It’s not that the girls themselves demand a lot. It’s mostly about traveling expenses, moving costs, and other bureaucratic payments.

The level of emotional stress skyrockets

What to expect when marrying a Filipina? Lots of emotions, especially if you decide to take her away from the family to live with you in another country. On the one hand, it’s understandable. Yet, the levels of emotional stress will merely skyrocket when it comes to moving with a Filipino girl. It may take years for her to overcome the pressure and get used to the new environment.

What to expect when marrying a Filipina

Any argument may end up in a fight

Surely, girls from the Philippines are patient and willing to compromise. Yet, add loads of emotional pressure to the picture, and the mixture will become explosive enough to be afraid of. Moreover, you need to realize that not only the environment will confuse her but also the cultural differences which will come pouring on her. Thus, fierce arguments that may transform into fights are the things you should brace yourself for.

She’ll become homesick

Yes, this is an obvious observation, but as a loving husband, you should be willing to take her home when she likes to. This will undoubtedly involve additional expenses and require time to travel back and forth. Unless you’re ready to sacrifice a bit of your financial freedom and your spare time, you shouldn’t consider the marriage option.

Despite the range of unpleasantries and differences you may need to overcome on your road to happiness, this is a small price to pay for a loving wife at your side. So, keep your mind and heart open so that happiness comes your way!

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