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Asian Brides: Why Asian Girls For Marriage Are So Tempting For Men?

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Asian brides seem so fabulous and unattainable that many bachelors still consider them mere mirages. But they aren’t! Asian mail order brides dream of overseas spouses and are friendly with foreign guys. Thus, you don’t need to do anything supernatural to win over Asian hearts. Let's follow this guide to dating an Asian woman to find out where and how to meet Asian girls and how much it will cost you!

Some statistics on Asian mail order wives

If you prefer to trust statistical facts, here are some statistics about Asian brides:

  • Asian girls get married in their early teens
  • Only about 20% of marriages with Asian brides end in divorce
  • Among Asian ladies for marriage younger than 30, 29% are intermarried
  • There are already over 10,000 marriages of Americans with Asians

Top Asian Brides Profiles

All women
asianmelodies wanyi he
Wanyi He, 27
Tokyo, Japan
easternhoneys yingju
Yingju, 27
Fukuoka, Japan
easternhoneys cuizhu
Cuizhu, 28
Osaka, Japan
asianmelodies nitchanan
Nitchanan, 25
Tokyo, Japan
easternhoneys viloria
Viloria, 26
Manila, Philippines
easternhoneys sandra
Sandra, 28
Manila, Philippines
asianmelodies antalan
Antalan, 33
Palayan, Philippines
asianmelodies tizon
Tizon, 33
Quezon, Philippines
EasternHoneys Anna
Anna, 22
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
EasternHoneys Kim
Kim, 22
Hanoi, Vietnam
easternhoneys kinh
Kinh, 25
Hanoi, Vietnam
easternhoneys tran tuyet nhi
Tran Tuyet Nhi, 20
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Zhaoxi ChinaLove
Zhaoxi, 24
Shanghai, China
Lingxuan ChinaLove
Lingxuan, 22
Beijing, China
Peilin ChinaLove
Peilin, 31
Guangzhou, China
Hanxiao ChinaLove
Hanxiao, 20
Beijing, China
Sanika ChinaLove
Sanika, 21
Mumbai, India
Frederica EasternHoneys
Frederica, 22
Liaoning, China
Malian EasternHoneys
Malian, 22
Guangdong, China
Ann AsiaMe
Ann, 33
Guangxi, China
Jiajia AsiaMe
Jiajia, 25
Jiangxi, China
Moon AsiaMe
Moon, 22
HuNan, China
Amy DateAsianWoman
Amy, 23
Jiangxi, China
Linda DateAsianWoman
Linda, 38
Jiangsu, China
Xiaoying DateAsianWoman
Xiaoying, 33
Guangdong, China
Li DateAsianWoman
Li, 21
Guangdong, China
Lily DateAsianWoman
Lily, 25
Hubei, China
Jin Li AsiaCharm
Jin Li, 28
Beijing, China
Yanli Dai asiacharm
Yanli Dai, 28
Shenzhen, China
Huaying wang asiacharm
Huaying wang, 31
Shanghai, China
Josephine asiame
Josephine , 22
Guangdong, China
Abby ChnLove.com (AsiaMe)
Abby , 24
Hubei, China
Amanda ChnLove.com (AsiaMe)
Amanda , 18
Guangdong, China
Lumin asianfeels
Lumin , 28
Foshan, China
Denise asianfeels
Denise, 35
Leizhou, China
Hanmiy asianfeels
Hanmiy, 23
Zhengzhou, China
Jie  loverwhirl
Jie , 18
Shanghai, China
Jing loverwhirl
Jing, 35
Shenzhen, China
Xiaoping  loverwhirl
Xiaoping , 31
Bozhou, China
Yizhen romancetale
Yizhen, 34
Sichuan, China
Hongyu romancetale
Hongyu , 23
Beijing, China
Louise romancetale
Louise, 39
Shenzhen, China
Min AsianMelodies
Min, 22
Yancheng, China
Flora Asianmelodies
Flora, 27
Handan, China
Nhu Loverwhirl
Nhu, 19
Chi Minh City, Vietnam
LiLi AsiaCharm
LiLi, 20
Shanghai, China
Xiaoxuan EasternHoneys
Xiaoxuan, 23
Beijing, China
Wenping Wu EasternHoneys
Wenping Wu, 34
Guangzhou, China
Lisa, 44
Shenzhen, China
Angel AsianMelodies
Angel, 40
Kunming, China

Why Asian women become mail order brides?

