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10 Best Asian Countries To Meet Women
10 Best Asian Countries To Meet Women
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10 Best Asian Countries To Meet Women

Latest update: 2020-07-20
Which asian country has the most beautiful woman

Want to date a beauty from Asia but have no idea which county to choose? Aren’t you clueless about all peculiarities and differences each place has? To get an overall impression and be able to decide where the best Asian girls live, read the article below, and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Asian countries with the most beautiful women

The list below is a short description of the top ten countries for an Asian woman search. Which place is the best for this purpose? It’s only up to you to decide.

Asian women countries

The Philippines

This part of Asia is the most Westernized, so if you’re a white man, you’ll get accustomed to a local culture very fast. Girls speak fluent English there and don’t have any trouble communicating with Europeans or Americans. Additionally, Filipino girls adore Western guys. They have an urge for dating such men, as they believe they can be much happier with them than with constantly cheating local guys.

How do women look there? They’re slim, not very tall, and look like classical exotic goddesses due to their Spanish, American, and native ancestors. It’s a real joy to walk down the streets of the island and see so many beautiful women.


Girls in this country are mad about foreigners. Approximately one in two wants to date a white man. Western guys, on their part, have a yen for Chinese women because they have that natural Asian beauty. Chinese girls are tiny and slim. Their skin is soft, hair is dark and smooth. Facial features are very exotic and fascinating. Who doesn’t want to get a piece of such a yummy sweetie?

There’s another important reason to think about the country as a perfect place to find a girl. Gender gap! Men outnumber women on a massive scale. There are nearly 34 million more males than females. Can you imagine? It’s the population of an entire country! It’s all a result of China’s one-child policy that came to a logical end in 2015. Millions of couples were determined that their child should be a son. But women still look for men from overseas, as Chinese men just can’t afford to get married.

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Women from this country are well-educated, smart, and witty. Due to the high economical level and splendid life conditions, girls are independent and don’t feel any kind of inequality. It allows them to feel free. They can study and work wherever they want. They aren’t judged when they decide to start a career or to combine a job and a family. In fact, they’re very good at balancing these two essential parts of life.

When you date a girl from Singapore, you also feel content and relaxed. Your relationship is about a partnership in the first place. Women know how to help and support men. 


A country of controversy. On the one hand, girls are associated with being quiet, shy, and submissive. The ones who are used to arranged marriages and can’t refuse their parents. On the other hand, do you remember where the Kama Sutra was created? You know, Indian girls aren’t completely innocent.

Moreover, the custom of pre-arranged weddings is going down gradually. Girls crave to marry for love and that’s why they look for European or American husbands that would be more progressive and modern. Indian women themselves tend to take off their saree and put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. So you have all chances to marry an educated, beautiful, and family-oriented lady.


What are Thai women like? Firstly, they're extremely friendly and positive. With everyone. It’s their nature to radiate good energy and kindness. Secondly, they make perfect housewives and mothers. They have all the necessary feminine qualities that men appreciate: patience, gentleness, sensitivity, empathy, and humility.

At the same time they look for men who have all masculine characteristics. That’s why they prefer Westerners. For Thai ladies, they're stronger, more assertive, courageous, and independent. They’re true leaders and heads of the families.

Asian lady

South Korea

Nobody knows where that came from, but there’s a stereotype that Korean girls are weak, passive, and submissive. In reality, the ladies are very independent and active. It combines with extremely attractive appearance, good manners, and contagious laughter. So they can make men go mad. Europeans and Americans see them incredibly cute, charming, and adorable.

Want a tip on dating a Korean girl? Take her to the cafe! Sounds trivial, but it works. These women love spending time there, enjoying the atmosphere, chatting with friends, studying, or dating. That’s why you can hardly find so many cafes somewhere else in the world as you can see in South Korea.


A typical Cambodian girl is just over 5-feet tall, has long, straight hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, and a slim figure. Besides, women are open-minded, smart, and sociable. They love the idea of international marriage and look for a foreigner to marry. So you’ve got all the chances to find your perfect wife from Cambodia if you’re a Westerner. Besides, it’s better to be financially stable and have a nice job. It’s a big advantage to have the best masculine qualities and be a strong leader.


The first fact you should know about Vietnamese girls is that they care about their families more than about themselves. So if you're just dating a girl from this country, or more importantly, you’re married to her, she’ll always make sure you’re taken care of. She’ll cook for you, she’ll try to please your family and friends, she’ll be the best housewife at your home. Have you ever met a Western woman who constantly does all of that? Additionally, they’re tremendously attractive. In fact, they’re more white-skinned than other Asians like Filipinos, Thai, or Cambodians.


Do you know why Indonesia is one of the best Asian countries to meet women? Because there’s the biggest number of young, beautiful, and single girls per square meter. Really, you can spend the entire day in a city like Jakarta meeting and dating hot Indonesian women. But the good news is that you don’t even have to travel half the world to see them. A lot of ladies go online to look for a Westerner themselves. They’re open to meeting men and starting international families.


Girls from Taiwan love foreigners, especially from Western countries. That’s why they’re easy to approach and start a relationship with. The women make amazing girlfriends and wives. Being very caring, loving, and supporting, they always make sure their partner feels comfortable and relaxed. Another incontestable advantage of dating Taiwan ladies is their language skills. They speak English very well and can communicate freely with you.

Asian woman

Now you know who are the most beautiful Asian women and the countries where to go looking for them. Choose whose appearance, character qualities, daily habits, and other factors are more to your liking and start your love journey to an Asian girl’s heart.

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