Guys identify oriental mail order brides with femininity, beauty, and meekness. It begs the question of why such perfect girls don’t find suitors in their own countries. There are a couple of reasons for that:

  • Marriage to a foreigner is prestigious. The husband from the USA lets the prestige rate of an Asian mail order women go sky high. Asians adore people who differ in their looks—blond hair, white skin, and light eyes. So, if you have a Nordic type of appearance, your opportunities to meet Asian brides online increase.
  • Foreign bachelors are real men. Western guys are more masculine than Asians, have better manners, and know how to woo.
  • Financial stability. In fact, money matters to an Asian woman. She won’t marry a man who can't earn money and support his family. As a rule, Asian women looking for American men associate them with successful people.
  • Getting closer to Western culture. Some Asian countries are well-developed, but they may still have strict communist ways of life. Although a lot of progressive people try to follow all the trends from the West, the result is quite different. So by marrying an American, an Asian mail order wife gets the chance to emigrate and enjoy life in a free country with the man she loves.
single Asian lady

How to get an Asian mail order bride?

When you feel uncomfortable, you may screw up looking for Asian wife. The following step-by-step guide will be a real lifeline for you as it describes the main principles of how to meet Asian women.

Choosing a site

The first step is the most responsible for your search results, and overall success will depend on it. Pick international dating sites specialized in mail order brides from Asia. Study reviews and what features the site offers. Besides, check if it has new profile moderation and customer support.


It usually takes a couple of minutes to sign up. You should specify your name, age, email, and set a password. Don't forget to check your mailbox and verify your account.

Fill out your profile

Your profile is what makes you look trustworthy. Include a few photos—a couple of selfies and full-sized images are enough. Single Asian ladies evaluate you by your appearance. Then, state the purpose of your acquaintance. If you just want to chat or flirt, you shouldn't lie and give girls false hope of marriage.

Select girls to chat with

Don’t believe in the misconception that Asians have the same personalities and looks. Every country is different. The list of Asian countries with the most beautiful women will help you narrow down the range of Asian brides for marriage. So it's better if you use a search filter and select girls not only by country but also by age, hobbies, etc. The more you have in common, the easier to find topics to discuss.

Send your first message

Some oriental brides can be shy, so don't wait until they react to your winks or virtual gifts. Write a short message about yourself that might get a girl interested and encourage her to respond. If you're not imaginative, you can use tips to talk to Asian women provided by dating experts.

Keep your dialogues going

You need to stay an active dating platform user to build on your success and find an Asian bride with whom you'll be developing a love affair. Log in daily to respond to messages.

Top Sites to Meet Brides And Dates

When you can't wait to meet Asian women to marry or date, and you aren’t eager to waste your time looking for suitable websites, you may use the following ones:


It’s an effective dating platform to meet Asian women. Every month, there are over 2,000 visits which greatly increases your chances of finding your soul mate. EasternHoneys website offers free registration, detailed and verified profiles. The average age of Asian ladies here is 25-30. Every user needs to buy a subscription to take advantage of all the features. The price starts at $2.99. You may pay by credit card or PayPal.

►Read detailed EasternHoneys Review.


CuteAsianWoman is an online dating platform with real Asian brides. The website features a simple interface and navigation, so you won’t need a lot of time to feel comfortable on the site. However, you may run into a few flaws—most of the features are fee-paying, and it lacks a mobile app. What makes up for it is a great search filter, hundreds of new profiles showing up each week, responsive customer service, reasonable prices, and detailed ladies' profiles.

Read detailed CuteasianWoman Review.


The site has been successfully operating since 2018 and has gained an excellent reputation in the online dating industry. Over the past year, DateNiceAsian has had over 300K users. The Asian mail order brides catalog is full of ladies willing to become Western wives. Their age ranges from 25 to 35. If you’re willing to get access to an unlimited number of profiles, you need to sign in and answer a short questionnaire. Registration is free and takes a few minutes. An Asian wife finder should be over 18 to join the platform.

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AsianMelodies won't amaze you with its colorful design, but you'll be surprised by how many single and cute Asian girlfriend you’ll find here. The website has an official mobile app, so you can always stay in touch with your sweet companions. It has many convenient features for chatting—email, live, and video chats. You can save the best profiles in your favorites, watch who marked you, contacts, and meetings requests. You’ll have to buy a credits package to use the website’s features. The minimum package price is $19.99 for 50 credits. New users may receive 20 complimentary credits.

Read detailed AsianMelodies Review.


That’s another popular site for Asian ladies looking for husband from abroad. FindAsianBeauty has a high popularity rate, and it’s not for nothing. The site offers nearly 9,000 active girls online, clear and fast registration, member search by age, habits, and other filters, affordable pricing, and customer support. There are nice bonuses for new users. The price for paid services starts from $3.99, which allows you to test some of the site's features when looking for Asian bride without spending a lot.

Read detailed FindAsianBeauty Review.

How much does an Asian bride cost?

Buying an Asian mail order bride consists of a few obligatory steps and requires much financial effort. Don’t try to save money once you’ve decided to buy an Asian bride, as your greed may discourage your partner. But, in the end, your spending will pay off for you. So, here are the basic expenses when of getting a girl from Asia:

Asian mail order brides cost

Site services pricing

The more effective you start, the more successful your communication will be. Thus, it’s worth buying a membership. If a platform has a credit system, the price starts at $19.99 and goes up to $399. A subscription with a bundle of services costs $9.99 for a regular subscription and about $30-40 for a premium one.


You'll need 10 to 14 days and several thousand dollars to visit the best Asian woman to marry. The roundtrip tickets from San Francisco (USA) to Bangkok (Thailand) cost about $750, and from Chicago (USA) to Tokyo (Japan) for $850. The price is purely individual, so check it in advance.


In Asia, you may rent a room for $13-18 in a hostel. Still, that’s unlikely to delight your girlfriend, so consider renting a hotel room for $60 per day.

Leisure and gifts

There is no minimum and maximum price. For example, you may give a small souvenir brought from your country and walk around museums all day, having spent a couple of dollars on a ticket. Or, as an option, you can present a fancy piece of jewelry and go on a tour of Asia with your bride. It's up to you.

Visa fees

Your mail order Asian wife needs to get a fiancée visa or so-called K-1 visa to cross the border legally. The total visa cost is about $2,000.


In Asian countries, the groom's family covers wedding expenses. As a foreigner, you don’t have special treatment. For example, in China, a wedding costs $12,000-$15,000, in Japan—$22,000-25,000, and in the Philippines—up to $5,000.

Top Asian Mail Order Brides Nationalities

Nationality Features
🇵🇭Filipina Brides Supportive, faithful, attractive looks
🇹🇭Thai Brides Ideal mothers, modest and submissive
🇨🇳Chinese Brides Patient, diplomatic, tender
🇻🇳Vietnamese Brides Excellent cooks, respectful, charming
🇰🇷Korean Brides Emotional, adventurous, amiable

►The full list of Top 10 Asian Countries To Find Brides

Why you should try dating an Asian mail order bride?

It's extremely gratifying to date such a female. Reading tips on dating Asian women will be really helpful while looking for an asian mail order bride. These exotic ladies give their partners all the love in the world when a close bond is built on trust. These are some things you should know while seeking Asian girls for marriage.

beautiful Asian bride

Faithful and committed nature

Once an Asian girl falls for you, she'll be by your side and never take a second look at anyone else. Asian brides don't like to be lonely. They'll go to any extent to save a failing relationship. Once they're in love, they’re fully committed to making it work. Divorce is looked down upon in many Asian countries, so they've always been taught to work through relationships. An Asian wife believes in upholding family values and morals.

In western countries, men are often dating women who like to live off their wallets. Asian brides know how to find the middle ground between their career and personal life. The literacy rate for Asian females was reported at 87.23% in 2018. They value their passions, which is why they understand the importance of man's aspirations and goals. Your Asian sweetheart will always be there to encourage you and be your personal cheerleader.

Wonderful and calming personality

Your Asian mail order bride will definitely shine in the crowd with her amazing attitude. These ladies are calm and patient, even in the most stressful situations. There’s something mysterious behind their smiles, which makes them so attractive to men. These hotties are also naturally smart and can be quick to outwit your friends too! They can be a little shy at first, but they'll bring life to the party once they're comfortable.

Family-focused principles

At the end of the day, all these brides want is for their loved ones to be healthy and happy. A real Asian wife does everything possible to have a strong and stable family life. These girls grow up watching healthy and long-lasting marriages all around them. They're taught by parents to value this bond deeply.

These women dream about watching their children play in the backyard with their husbands and grow up to be successful. An Asian mail order bride will be the perfect partner if you want to start a family. Your wife will always be around to take care of your kids and provide a healthy upbringing.

Good parenting is extremely important to Asian mothers. They’re at the top of their game while planning and structuring their child's raising. You can expect your Asian mail order wife to look into your kid's grades and lifestyle choices. Asian moms are also very loving and believe in nurturing their children in the right way.

Strong emotional bonding

Asian brides online hope to find a man with whom they can make a real connection. They get very emotionally attached to their partner and always want them to be happy. Be it making your favorite meal or going out with you to watch movies, an Asian bride will come through. They wholeheartedly work towards a blissful marriage, which is based on trust and love.

Mail order Asian wives are smart and sexy. They’re perfect for marriage with their humble nature and soothing personality. Asian mail order brides will make you fall in love with their dreamy charm and be amazing companions at any social event. Many hot Asian single women are waiting for their true soulmate online, who knows, maybe it could be you!

What kind of married life will be with an Asian bride?

An Asian woman knows what a perfect marriage is and how to make any union work. What are Asian women like in marriages? Let’s learn! Picking Asian ladies looking for marriage, you’ll get the following benefits:

hot Asian woman
  • Your spouse is your support. An Asian wants to see a successful man next to her and always tries to get a reason to be proud of him. So if males face any troubles, oriental wives support and encourage them to reach new heights.
  • Asians are good at finances. From an early age, Asians teach kids how to manage money properly. Mail order Asian brides aren’t big spenders and know how to save and multiply your capital. Having such an excellent financial manager, you don't have to fear old-age poverty.
  • Asian brides run households and raise kids on their own. My home is my castle. It’s one of the sayings to describe Asians. They don’t like letting strangers in their houses. That's why oriental women for marriage cook, raise kids and run homes without any helpers. And they do it all perfectly well.
  • Your companion will never cheat on you. Asian ladies looking for love online are loyal and don’t consider it acceptable to have lovers. If there are problems in the family, Asian females will do their best to solve them instead of escaping the issue and looking for flings. Being faithful wives, Asian wives are willing to get the same from their husbands.

Time To Get Your Asian Bride!

Asian girls for marriage have always caused a great interest in men. Ladies from Asia are gorgeous and delicate. When Western men find Asian brides, their gentle natures and femininity make guys feel like real defenders, eager to care for these fragile creatures. Moreover, Asian mail order brides can create family comfort, which many Americans can’t even dream about. If the cuties from Asia are still tidbits for you, then you shouldn't miss the opportunity to meet Asian brides! Sign up and start chatting with stunning Asian brides online!

Asian Brides FAQ

Are mail order Asian brides legal?

Yes, they are. You can find Asian wife absolutely legally. Buying a bride consists of meeting online, emailing, and courting a girl from an Asian country.

Can you really buy an Asian wife?

Buying an Asian wife is quite real and legal. However, don't take purchasing a bride too literally. You can't just pick a girl you like in your shopping cart and have her delivered to you by post. When you buy an Asian bride, you’ll talk to her for a while online, meet her in real life, date, and marry her. There are a lot of success stories like this that confirm the reality of buying an Asian girl.

Where can I buy an Asian mail order bride?

The best places to find a Asian wife are international dating sites. You may choose a girl from any Asian country and initiate a promising romance through such services.

Why are Asian mail order brides so popular?

The best Asian women to marry are pretty, feminine, and faithful. Moreover, they’re considered to be good mothers and loving wives. Most men believe that this is what real wives should be.

More About Asian Brides
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